Monday 20th January 2020

Councillors present: A. Moore (Chairman), C. Leo, J. Scobie, Y Groves, A Collins, J Jago, S Nicholas, R Greenwood-Penny & G Griffiths

Visitors present:- 4 members of the public were present

Apologies for absence: None

Public Speaking Period:

All members of the public were attending the meeting regrading planning application PA19/11124

Sophie Van der Merren was opposed to the application on the grounds that

  • Outline Planning has already been approved and therefore the principle of development on that site is agreed. The current development proposal is a ‘reserved matters’ application, in which assessment is focussed specifically on whether the ‘scale, appearance and landscaping’ of the proposed building / development are appropriate for the location.
  • The proposed development site lies within the AONB, in a prominent position, on two popular public footpaths, in an area comprised largely of traditional granite farm buildings. The heritage and natural landscape character of the location needs to be taken into consideration in this planning assessment. Inappropriate development on this site will not just affect those who live there, but all those who use the footpaths and will damage a much valued area in the Parish.
  • The scale/size and design/appearance of the proposed building are not compatible with the distinctive character of the location, and will have a significant negative and overbearing impact on the area. The design of the proposed building does not reflect either the farming heritage or Cornish AONB character of this area. The large size / scale of the building will be extremely imposing and does not provide ‘continuity with the existing built form’ or ‘respect and work with the natural and historic environment’.
  • One of the plans is factually incorrect and does not show the overbearing and overshadowing impact of the development on a neighbouring property.
  • There is a substantial increase in height between existing and proposed structures. The proposed height of the building is greater than all others in the area. Although outline planning permission has been granted for a two-storey property, it is important to consider that the height of all of the traditional two storey buildings in this area is 20ft or less. The proposed height of this new development is 28 foot and the overall scale of the building has clearly not considered the impact of the development on the character and setting of the area surrounding it. It is far too large.
  • It is important to consider the cumulative impact of new development on this site, ie the impact of two new-builds at the centre of the heritage farm buildings surrounding them. In relation to this the recommendations of the LLCA are important which underline the need to consider new development proposals alongside what has already been constructed, and to recognise that total development impact is ‘greater than the sum of its parts’.
  • Given all of the above, this development proposal directly conflicts with core AONB and CLP policy criteria under CLP policies 2, 12 and 23 and AONB Policies MD 9, 11 and SCW8.04.
  • It was recommended that the current application should not be approved, because the ‘scale, appearance and landscaping’ of the building (ie the reserved matters being assessed) will have a significant negative impact on the character of the location, and because the application does not adhere with the material considerations relevant to this application (ie relevant AONB and CLP Policies). It was proposed that the applicant be requested to submit a more considered re-design which respects the character of the location, so as to ensure that development on this site does not compromise the special qualities and characteristics of this area, and is of an appropriate scale, mass and design that recognises and respects the heritage and natural character of both the settlement and landscape surrounding it.

Justin Halls was opposed to the application on the basis that the size and scale of the proposed building was inappropriate for the area, the proposed building reduced the amenity value of his and adjoining properties particularly as this was not apparent from the plans submitted as they did not show the correct footprint of his property on the western boundary of the proposed property


Planning Applications and Relevant Matters

PA19/11124 – Approval of reserved matters in relation to Outline Approval PA19/01811: One dwelling and associated works (Appearance, landscaping and scale) – Land and Buildings East Of The Old Carthouse Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe – Mr And Mrs S Firth

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council Parish Council opposes the application on the grounds that

– the footprint, ridge height and mass of the proposed house is overbearing and inappropriate for the location and this reduces the amenity value of the adjacent and neighbouring houses especially the adjacent ‘Old Potato Barn’ which is shown inaccurately on the applicant’s plan

– the level of the ridge of the proposed house should be significantly lower than the level of the ridge of the almost completed new house that lies immediately to the South East of it (Cornwall Council planning reference PA18/00217),

– the roof of this proposed house and its garage should be of natural slate,

– the external finish of the walls of the proposed house should be of local stone

– the external finish of the walls of the proposed garage should be either local stone or to be painted rendering of an approved colour

– rainwater fittings should match those on the almost completed new house that lies immediately to the South East

