Monday 16th March 2020

03/20/01              Apologies for absence

Cllr Scobie, Leo & David Barlow (Clerk)

03/20/02              Public Speaking Period:

Three principle issues were raised and discussed

  • Dropping of curb into field opposite the Cabin in Perranuthnoe with concern raised over reason for this and potential future use of field
  • Parking and traffic speeds through Perranuthnoe village
  • Concerns over planning application PA20 09130 – Parc an Praze – Demolition and Replacement of Existing Building in terms of the scale of the proposed replacement dwelling being too large and the design out of keeping with the local character of the village

03/20/03              Planning Applications and Relevant Matters

PA20/00890 & PA20/01463 – Replacement Roof Covering – Montaza Fore Street Goldsithney – Mrs H Brown

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council support the application for the replacement of the roof covering in principle and requests that Cornwall Council ensure that the materials are as close a match as possible in line with the recommendation of the WHS to protect the character of this very visible and  important building

PA20/00504 – Construction of new dormer bungalow within existing garden of White Gables with non compliance of condition 2 in relation to decision notice PA18/06456 – White Gables Johns Corner Rosudgeon – Mr Williams

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council opposes the application on the grounds that the existing consent was a satisfactory compromise achieved after consultation and the revised design adversely impacts on the privacy and amenity of neighbours.

PA20/01994 – Proposed Garden Structure to house replacement water tanks for existing borehole water supply and rainwater collection with solar panels for pump power and south west facing barbecue area.- Nanturras Farm Nanturras Goldsithney – Georgia Laycock and Jonathan Mount

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council oppose any development on this protected land  because of its outstanding landscape  within the WHS and its recognised role as a local green space

03/20/04              The following planning permissions were noted as being granted

PA19/10003 – Retention of Existing Ground Floor Extension, Loft Conversion And Associated Works.- Beechfield Red Lane Rosudgeon   – Mrs J Hertzum – Approved with conditions

PA19/08763 – Removal of Mobile Home and Outbuilding, Construction of Bungalow and Associated Works – Land Adj To Carneth Red Lane Rosudgeon – Mrs Z McKay Smith – Approved with conditions

PA19/09164 – Application for Approval of reserved matters in relation to decision notice PA18/00158 (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale).- Colenso Grove Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon – Mr And Mrs K Brown – Approved with conditions

03/20/05              The following planning permissions were noted as being refused


03/20/06              To consider other planning related matters –

PA19/03322 Pre application – Proposed residential development of up to 10 (No.) dwellings.- Land Adj. Sunningdale Trescowe Road Goldsithney –  Mr M Hicks And Ms J Goodchild – Advice given Closed

03/20/07              Councillors Reports:

Councillor Nicholas’

–              Confirmed that the speed advisory scheme on the A394 in Rosudgeon will be installed the first week of March 2020

–              Community Network Panel – meeting cancelled

Other Councillors’ reports noted the following

Cllr Griffiths

–              Noted ongoing concern about inconsiderate parking in Goldsithney, near junctions and on pavements

Cllr Collins

–              Requested an update on any possible areas identified for parking in Perranuthnoe

Cllr Moore

–              Reported on attending St Hilary PC and their continue opposition to the campsite in Nanturras.

–              He requested that given the difficult circumstances that if required the council be flexible with delegation and criteria on their requirements if approached for small grant to encourage community action to tackle social effects of the virus. This was agreed.

–              Virus issues- It was agreed if required that the current arrangements for time limited applications be utilised if formal meetings were not practical due to virus measures or illness. Cllrs Moore, Nicholas and Scobie would review, prepare recommendations and these would be circulated by the Clerk to gain councillors input. If necessary a vote for be taken on line.

Cllr Groves

–              Reported that in regard to rubbish on beach at Trevean and Trenow, A meeting with Highways was understood that this would happen in the immediate future

03/20/08              Minutes of the last meeting:


It was proposed and seconded that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th February 2020 be signed. This was agreed

03/20/09              Project/issues updates:

– The enforcement action and appeal at Trenow Lane – Enforcement appeal Trenow-Inspectors decision noted Cllr Nicholas confirmed that CC would be recommencing the process to seek removal of the caravan

– Traffic Regulation Orders in Perranuthnoe – Cllr Nicholas advised of change in personnel at CC dealing with this. It was noted that virus measures would make an easy meeting impossible

– Current status of PPC NDP – Cllr Moore reported this has been formally signed off by the Group this morning for submission and would be circulated to councillors when maps added

– Current status of CGR – Cllr Moore introduced a circulated report on CGR the contents on which were noted. It was agreed to proceed with Option 4 to request addition of 2 properties in Gears Lane to the CC recommendations but not to seek to press for the areas of land included in the original submission

– Removal of recycling bins in Prussia Cove Lane – this was noted and regretted by the council

03/20/10             Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

–              Clerk would send an update of any outstanding issues

03/20/11              Footpaths & Rights of Way:

Cllr Nicholas reported on the clearance work to footpath 14 by the Ramblers was progressing and illustrated how this would link in to Footpath 7 by steps. When completed these would be a major benefit to walkers

03/20/12              To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:


03/20/13              Date of next meeting:

TBC – scheduled for Monday 16th April 2020 in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney at 19.15 hours

03/20/14             Financial & Confidential Matters:

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 28th February 2020. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved.

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously

Vaughan Glover – March 2020 inspections & maintenance – £105.00

David Barlow – January & February 2020 salary

David Barlow – Reimbursement of PAYE – £396.80

Payroll direct – Payroll services February & March 2020 – £63.66

St Pirans Hall – Grass cutting 2019/20 – £1,000.00 (one off annual payment)

St Pirans Hall – PAT testing 2019/20 – £24.00

BT – Direct debit – charges to December 2019 – £55.08

Receipt schedule


The Meeting closed at 20.49pm