Monday 9th April 2018

Item 1  Apologies for absence: Cllrs Nicholas and Scobie

Item 2 Public Speaking Period:

(a) Various parishioners spoke about planning application PA18/01650.

(b) Mr. Lloyd spoke in opposition to application PA18/02200

(c) Mrs. Brooks enquired as to what was happening about the field with caravans on Perran Downs Lane. Cllr Moore assured her that the Parish Council had this very much on their radar and that matters were in the hands of Planning Enforcement.

Item 3 Plans and Planning Matters

a. PA18/02503. Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order. Crown reduction of two Horse Chestnuts and felling of one Sweet Chestnut. The Hollies, Grove Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Mr. M. Britten. It was proposed by Cllr Jago, seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously that the application be approved subject to the advice of Cornwall Council’s tree officer

b. PA18/02200. Proposed surf hire building. Land at Perran Lane, Perranuthnoe. Mr. R. Tuyrrell. It was proposed by Cllr Groves, seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously that the application be opposed on the grounds (a) The proposed building would be harmful to the AONB by extending development towards the south and west (b) the proposed building design and materials would not enhance the AONB (c) of concerns about development exacerbating land stability (d) concerns over safety issues with amateurs hiring equipment (professional and/or knowledgeable surfers have their own equipment) and surfing outside flags, causing problems for lifeguards (e) the beach is small and close to capacity now.

c. PA18/01650. Outline planning application with all matters reserved: erection of residential dwelling and associated works. Land adjoining Landvue, Rosudgeon. Miss Kensa Trevorrow. It was proposed by Cllr Strawson, seconded by Cllr Groves and carried unanimously that the application be opposed on the grounds (a) the land is in the AONB which is not currently allocated for development (b) this land could only be an Exception Site for Affordable Housing (c) the Parish Council opposes any intensification of the use of Trevean Way which includes traffic concerns with egress out onto the A394

d. Any others received by the time of the meeting on 9th April 2018

e. PA18/02954. Deferred to next meeting. (Proposed garden room/office/studio used for the purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house. Trenow, Boat Cove Lane, Perranuthnoe. Mr. & Mrs. Deunger)

It was noted that the following planning permissions had been granted:

a. PA18/01374. Mr. & Mrs. Giddens. Fairwinds, Perranuthnoe. Non-material amendment to PA17/10699 (to provide a single storey side extension including a balcony incorporating the existing detached single garage) to amend existing garage to workshop/office

b. PA17/12276. Mrs. Kray Dhillon. Land south of Perran Barton, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Application for approval of all reserved matters in respect of PA17/00268.

c. PA18/00158. Mr. Kevin Brown. Land south of Colenso, Grove Lane, Perran Downs Lane, Rosudgeon. Outline planning permission with all matters reserved for the construction of a detached bungalow and garage.

d. PA18/00217. Mr. & Mrs. Tucker. Lane east of the Old Carthouse, Trebarvah Lane, Trebarvah, Rosudgeon. Proposed 2 storey dwelling

e. PA18/00765. Mr P Beever. Rose Cottage North Road Goldsithney TR20 9JY. Change of use of existing garden room to annex accommodation and associated works.

f. PA18/00101. Mr. & Mrs. Trevillion. Messina, Trevean Lane, Rosudgeon. Part conversion and part extension of outbuilding to create annexe.

It was noted that the following planning applications had been refused or withdrawn

PA17/11556. Mrs. J. Thomas. Fawkes Akhal Teke Stud, Lancamshire Lane, Rosudgeon. Retrospective advert consent: frame mounted advert. (Refused)

PA18/01592. Mr & Mrs De Unger. Trenow Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9NW.Non material amendment application for PA17/05387 (Proposed alterations with roof extension and first floor balcony to flat roof, proposed boiler room and outbuilding to form garden room) Alterations to outbuilding to form garden room including: change of roof material from timber shingle to natural slate to match dwelling, change of external cladding from timber boarding to painted render to match dwelling, infill covered outdoor seating area, the inclusion of 4 number rooflights, one number window to South East elevation, and log burner with stainless steel flue. (Not acceptable as amendment)

Item 4 Councillors Reports:

Councillor Nicholas’ Report Cllr Nicholas, being absent, there was no report

Other Councillors

Cllr Groves raised concerns that, as the weekend showed, Perranuthnoe is full to capacity with traffic. Cllr Moore advised that the Parish Council was now waiting on the formal advertising of the Traffic Regulation Order, which work was now with Cornwall Council

Cllr Strawson reported:

(a) She will respond to the Grant Company to confirm that the Grant Money has now been spent on the approved items.

(b) She believes that the “break clause” in the Perranuthnoe car park and toilet lease has not been exercised

Cllr Griffiths reported that the new seat has arrived and will be installed shortly

Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Moore reported:

(a) The notes of the meeting that he, Cllr Nicholas and the clerk had with James Evans have been circulated. Cllr Moore said he would shortly circulate the draft report.

(b) With regard to the Settlement Boundaries, posted on the website, approximately 10 comments have been posted. These are generally supportive.

Item 5 Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Leo that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th March 2018 be signed. This was unanimously approved.

Item 6 Matters brought forward from last meeting:

(a) Emergency Plan. After discussion, the clerk was asked to obtain from James Hardy a list of contact names and numbers of officials at Cornwall Council who could be contacted in an emergency.