– the vehicular access to the site of the proposed house should be from the South West and not from the North East as proposed by the applicant for road safety and amenity reasons

– all glass on the balustrade and in the large windows of the new house should be non-reflective and details of the design and materials to be used to construct the veranda should be submitted to Cornwall Council for approval

– the adjoining and nearby footpaths must not be interfered with during the construction period and the parking area used by walkers should not be used for construction related traffic and activities

– before any new building work starts the existing old farm building planned to be demolished must be removed from the site

The four members of the public left at 20.05

PA19/04854 – Demolition of existing farm buildings and replacement with new building providing offices and stores, extension to existing building and insertion of roof lights to provide dental practice at first floor (resubmission of withdrawn application PA18/05450) – Lynfield Farm Studios Perran Lane Perranuthnoe – Mr Jonathan Green

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council supports this application subject to the following

– the highest point on the ridge of the proposed new building for use as storage and office units should not exceed that of the existing building that it will replace and hips will be provided at both ends of this new roof to reduce its mass (office space can be provided in the new roof space with Velux or dormer windows),

– the roof of this new building should be of natural slate above local stone-faced external walling,

– rainwater fittings to match those on the adjoining converted farmyard,

– doors and windows to be as approved by Cornwall Council

– the conversion to a dentist’s surgery to match the existing converted adjoining farm buildings with the extension constructed of local stone-faced walling under a slate roof

– Cornwall Council to ensure that there is sufficient car parking space and sufficiently safe access to and from this car parking in forward gear to the adjoining narrow, dangerous and often busy village lane

–  before any new building work starts the existing old farm buildings planned to be demolished will be removed from the site

– Indemnification within the application for the location of secure storage for the clinical waste from the dental practice

PA19/10690 – Demolition of existing dormer bungalow guesthouse and erection of two dwellings with associated works – outline with some matters (appearance and landscaping) reserved with variation of condition 6 of decision notice PA18/08978 – Sunningdale Trescowe Road Goldsithney – Mr C Buckland

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council Parish Council opposes the application on the grounds that

– The application would have an adverse impact on the character and environment of the World Heritage site and Trescowes Road in particular by damaging the integrity of the Cornish hedge and the construction of close timber fencing .

– The Parish Council is opposed to the creation of a second access and believes a shared drive for the two dwellings can meet the needs of the new properties without further harm to visual amenity and the rural environment

– The Parish Council is opposed to use the close boarded fencing to the two new dwellings in this rural area as it would be damaging to visual amenity and green infrastructure in accord with policies 12, 23 and 25 of the Cornwall Local Plan, Strategic Policies 2010- 2030.

– all conditions contained within the existing permission to be maintained within this application

– the application is considered an overdevelopment of the site, if Sunningdale is retained and would reduce the amenity value of both properties

PA19/11162 – Outline application permission (all matters reserved) for the construction of three self build dwellings for family members. – Land At Gears Lane Goldsithney -Mr Stan Somers Mr Harry Somers Miss M Somers

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council strongly oppose the application on the grounds that

– the development would cause substantial harm to the outstanding landscape value of the WHS by a suburban form of development not reflecting the character of other homes in open countryside on an approach to a heritage asset along a historic mining lane.

– It would cause substantial harm by removing one of the open areas between Goldsithney and Tregurtha which has been valued by local people in recent consultations

– It is outside the recognised development boundaries of Goldsithney and contrary to policies 1,2,12,23 and 24 of Cornwall Local Plan

-. sufficient undeveloped open market plots are available within the Parish in more suitable locations for development so there is no justification to develop in open countryside

01/20/04              The following planning permissions were noted as being granted

PA19/08870 – Application for tree works subject to a TPO Order: Sycamore T1 is in decline and dying back, fell and remove, replant with 1 prunus subhirtella – Chyngwith 3 Trevelyan Grove Goldsithney – Approved with conditions

PA19/07390 – Application for works to a tree protected under a tree preservation order – Coppice a sycamore tree – Trevu Grove Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney – Approved with conditions y)

PA19/09005 – Certificate of lawfulness for existing use in relation to decision notice PA16/07294: Plot 2 confirmation of commencement – Trescowe Lodge Trevelyan Grove Goldsithney – Granted (CAADs, PIPs and LUs only)

