Monday 20th May 2019

Item 1 Apologies for absence: Cllr Nicholas

Item 2 Public Speaking Period:

Mr. Collins mentioned:

  • The Double Yellow Lines had been painted today. He wondered whether they were yet in force and how they would be enforced. Cllr Griffiths advised that as the lines were double, no notices were needed and as far as known, they were now in force. As to how they would be enforced, that was another matter.
  • The defibrillator has been installed at The Cabin. Cllr Moore reported that its purchase had been organised, and funds raised, through the highly commendable efforts of the owners and staff of The Cabin

Item 3 Plans and Planning Matters

a. PA19/03377. Replacement balcony. An Skyber, Trebarvah Farm, Trebarvah Lane, Trebarvah. Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Hall. Cllr Scobie reported that he had spoken to the very helpful Planning Officer on this application, as the Planning Officer wanted it withdrawn as he felt the balcony was too large and it affected the privacy of adjoining property. That notwithstanding, Cllr Scobie felt that the application should be supported as there were so many balconies in the vicinity and the living and cooking area is on the same level as the proposed new balcony. Some councillors voiced their concerns, but Cllr Scobie having proposed support for the application, which was seconded by Cllr Jago, the proposition was put to the vote and carried by four votes in favour to three votes against.

b. PA19/03473. Non material amendment to planning permission PA14/07964 – construction of 18 dwellings, including affordable housing provision, creation of an access, formation of estate road and footways and provision of attendant infrastructure dated 21st August 2015, for the provision of fire brigade turning area. Land off Fore Street, Goldsithney. 3MS. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Strawson, that the application be supported. Carried unanimously

c. PA19/03627. Proposed ground floor extension to kitchen incorporating removal of existing flat roof. 1 Owen Vean Terrace, Gears Lane, Goldsithney. Mr. Paul Bishop. It was proposed by Cllr Moore that the application be supported. This was seconded by Cllr Jago and carried unanimously.

d. PA19/03583. Change of use of land to form domestic curtilage for existing dwelling. The Meadow, Red Lane, Rosudgeon. Mr. C. Evans. It was proposed by Cllr Moore that the application be opposed on the grounds that any loss of the retained meadow would be detrimental to the character of the Red Lane area and that the proposed changes would restrict the views across the retained meadow which would be detrimental to the character of this part of Red Lane, and which would also be contrary to the Parish Council’s Landscape Character Assessment. This was seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously.

It was noted that the following planning permissions had been granted:

a. PA18/11897. Mr. Hodges. The Plantation, Grove Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Felling of three trees

b. PA19/01562. Mr. A. Betts. 12 Orchard Way. Goldsithney. Proposed rear extension

c. PA19/01522. Mr. A. Beare. Beares Den Campsite, Trevean Farm, Rosudgeon. Siting of portable timber clad toilet and shower block.

d. PA19/01811. Mr. T. Skewes. The Old Carthouse, Trebarvah Lane, Trebarvah, Rosudgeon. Outline planning consent for access and layout with some matters reserved for the construction of 1 dwelling and associated works.

And that the following planning application had been refused

PA19/00198. Mr. & Mrs. M. Nicholas. Land east of St. James, Fore Street, Goldsithney. Reserved matters of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline approval PA17/11198 (erection of dwelling and associated works)

And that the following notification of planning appeal had been lodged:

APP/D0840/W/18/3218849. Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: construction of a single storey retirement bungalow and associated works. Land south of Elton Cottage, Belvedere Lane, St. Hilary. Mr. P Williams (appeal against refusal of PA18/08628)

Item 4 Councillors Reports:

4a Councillor Nicholas’ Report

Although Cllr Nicholas was not present, Cllr Moore itemised those matters which Cllr Nicholas had asked him to mention to the Council:

  • The caravans at Perran Downs Lane are in the process of being moved.
  • She has received and e-mail that action is being taken concerning the Boat Cove caravan
  • The traffic monitoring equipment will soon be gong up on the A394 at Rosudgeon. It will display the vehicle registration numbers of those vehicles that are exceeding the speed limit.
  • She has been sent revised plans for the footpath and cycleway from the Marazion Roundabout to Goldsithney

4b. Other Councillors’ Reports:

Cllr Strawson showed photographs of the entrance to the proposed campsite on Perran Lane. As it was felt to be inappropriate, the Council agreed that Cllr Strawson will draft a letter for the Parish Council to send, seeking confirmation that the entrance was in accordance with planning regulations, given that it was in the AONB and was felt to be detrimental to the character of the village, and enquiring whether anything could be done.

Cllr Griffiths gave an update on the logistics of replacing the two inaccessible seats at the Headland. He has approached the Public Relations Department at RNAS Culdrose and is waiting to hear back from them.

Cllr Leo brought the attention of the Council to the recent robbery at Goldsithney Post Office.

Cllr Groves expressed concerns about the possible stopping up or diversion of a footpath. The clerk outlined the procedure, should this come about. Cllr Scobie will contact the Leader of the Cornwall Council Access Team. The Council decided that its position was to resist any attempt to close or divert the footpath about which concern had been expressed

Cllr Scobie reported that he had the seals with which to repair the notice boards which would be passed to Cllr Griffiths.

