Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Development Plan


The development of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish is well underway, and the following progress has been made:

Perranuthnoe Parish Council has established a sub committee of the Council to progress the plan by working with officers of Cornwall Council and the wider community. The Chairman is Cllr Andy Moore.

A series of consultation events have taken place across the parish and feedback encouraged via the Parish Council website to gain a clearer understanding of what residents value and what if any changes they would like to see.
This has included a consultation on the settlement boundaries for Goldsithney,Perran Downs,Perranuthnoe and Rosudgeon and most recently on the Local Landscape Character Assessment(LLCA)
An explanation of the purpose of the LLCA is given below with a link to download the draft document

If you missed the open meeting held on 23rd November 2018 at St Pirans Hall but would like to comment on the document please send an email to the special e-mail address here that has been established for communication about the progress on the Neighbourhood Plan

Perranuthnoe Parish Council realise the importance of retaining and enhancing landscape character to protect the local distinctiveness of the area.

In drafting the Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Development Plan, the Steering Group were aware of the increasing pressure for new development and the difficulties of siting development in the most appropriate locations. It was realised that to be able to retain the distinctive local character whilst allowing development, it would be vital to record the elements and features which come together to create the present landscape character of the Parish of Perranuthnoe, and unique sense of place. Once this detail had been gathered it would then be possible to assess how new development proposals could positively or negatively affect the local landscape.

The Steering Group contacted Kath Statham, Landscape Architect from Cornwall Council’s Public Open Space Team with a view to undertaking a Local Landscape Character Assessment. Kath met with a representative of the Steering Group in November 2017 to explain how a local landscape character assessment could provide the evidence to underpin the policies within their Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

The purpose of a Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA) is to provide a robust evidence base describing the character of the landscape in the Perranuthnoe Parish. This assessment can also be of use in defining the elements of character which give Perranuthnoe its sense of place and local distinctiveness informing decisions regarding the environmental suitability of new development in the Parish celebrating what is important about the local landscape

  • Identifying future development pressures
  • Enable positive planning, objectively guiding the right development in the right place
  • Contribute to the evidence base to support policy within the Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Help to set priorities for future land management
  • Identify features and issues of key importance to local people

To download the full draft Local Landscape Character Assessment please click here

The LLCA divides the Parish into 4 Landscape Types as shown in the overview map below (a larger version can be found in Appendix 1). In Section 3 the detail of the elements and features which come together to make up the distinctive character of each landscape type are recorded, with supporting mapping included in Appendix, and photographs in Appendix 2