Monday 18th November 2019

Apologies for absence: Cllr Strawson

Public Speaking Period: Professor Malcolm Cole spoke against the planning application PA19-08743 – Longcliffs, Perranuthnoe. The points raised were that whilst accepting that the building had mundic in his view it was still habitable and therefore questioned the requirement to demolish and rebuild a three-storey replacement property. The key elements for him opposing the application were that the proposed replacement building was disproportionate with surrounding buildings and natural environment because the proposed building is 3 storey and 1.4m higher than the existing structure, concern over a building of this height and exposure to severe weather, the design introduced new windows into the design causing neighbours to be overlooked and also concern over the traffic management policy and impact of required transport down a rural lane/track to remove significant and deliver the quantity of building material involved. Mr Reed also spoke opposing the application on the grounds of the overall impact of the property on the natural environment, the risk of removing building material contaminating adjoining land and concern over the suitability of the access lane/track to deliver/remove building materials

The three members of the public left at 19.30

Plans and Planning Matters

PA19/08743 – Replacement Dwelling – Longcliffs Access Track To Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon – Mr Philip Keller

Cllr Scobie declared an interest in this item and left the meeting

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that Cllr Nicholas supports the motion on the basis of the information now available but reserving the right to change her decision at a later date if further information comes to light that the Parish Council support the application for the replacement house in principle subject to –

– the proposal to increase the ridge height and size of the dwelling is too significant and should be reduced in line with Policy 7 of the CLP (and draft Policy HTA2 b) of the draft Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Plan).

Believe that if the top of the roof of the proposed new house was closer to the height of the original one we feel that this new house should be of a size and quality to more than match the other larger houses in this area and thus be in keeping with this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

– has noted resident concerns about construction traffic and impact on the PROW and would wish to see a condition in the approval to safeguard the nearby public right of way and all private access rights as far as we can.

Cllr Scobie returned to the meeting

PA19/08870 – Application for tree works subject to a TPO Order: Sycamore T1 is in decline and dying back, fell and remove, replant with 1 prunus subhirtella – Chyngwith 3 Trevelyan Grove Goldsithney  – Mr Neil Collis

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council support the view of the Tree Officer not to object to the trees removal (due to its condition) but to seek its replacement by a Ginkgo Biloba between the tree to be removed and the property frontage

PA19/08763 – Removal of Mobile Home and Outbuilding, Construction of Bungalow and Associated Work – Land Adj To Carneth Red Lane Rosudgeon – Mrs Z McKay Smith

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council that the Parish Council support the principle of a small single storey dwelling subject to:-

-. ensuring that the proposed design ensures sufficient amenity and appropriate density is achieved for the new home and adjoining dwellings

-. ensuring that the proposed design of the dwelling (including retention and re-instatement of Cornish hedges) and the materials to be used are informed by submission of a Historic Impact Assessment to indicate how the proposed dwelling would enhance the character of Red Lane which is located within the WHS

PA19/09005– Certificate of lawfulness for existing use in relation to decision notice PA16/07294: Plot 2 confirmation of commencement.- Trescowe Lodge Trevelyan Grove Goldsithney- Mr M Adams

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council that the Parish Council makes no comment on this application

PA19/09249– Change of use of pool building into dwelling without compliance with condition 3 attached to Decision Notice: W1/09-1383 dated 30/04/2010.- The Pool House The Plantation Grove Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney – Mr Martin Hodges

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council that the Parish Council support the application to remove condition 3

PA19/09164– Application for Approval of reserved matters in relation to decision notice PA18/00158 (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale).- Colenso Grove Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon – Mr And Mrs K Brown

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council that the Parish Council opposes the application on the basis that

– The proposed design and materials are unsympathetic and not appropriate for the WHS location of the dwelling.

– Its design, scale and ridge height unnecessarily impair the amenity of nearby dwellings

– There are no proposals to  detail the planting regime or improve  the boundary along Perran Downs Lane which would have gone someway to mitigate the impact of this additional dwelling within the WHS

PA19/09390 – Demolition of existing mundic block dwelling and garage and construction of 2 new dwellings with integral garages with variation of condition 1 in relation to decision notice PA16/06051 – Robins Croft Dola Lane Rosudgeon – Mr Tidy

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council that the Parish Council raise no objection to the proposal for a minor amendment to incorporate a dormer window to the south elevation of plot 1 subject to no overlooking

The following planning permissions were noted as being granted

PA19/07280 – Retrospective Proposal to Install 1 External Door and 4 Roof windows to Existing Domestic Garage – Windermere Grove Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney – Mr Richardson – Approved with conditions

The following planning permissions were noted as being refused


To consider other planning related matters –

PA19/06721 – Lawful development certificate in respect of the use of former agricultural building as a dwelling – The Chalet Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe – Mr Richard De Unger  – Withdrawn

PA19/08302 – Proposal to fell 3 x multi stemmed sycamores – Trillium, The Barn Fore Street Goldsithney – Mr Chris Hamnett – Decided not to make a TPO (TCA apps)

PA19/04854. Demolition of existing farm buildings and replacement with new building to provide offices and stores, extension to existing building to provide dental practice (resubmission of withdrawn application PA18/05450). Lynfield Farm Studios, Perran Lane, Perranuthnoe. Mr Jonathan Green – additional drawings for this application had been received and a meeting of Cllr Moore, Nicholas and Scobie will be convened to consider the Council’s response

