Monday 15th June 2020

Councillors present: A. Moore (Chairman), J Scobie, A Collins, S Nicholas, & G Griffiths

Visitors present:- 1 members of the public were present

06/20/01             Apologies for absence:

Cllrs Groves, Leo, Greenwood-Penny & Jago

06/20/02             Public Speaking Period:

Two principle issues were raised and discussed

  • Concern was raised about the speed and volume of traffic being associated with the redevelopment of Longcliffs in Perranuthnoe and the safety of pedestrians and users of the SW coast path. It was highlighted that a voluntary traffic management plan had been submitted and if there were concerns over the operation and details of the plan then Cornwall Council should be contacted
  • Trenow slip/cove – the slip access has been widened down to the beach and as a result parts of the hedge has been removed increasing the possibility of erosion and land slippage – this will be reported to CC coastal team for a visit

The member of the public left the meeting at 19.20pm

06/20/03             To note planning application considered under delegated authority and response for April 2020

The decisions were noted and acknowledged that they had been dealt with in accordance with the delegated authority

06/20/04             To note planning application considered under delegated authority and response for May 2020

The decisions were noted and acknowledged that they had been dealt with in accordance with the delegated authority

06/20/05             Planning Applications and Relevant Matters

PA20/01771 – Demolition of existing barns and construction of dwelling – Trevean Farmhouse Trevean Farm Rosudgeon – Mr Nigel Walker

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council strongly objects to this application for Planning Approval for this proposed new dwelling in the Cornwall A O N B.

The Parish Council would however consider supporting in principle a new single storied domestic building to be erected in the position shown on drawing 716/1D subject to all the existing buildings on the application site being removed and if the new building had a suitable design, external walls externally faced with local stone, a natural slate roof and doors, windows and landscaping all to be first approved by Cornwall Council. This could offer the opportunity for a better development and enhance this part of the AONB more than the previously proposed conversion which already has consent

PA20/03479 – Two dwellings and alterations to existing access – Land West Of Grove Cottage Red Lane Rosudgeon – Mr And Mrs S Smith

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council strongly objects to this application on the grounds that

– It is outside of the development boundaries of the Parish for both Rosudgeon and Perran Downs, which have been supported through several public consultations and the proposed development does not represent infill or rounding off in accordance with Policy 3 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010 to 2030.

– The proposal would lead to the loss of greenfield agricultural land which is part of a natural green break of significance to retaining the character of Red Lane. The development represents an undesirable extension and intrusion of the built form into the adjoining countryside to the detriment of the character and appearance of the countryside and World Heritage Site.

– There is no need for the development as the Parish is already well provided for in terms of undeveloped open market plots which already have consent

PA20/04120 – Proposed single storey extension – 13 St Petry Goldsithney – Mr And Mrs Woolcott

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council support this application on the basis that it should be strictly conditioned that it can only be utilised in conjunction with 13 St Petry and not let independently.

06/20/06             The following planning permissions were noted as being granted

PA20/02934 – Replacement of conservatory with single-storey rear & side extension –  Spindlewood  Well Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney – Mr & Mrs Morgan – Approved with conditions

06/20/07             The following planning permissions were noted as being refused


06/20/08             To consider other planning related matters

Pre application – PA20/00696 – Pre application advice for single storey dwelling – – Parc-anWest Red Lane Rosudgeon – Vanessa Brook – Closed advice given

06/20/09             Councillors Reports:

Councillor Nicholas’

–              2 cases of potential breaches pf planning regulations reported to CC

–              A complaint has been received and passed to CC regarding the condition and ease of access of the footpath at Well Lane

–              Buggy dumped on Perran Downs Lane has been reported with an action by CC to remove

–              Forthcoming sale by CC of Rosudgeon water tower by CC notified

Other Councillors’ reports noted the following

Cllr Griffiths

–              Noted the condition of footpath 1 which has been previously reported to CC

Cllr Scobie

–              Noted the condition of the two derelict properties on the northern side of the A394 and highlighted their deteriorating condition and increasing H&S risk. In addition suggested that the owner or owners of this property should be asked by Cornwall Council to indemnify that council against any loss or claim arising from this poor state of repair.

Cllr Collins

–              Raised concern regrading over the speed of traffic through Perranuthnoe  thought be associated with the Longcliffs development and in particular the road after the car park which forms part of the SW coast path – Clerk to contact Highways to investigate status of the road and potential solutions

Cllr Moore

–              Take the opportunity on behalf of the Parish Council to pass on a general message of gratitude to those involved in the tremendous community effort throughout the pandemic.