(b) Caravans at Trenow. Cllr Moore reported that they were still in situ. It was agreed to defer this matter to the next meeting.

(c) Grass Cutting at St. Piran’s Hall

(d) Request for a Grant form St. Piran’s Hall. Items (c) and (d) were taken together. Before the matter was discussed, Cllr Moore declared an interest, as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee and left the room. Cllr Strawson took the chair for discussion on these items.

The clerk read out Cllr Moore’s report regarding the request for £1,000 to defray the cost of grass cutting, and the Treasurer’s e-mail requesting a Grant of £1,900 to help defray the cost of certain expenses.

After considerable discussion it was proposed by Cllr Leo seconded by Cllr Tremelling and unanimously resolved (a) that in pursuance of the power conferred by section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of this section and is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure, the Council approves the for immediate payment of £1,000.00 to defray the cost of grass cutting for the coming year and (b) that the Council is minded, on the same basis, to make a further grant of £1,900.00 once it has seen funding plans and had discussions with the Village Hall Committee.

Item 7 Date of Annual Meeting. Monday 14th May 2018 in Goldsithney Village Hall at 19.15 hours

Date of next meeting:

Monday 14th May 2018 in Goldsithney Village Hall (St. Piran’s Hall) immediately following the Annual Meeting

Item 8 Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

a. E-mail dated 15th March from Mr. Aston re. website hosting and domain registration. This was noted

b. Information for website. Cllr Moore advised that Cllrs should consider what they think ought to be on the website. It should be noted that this isn’t a re-designing of the website, but the taking over of the management of the existing website following the retirement of the previous manager. He also reported that a date for a meeting between him, the clerk and Mr. Aston had yet to be arranged.

c. Receive and approve Vaughan Glover’s playground reports for March. These were noted. Cllr Tremelling agreed to obtain a replacement for the broken sign

d. To authorise the clerk to apply to Ryman for Business for a credit account on behalf of the Parish Council. It was proposed by Cllr Jago that the clerk be so authorised. This was seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously.

e. West Penwith Community Network Panel. Nothing to report

f. Cornwall Council.

1. Grant letter of 15th March to Goldsithney Christmas Lights & Festivities Group. The clerk outlined the reasons for the action he and Cllr Nicholas had taken, and Cllr Moore explained the workings of the Cornwall Councillors’ Community Chest fund

Item 9 Footpaths & Rights of Way: Cllr Griffiths reported on their current state. He also advised the Council that, at the Annual Meeting, he would be standing down as the Council’s Footpath Officer. Cllr Moore expressed the Council’s great thanks for his stalwart work over the years he had fulfilled this office.

Item 10 To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:

(a) Plastic plan
(b) Footpath Officer
(c) Caravans

Item 11 Financial and confidential matters

a. Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement. The Bank Statements for March not yet having been received, there was none

b. Consideration of LMP and SWCP tenders. The clerk reported that only one tender had been received. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Strawson, seconded by Cllr Leo and carried unanimously that the tender not be accepted and that CORMAC’s LMP and SWCP offer not be accepted, so CORMAC would deal with the cutting

c. Ratify the payment of Cornwall Council’s invoice for Neighbourhood Planning work. £1,650.00. VAT £330.00. Total £1,980.00. Cheque drawn on 22nd March 2018. It was proposed by Cllr Strawson, seconded by Cllr Moore that this payment be ratified. It was carried by 6 votes in favour, with Cllrs Jago and Griffiths abstaining as they had signed the cheque

d. Approve, and authorise the signing by two Councillors of, Heads of Agreement between the Parish Council and St. Piran’s Hall for the use of the Parish Room. Cllr Moore again declared an interest and Cllr Strawson chaired the meeting for this item. It was proposed by Cllr Leo, seconded by Cllr Griffiths that the Heads of Agreement be approved and signed. Carried unanimously.

e. Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed by Cllr Jago, seconded by Cllr Tremelling and carried unanimously that all the items be passed for payment.

Payments Schedule

1. Mrs. A. Beard. Bus shelter cleaning. £48.00

2. Complete Business Solutions Group Ltd. 80% of cost of black toner cartridge. £43.73 VAT £8.75. Total £52.48

3. Genius Loci. Website work. £30.00

4. JEB Supplies Ltd. Special lock for Parish Room in St. Piran’s Hall. £40.50. VAT £8.10. Total £48.60

5. Cornwall Council. 2 delegates for planning training on 27th February. £24.00

6. Mr. Vaughan Glover. To reimburse supplies for painting bought from Jewsons. £94.34. VAT £18.87. Total £113.21 and for playground reports and work £100.00. Grand total £213.21

7. Cornwall ALC Ltd.
a. One half of cost of GDPR training course. £22.50. VAT £4.50. Total £27.00
b. Annual subscription £605.75. VAT £79.89. Total £685.64
c. One cheque for Total £712.64

8. Glasdon UK Ltd. Bench. £416.69. VAT £83.33. Total £500.02

9. Mr. Andy Moore. To reimburse for stationery bought for Parish Room. £7.49. VAT £1.50. Total £8.99

10. CRCC. Neighbourhood Plan work. £1,500.00. VAT £300.00. Total £1,800.00

11. Clerk’s salary for March

12. HMRC (PAYE and NI, if any, on clerk’s salary)

13. Payroll Direct. Invoice for PAYE and NI work. £31.83

The Meeting closed at 21.41 hours