Perranuthnoe Parish Council represents all the residents of Perranuthnoe, Goldsithney, Rosudgeon and the surrounding areas
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Neighbourhood Plan

Letter from Andy Moore, Chairman Neighbourhood Plan SubCommittee

I apologise for the delay in writing to keep you in touch with the progress of the Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Plan. I am writing to thank those members of the public who were able to attend the Open Day held at St Piran’s Hall and to provide a copy of the report of the day which has been agreed by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council agreed at its meeting last week to formally establish two working groups to examine the subjects of Housing and the Natural Environment in more depth and to enquire  if there are there are volunteers who could bring additional skills. I enclose a copy of both copies of the terms of reference which include brief details of the skills we are seeking. If you are interested in think you could assist please contact me.

In the meantime if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Moore



It is still early days in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish, but (in brief) the following progress has been made:

  • The Neighbourhood survey has been analysed and published on the Parish Council website.
  • Cornwall Council have agreed the formal designation of the Perranuthnoe Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan area
  • Perranuthnoe Parish Council has established a sub committee of the Council to progress the plan by working with officers of Cornwall Council and the wider community. The Chairman is Cllr Andy Moore.
  • Arrangements are being made to hold a drop in exhibition at St Pirans Hall to explain to the wider community what a Neighbourhood Plan is and how they can become involved.
  • The date and time for this open meeting is 18th February 2016, between 15.00 hours and 19.00 hours. Find out more about this event…
  • A special e-mail address has been established for communication about the progress on the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Consideration is being given to publishing progress reports on village Facebook pages as well as Council noticeboards.

Neighbourhood Plan Survey Analysis Report

In mid 2014 Perranuthnoe Parish Council sent out a survey to all residents of the parish in order to understand if residents would be supportive of a neighbourhood plan (NP) and if so, what key planning (land use and development) issues and challenges should be tackled with an NP.