Cllr Moore reported that:

  • Concern had been expressed by parishioners at the lack of library facilities now that the facilities at the Crown had come to an end. Parishioners had asked if the Parish Council had any plans to establish facilities elsewhere. Cllr Nicholas is keen to see the facilities continue and she and Cllr Moore will liaise and report back to the Council in due course.

Cllr Griffiths reported that some concern had been expressed by elderly residents that, when the mobile library was withdrawn, they would have to go into the pub for their library books

As library facilities had now been withdrawn from Goldsithney, and also from Perranuthnoe, the clerk was asked to write to Cornwall Council to ask for library facilities to be restored and/or what options were available.

  • He had met with Cllr Groves and Cllr Nicholas, following which progress was being made in relation to the Emergency Plan

4c. Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Moore reported that Mr. James Evans had been provided with the Council’s brief and had this day responded. Cllr Moore will read through Mr. Evans’ response in detail and then circulate it to the Council and the Steering Group. Cllr Moore mentioned a couple of matters arising from Mr. Evans’ response.

Item 5 Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed by Cllr Leo and seconded by Cllr Jago that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th April 2019 be signed. This was unanimously approved.

Item 6 Matters brought forward from last meeting:

a. Bus shelter in Perranuthnoe. Cllrs Groves and Scobie have put together a list of points. Cllr Moore suggested that when the new Clerk was in post, he be asked to prepare an action plan both for the Bus Shelter and for the Green Gym.

b. Green Gym. Cllr Strawson reported that she hasn’t heard back from the Village Hall committee about possible arrangements for leasing (Cllr Moore reported that the Committee had raised no objections at a recent meeting). She also reported that she and Cllr Nicholas had met with a prospective supplier, but that the provision of facilities would have to go out to Tender

c. Toilets. The lease, having been inspected, it was noted that the toilets were being opened at the times specified therein. However, given the lengthening of the tourist season, and the use of the beach by surfers more or less all year round, the toilets need to be open for longer. It was felt that the Parish Council should have input into the opening hours on any negotiations for renewal of the lease.

Item 7 Date of next meeting:

Monday 17th June 2019 in Goldsithney Village Hall (St. Piran’s Hall) at 1915 hours

Item 8 Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

a. Receive and approve RoSPA playground report for 2019. This, having been previously circulated, was noted and approved. Cllr Griffiths commented on the ongoing problem of damage to the paintwork on the swings by the seats and chains being swung over the top.

b. Receive and approve Vaughan Glover’s playground reports for April. This, having been previously circulated, was noted and approved.

c. West Penwith Community Network Panel. The clerk gave a very brief report on the meeting held on 16th May.

d. Cornwall Council.

(i) West Penwith Governance Review workshop on 30th May 2019. Cllr Moore reported that he would be going to this.

Item 9 Footpaths & Rights of Way:

Mention having been made of a style that needed replacing, Cllr Griffiths reported on how responsibility for its eventual replacement would be handled. There would be negotiation between the landowner and Cormac. Generally, Cormac would supply the materials and the landowner would carry out the work, but if the landowner couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do so, then it would be down to Cormac.

Item 10 To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda: Nothing specific was requested to go on the next agenda

Item 11 Financial & Confidential Matters:

a. Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 7th May 2019. This having been previously circulated, was noted and approved.

b. Receive and approve

(i) Section 1 “Annual Governance Statement 2018/19” of Annual Return. This having previously been circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Leo that it be approved. Seconded by Cllr Griffiths and carried unanimously.

(ii) Section 2 “Accounting Statements 2018/19” of Annual Return. This having been previously circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Leo that it be approved. Seconded by Cllr Griffiths and carried unanimously

(iii) Hudson Accounting Ltd’s Internal Audit Report of 20th April 2019. This having been previously circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Griffiths that it be approved. Seconded by Cllr Leo and carried unanimously. The clerk suggested that his successor, when in post, should be involved in a meeting to settle the Earmarked Reserves and take action on points raised by Mr. Hudson

c. Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed by Cllr Jago, seconded by Cllr Moore and carried unanimously, that these items be passed for payment.

Payments Schedule

1. BHIB Ltd. Insurance renewal £773.77. IPT £92.85. Total £866.62
2. Playsafety Ltd. Annual RoSPA inspection. £79.00. VAT £15.80. Total £94.80
3. Hudson Accounting Ltd. Internal Audit fee. £225.00
4. Vaughan Glover. Playground work. £90.00
5. Genius Loci. Playground work. £60.00
6. Peter Thomas Grounds Care. Cutting work in April. £136.00 VAT £27.20. Total £163.20
7. Clerk’s salary for April
8. Payroll Direct. Invoice for PAYE and NI work. £31.83 and invoice for end of year work £62.00. Total £93.83

Direct Debits

Pennon Water Services. Cemetery water £12.16
BT Group Plc. Line rental at St. Piran’s Hall. £53.28


Dignity Funerals Ltd. Cemetery fees for the late Mr. W. Gadd £511.00
Lloyds Bank Plc. Deposit account interest. £2.30

The Meeting closed at 20.40 hours