Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Development Plan

The development of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish is well underway, and the following progress has been made:
Perranuthnoe Parish Council has established a subcommittee of the Council to progress the plan by working with officers of Cornwall Council and the wider community.

The Chairman is Cllr Andy Moore.

A series of consultation events have taken place across the parish and feedback encouraged via the Parish Council website to gain a clearer understanding of what residents value and what if any changes they would like to see.

This has included consultation on the settlement boundaries for Goldsithney, Perran Downs, Perranuthnoe and Rosudgeon and most recently on the Local Landscape Character Assessment(LLCA)

Perranuthnoe Parish Settlement Boundaries
Perranuthnoe Parish Council agreed at its meeting of 15th January 2018 to adopt settlement boundaries in the parish following public consultation and a review of comments received. The settlement boundaries are now available here (on the Parish Council website).

As part of the work on the Perranuthnoe Parish Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council has supported the recommendations of the Neighbourhood Planning steering group and has identified settlement boundaries for the 4 principal settlements in the Parish. These boundaries will form part of the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan, and once the NDP is ‘made’ they will form part of what is called ‘the development plan’, which planning law requires planning proposal to be determined in accordance with, subject to other material planning considerations.

The boundaries are:

  • Goldsithney
  • Perran Downs
  • Perranuthnoe
  • Rosudgeon

Purpose of the settlement boundaries
These settlement boundaries were developed with the support of Cornwall Council’s Planning Department and following public consultation are intended to indicate where new build market led housing is in terms of a sustainable location acceptable in principle. Settlement boundaries have been a staple feature of local development plan documents in Cornwall over the recent past where essentially the settlement boundary is a housing policy marker delineating where one policy stops and another one starts.

Inside the boundary is where the market-led housing policies apply, typically referred to as ‘infill’ housing development, which also includes ‘rounding off’ and ‘previously developed land’ housing developments as defined in the supporting text (paragraphs 1.52 to 1.72) to policy 3 of the Cornwall Local Plan (CLP).

The process and criteria
The process undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Parish Council in recommending the settlement boundaries involved considering a number of criteria as follows:

  • Agreeing the settlements within the parish to establish a development boundary in line with paragraph 1.68 of the CLP
  • Review of the minimum housing requirements. (Essentially ensuring the Parish could meet and plan for its share of new housing in respect of the CLP). Analysis showed the Parish was in the fortunate position of having already exceeded its minimum share of the West Penwith residual allocation of new homes under the CLP
  • Draw around the main built up area of the 4 settlements and exclude sporadic development.
  • Consider where the edge of the settlement changes character.
  • Excluding large gardens, particularly those which protrude into open countryside
  • Include of barns where these relate well to the settlement
  • Inclusion of community buildings
  • Including unimplemented permissions which are still valid

A period of local consultation and a review of comments from the community by the Steering group and the Parish Council

The draft settlement boundaries were subject to online consultation during February and March 2018 and the comments received by the public were considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Parish Council and a number of amendments made. This also included meeting with representatives of St Hilary Parish Council to seek to ensure a degree of consistency at the edge of the Parish

An explanation of the purpose of the LLCA is given below with a link to download the draft document
If you have  any comments or questions please send an email to the special e-mail address here that has been established for communication about the progress on the Neighbourhood Plan
Perranuthnoe Parish Council realises the importance of retaining and enhancing landscape character to protect the local distinctiveness of the area.

To download the full draft Local Landscape Character Assessment please click here

The LLCA divides the Parish into 4 Landscape Types as shown in the overview map below (a larger version can be found in Appendix 1). In Section 3 the detail of the elements and features which come together to make up the distinctive character of each landscape type are recorded, with supporting mapping included in Appendix, and photographs in Appendix 2