PA19/05467 – Retention to extensions to dwelling, erection of extension to south elevation and change of use of land to domestic curtilage – Chiverton Lane Orchard Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon – consider 5 day notice to respond to Cornwall Council – It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously subject to (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council that the Parish Council respond to Cornwall Council stating that their views expressed at the previous meeting on this application remain and on that basis they opt for option 3 being to disagree with the Cornwall Council recommendations stated in the letter and request consideration of this item by the Planning Committee

PA19/09326 – Change of use of land to campsite, erection of two ablutions blocks and reception building – Land North Of Nanturras Way Goldsithney – St Hilary Parish

The Parish Council acknowledges the principal issues raised by commenting on an application in an adjoining Parish but due to this application being on the border of the parish boundary and being identified in the PPC NDP as a local protected green area it was agreed that it merited a comment by PPC to express concern on this application on the grounds of highways issues, environmental damage and existence of WHS field systems

Councillors Reports:

Councillor Nicholas’ circulated report noted the following

–              Concerns raised over parking on South Road, Goldsithney

–              Enforcement officers have been requested to ensure parking in Goldsithney is in line with regulations

–              The future waste contract with CC is still under consideration

–              Community Governance Review proposals are currently being considered by CC

Other Councillors’ reports noted the following

Cllr Jago

–              Proposal to consider a one way system in Goldsithney utilising North Road and Orchard Way with the introduction of traffic calming measures to be put to CC. Informal meeting with Highways representatives to establish best way forward to be convened by Cllr Nicholas

Cllr Griffiths

–              Had the honour of laying the wreath at the Memorial Day service and noted the thanks from RBL Poppy appeal for the £250 donation from PPC

Cllr Greenwood-Penny

–              Concern had been expressed about speed of traffic through Goldsithney village and consideration be given to consider traffic calming to be put back on the agenda after previously unsuccessful attempt

–              Footpath 1 is overgrown and requires landowners to rectify – previously reported to CC for action

Cllr Groves

–              Concern raised over camper van/ lorry parked in Perrnauthnoe car park for a period of time

Cllr Moore

–              CC planning conference attended with Cllr Scobie with useful content in the presentations

Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed and seconded that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st October and 28th October 2019 be signed. This was agreed

Project/issues updates:

– No update on the current enforcement action at Trenow Lane

– Traffic Regulation Orders – a report was made after a meeting was held to discuss how car parking issues may be addressed in Perranuthnoe following on from the recently introduced TRO. areas of the village. A proposed plan was discussed for how this issue might be addressed and it was agreed that the proposals would need to go to public consultation in the village in early 2020 as previous consultations have shown a divergence of views on how to proceed

– Bus shelter Perranuthnoe – a meeting had been held to discuss next steps for this project – it was agreed that quotes be sought for the installation of a bench and a hardstanding base as an initial step . In addition the Clerk will liaise with the resident at the adjoining cottage to the proposed site to outline the proposals

– Goldsithney Christmas lights grant request  – the request for a grant of £250.00 had been received and it was confirmed that the application complied with PPC policy and was therefore approved

Cllr Groves expressed an interest in this matter

– Perranuthnoe Christmas Lights – the request for a grant of £250.00 had been received and it was confirmed that the application complied with PPC policy as a new organisation which had a formal constitution and was therefore approved

– A summary of the recent Code of Conduct training was provided

Cllr Moore expressed an interest in this item and left the meeting – Cllr Jago chaired this item in the absence of the Vice-Chairman

The importance of St Pirans Hall was noted as an essential community asset and also the resources to raise funds for sustaining the building in the future is limited. As a starting point for considering options for the Hall a tendering exercise is currently underway to commission a structural survey of the building and options appraisal to be undertaken by Chartered Surveyors. Three quotes are being sought and it was agreed that PPC would cover the cost of this survey

Cllr Moore returned

Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

– Email requesting contact information for a Susan Tonkin with previous connections to Perranuthnoe village

– Email from applicants of PA19/08743 in support of their application

– Email from (x2) residents opposing planning application PA19/08743

– Freedom of Information request on climate change correspondence from CC

– Email from owners Plot 1 Land East of Old Carthouse seeking advice on reserved matters which have yet to be submitted

– Defibrillators notice received to submit battery life expiry dates to RR memorial charity

Footpaths & Rights of Way:

– no additional comments

To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:

–              Consideration of options for flowers/planters along with general planting and tree planting schemes within the Parish

–              Review of footpath proposals between Goldsithney & Marazion

Date of next meeting:

Monday 16th December 2019 in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney at 1915 hours

Financial & Confidential Matters:

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 30th October 2019. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved.

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously

Payments Schedule

Peter Thomas Ground Care – September 2019 work – £482.40

Vaughan Glover – October 2019 inspections & maintenance – £110.00

Jewson Ltd – Sand for playground – £3.72

Headland Printers (x3 invoices) – printing of NDP plan, policies and maps – £167.00

Genius Loci – website admin – £30.00

David Barlow – Clerk’s salary

Payroll direct – HMRC returns and calculations – £31.83

David Barlow – reimbursement of computer ink & laminating sheets – £141.86

David Barlow – reimbursement of PAYE for October 2019 – £248.40

Goldsithney Christmas Lights – grant towards Xmas lights – £250.00

Perranuthnoe Christmas Lights – grant towards Xmas lights – £250.00

Receipt schedule

Mrs Gadd – Memorial fee – £59.00

The Meeting closed at 21.58pm hours