PA19/08743 – Replacement Dwelling – Longcliffs Access Track To Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon – Approved with conditions

PA19 09390 – Demolition of existing mundic block dwelling and garage and construction of 2 new dwellings with integral garages with variation of condition 1 in relation to decision notice PA16/06051 – Robins Croft Dola Lane Rosudgeon – Mr Tidy – Approved with conditions

PA19/09959 – Replace existing flat roof and raise by 500mm. Replace fire door with an escape window.- Sun Cottage Fore Street Goldsithney – Ms Pearce – Approved with conditions


The following planning permissions were noted as being refused

PA19/05467 – Retention of extensions to dwelling, erection of extension to south elevation and change of use of land to domestic curtilage – Chiverton Lane Orchard Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon – Refused

01/20/06              To consider other planning related matters –

Pre application – PA19/03243 – Pre application advice for residential development of 3 eco homes – – Maryland Trescowe Road Goldsithney – Jenifer Dunstan


Councillors Reports:

Councillor Nicholas’ circulated report noted the following

–              Update on the work of CC standards committee

–              Confirmation that waste contract had been awarded to BIFFA

Other Councillors’ reports noted the following

Cllr Leo

–              Attended the recent Civic Ceremony on behalf of the Council

Cllr Greenwood-Penny

–              Raised an issue relating to St Petrie Road as to whether this was adopted by CC

Cllr Moore

–              Confirmed had a meeting with CC highways to discuss a feasibility study on traffic regulation orders and associated works in Goldsithney on 21/01/20

Cllr Groves

–              Enquired about the opportunity of allotments and current discussion about a suitable site having been found by residents

–              A concern regrading the pulling down of a Cornish hedge in Perranuthnoe conservation area which was requested to be reported to CC enforcement

–              Update on meeting held by residents of Perranuthnoe village to discuss parking issues and other matters


Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed and seconded that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 16thst December be signed. This was agreed









Project/issues updates:

– The enforcement action at Trenow Lane – noted that the no updates on the website

– Traffic Regulation Orders in Perranuthnoe – a joint public consultation event (with the Parish Council and residents of the village) to be held to establish the views of the village over what is to be put forward as a proposal

– Bus shelter Perranuthnoe –update provided

– Footpath between Marazion and Goldsithney-to be considered at future meeting

– Current status of NDP – update provided with next steps a meeting in February 2020.

– Consideration of options for general planting and tree planting schemes within the Parish work will be considered at a future meeting


Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

– St Pirans Hall playground report had been received and noted

– The structural survey of St Pirans Hall has been received and will be considered at the next meeting

– Confirmation of receipt of 2020/21 precept letter from CC

– Pension auto enrolment  position updated status confirmation


Footpaths & Rights of Way:

– report of dangerous style at Stackhouse on the coast path reported to CC


To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:

–              Consideration of options for flowers/planters along with general planting and tree planting schemes within the Parish

–              Review of footpath proposals between Goldsithney & Marazion

–              Parish Council meeting dates and locations post March 2020

–              Consideration of St Pirans Hall structural survey report

–              Election of Vice-Chair and recruitment for Councillor vacancy


The dates, timing and location of future meetings were considered and it was agreed that for the 17th February and 16th March meetings would both start at 7.15pm and be at St Pirans Hall with future meeting decided at the next meeting



Date of next meeting:

Monday 17th February 2020 in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney at 1915 hours


Financial & Confidential Matters:

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 31st December 2019. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved.

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously

Vaughan Glover – January 2020 inspections & maintenance – £95.00

David Barlow – Clerk’s salary

Payroll direct – HMRC returns and calculations – £31.83

David Barlow – reimbursement of postage & stationary – £25.79

David Barlow – reimbursement of PAYE for November 2019 – £197.20

St Pirans Hall – Room hire 2019 – £156.00

BT – Direct debit – charges to December 2019 – £55.08

Pennon water services – charges for period to December 2019 – £16.80

Receipt schedule

Dignity Funeral Services – Mrs Stallard – cremation fees – £393.00

Wearne Memorials – Mr Branson – headstone fee – £59.00

Alfred Smith – Mr Bond – funeral fees – £511.00

A confidential matter was then raised and discussed


The Meeting closed at 21.38pm