–              To recognise that at some future point when it is deemed appropriate to provide a level of financial support for events to thank residents for their efforts during the pandemic

Cllr Groves (via email)

–              Heavy traffic through the village.

–              Longcliffs demolition is already causing problems.  Very large vehicles travelling through the village at speed plus contractors parking their vehicles in the lane and refusing to let walkers through.

–              To move forward with as soon as the PC is able to

  1. Bus shelter in Perranuthnoe
  2. Parking in the village – arranging a county council meeting.
  3. Trenow caravan/caravans enforcement notice
  4. Appointment of a new councillor.

06/20/10             Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed and seconded that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th March 2020 be signed. This was agreed

06/20/11             Project/issues updates:

– The NDP has been finalised since the last meeting and is now on the website. The process for completing the Regulation 14 consultation was discussed with the following approach agreed

–  8 week consultation period to recognise the impact of not being able to hold public consultation meeting due to the pandemic

– website to be used to publicise and collate comments on the plan

– local information points to be used for siting of information posters on the plan and contact details for plan discussion and comment

– social media to be used for publishing the plan and links to the website

– note that a number of hard copies will be printed for residents who request a copy

03/20/12            Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

–              Consideration of funding request from St Pirans Hall Committee (Cllr Moore left the meeting).

A request has been received to reallocate part of the £2,000 funding agreed by the Council in December 2019 for repairs to the wind turbine to be utilised against essential electrical works in the hall. The situation was discussed and it was agreed unanimously that this be granted

(Cllr Moore re-joined the meeting)

–              Cormac have been in contact to say that the traffic calming option appraisal can now be carried out after the pandemic restrictions have been relaxed – a date for completion will be notified

–              Co=option of new Councillor – an application form has been received and it os proposed that an interview is held prior to the next Council meeting

–              A series of emails have been received regarding the car park and toilets in Perranuthnoe and the lease arrangements for 2020 and the re-tender position form April 2021. The Council have agreed that they are not in a position to take the contract on in the short term but wish to consider the opportunity after a full analysis of the risk factors of the lease from April 2021. A working group comprising of Cllr Scobie, Collins and Groves (subject to agreement) be set up to review this and report back

06/20/12             Footpaths & Rights of Way:

As previously noted footpath 1 is in poor condition and has been reported to CC

06/20/13             To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:


06/20/14             Date of next meeting:

Scheduled for Monday 20th July 2020 potentially to be held in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney at 19.00 hours if restrictions allow if not this will be held via Zoom

06/20/15             Financial & Confidential Matters:

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement for March April and May 2020. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved

Approval of section 1 & 2 of the 2020 AGAR return was recommended and approved unanimously subject to receipt of a satisfactory internal audit report which is due this week and will be circulated to Cllrs

The state of the current grass cutting contract was discussed and it was discussed and approved unanimously that this be extended for a period of 6 months due to pandemic restrictions and be tendered in September 2020

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously

David Barlow – March 2020 salary

David Barlow – Reimbursement of PAYE – £179.60

Payroll direct – Payroll services March 2020 – £31.83

St Pirans Hall – Room hire 2020/21 – £750.00

David Barlow – Reimbursement of expenses locks & postage – £53.17

BT – Direct debit – charges to April 2019 – £55.08

David Barlow – April 2020 salary

David Barlow – Reimbursement of PAYE – £23.60

CALC – annual subscription 2020/21 – £830.78

RoSPA – annual inspection – £94.80

Payroll direct – Payroll services April 2020 – £32.83

Payroll direct – Year end payroll services 2019/2020 – £62.00

David Barlow – Reimbursement of noticeboard purchase – £403.20

Vaughan Glover – March 2020 inspections (incl bus stops) – £110.00

BHIB – Annual insurance 2020/21 – £875.46

BT – Direct debit – charges to May 2019 – £55.08

SWWA – Direct debit – charges to April 2020 – £16.01

David Barlow – May 2020 salary

David Barlow – May 2020 reimbursement of PAYE – £59.60

David Barlow – Reimbursement of annual Zoom subscription – £143.88

Payroll direct – Payroll services May 2020 – £32.83

BT – Direct debit – charges to May 2019 – £59.45

Receipt schedule

Cornwall Council precept payment – £19,500.15

The Meeting closed at 20.56pm