Monday 15th July 2019

Item 1 Apologies for absence: Cllrs Leo & Strawson

Item 2 Public Speaking Period:

A member of the public spoke in support of his application PA19/04854 to demolish existing farm buildings and replace with new building providing offices and stores and to extend existing building and roof lights to provide a dental practice at Lynfield Farm Studios being a resubmission of previous application PA18/05450). Cllr Nicholas sought clarification on the proposed boundary on the eastern edge and also on the number of vehicles anticipated to be using the development. Cllr Groves questioned the level of the proposed ridge height/line in comparison with the existing building. Cllr Moore highlighted the submission by the AONB officer re concerns about the development affecting the character of the village. Cllr Scobie expressed concern over the level of parking provision in the application, the detrimental effect of additional vehicles in this area of the village and ensuring road safety at the proposed development

Item 3 Plans and Planning Matters

A PA19/04807 New dwelling using existing vehicular access way onto Red Lane (redesign of planning approval PA17/06896). Building plot, Red Lane, Rosudgeon. Dr J. Nicholas-Hope.

It was carried unanimously that the application be opposed on the following grounds:

  • it represents further damaging encroachment into open countryside and it would cause further damage to the World Heritage site which indicated that the area was part of a historic miner’s smallholding
  • the curtilage of the dwelling agreed on appeal is more than adequate for the dwelling’s existing consent as it the road access. The field access to the southern end of the site should not be used for vehicular access to the new dwelling
  • it aims to extend development further outside the settlement boundary which has been supported by local people as part of the consultations.

B. PA19/04357. Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval PA15/11524: residential development of 5 dwellings. Land adjacent to Stanhill, Rosudgeon. Mr. S. Neal, Barepta Cove Ltd

  • no Heritage Impact assessment has taken place and the new application seeks to extend development to the rear of the field adjacent to open fields and the proposed finishes indicated on the drawings are not in keeping.
  • If Cornwall Council are minded to approve the application the Parish Council requests that
  • the position of plot 4 is adjusted to ensure that no further development can be achieved either on the site or accessed through it.
  • that a pedestrian footway of adequate dimension is created prior to the occupancy of any of the dwellings behind the Cornish hedge
  • the materials used are high quality natural stone and slate

C. PA19/04854. Demolition of existing farm buildings and replacement with new building to provide offices and stores, extension to existing building to provide dental practice (resubmission of withdrawn application PA18/05450). Lynfield Farm Studios, Perran Lane, Perranuthnoe. Mr Jonathan Green

Cllr Groves declared an interest on this item and left the meeting

It was carried unanimously that the application should be supported in principle subject to the following

  • the parish council relies on Cornwall Council to ensure that the proposed car parking area associated with this application has enough car spaces to cope safely with vehicular use with entry and exit in forward gear. In calculating the number of
  • vehicle spaces needed in this area allowance must be made for present parking as well as the proposed new parking needs for business owners, their staff, customers and suppliers.
  • the access to the village lane from this car parking area must be cleared of all boundaries, produce stands, etc., to provide the maximum access and vision.
  • because of the importance of this site in this historic old village the main proposed new building should be built of natural local stone (or stone facing) with a natural slate roof. Also, the ridge height of this main proposed new building must not exceed the maximum roof height of the existing general purpose farm building that it replaces
  • all buildings and other structures to be demolished should be demolished and removed and the new gabion walls constructed before any new work begins

Cllr Groves re-joined the meeting after the conclusion of this item
D.PA19/04757 Application for tree works subject to a Tree Preservation Order: Pruning of Oak tree and Birch tree to a height of 20ft each. Jamara Grove Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Mrs Wendy Courchene

It was carried unanimously that the Parish Council in light of the lack of professional assessment with the application support the views of the Cornwall Councils Tree Officer

It was noted that the following planning permission had been granted

A PA19/04686 Miss Maria Wilkinson 3 Sunnyside Cottages North Road Goldsithney TR20 9JY Tree works within a Conservation Area: Removal of fungus infected 40ft tall eucalyptus tree. (Decided not to make a TPO (TCA apps)

It was noted that the following planning permission had been refused

A PA19/03377. Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Hall. An Skyber, Trebarvah Farm, Trebarvah Lane, Rosudgeon. Replacement balcony.
B PA18/08628 Land South Of Elton Cottage Belvedere Lane St Hilary Cornwall TR20 9DJ Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Construction of a Single Storey Retirement Bungalow and Associated Works – Appeal refused

The following planning related matters were noted

A PA19/01535 Pre-application advice for a replacement dwelling. Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon. Mr Philip Keller
B PA19/02032 The Cabin Café, Perranuthnoe, Local Council Protocol response
C PA19/01612 Land Off Primrose Hill Primrose Hill Goldsithney Cornwall TR20 9JR Pre application advice for residential development for up to 15 units with 50% affordable housing provision

Item 4 Councillors Reports:

4a Councillor Nicholas’ Report noted the following
– A meeting with Cornwall Council Highways & St Aubyns estate scheduled for this week to discuss the cycle/walk way
– Vehicular speed signs on the A394 at Rosudgeon will be installed after the summer highways work embargo and will show the speed and registration number of the vehicle. As an interim measure speed advsiory signs will be installed by 29/07/19

4b Other Councillors’ reports noted the following
Cllr Moore

  • Discussions had taken place in response to the Community Governance Review and a meeting of the West Penwith Community Network had been convened to cover the issue. A clear direction in realigning boundaries had been considered and initial discussions with Marazion Town Council taken place with agreement on adjustments affecting properties in Gears Lane which relate better to Goldsithney than either Marazion or St Hilary. The required expression of interest documentation will need to be completed and sent to Cornwall Council by 17/07/2019 and will be agreed by Cllr Moore and Cllr Nicholas and then sent to all Councillors

Cllr Scobie

  • The caravan at Trenow which is subject to enforcement action is still in situ with additional evidence of increased activity on the site. Suggest that a record of all previous enforcement actions is created by the Clerk to ensure that they are tracked and action more easily reported

Cllr Griffiths

  • Note the street name at Orchard Lane had fallen down and required re-fixing
  • Parish notice boards are now finished – the work and commitment by Cllr Griffiths was acknowledged by the Council
  • Consideration given to getting Parish Council signs for notice boards agreed and Clerk to organise
  • Nothing further from RNAS Culdrose on bench seats assistance

Cllr Groves

  • Proliferation of retail signs around the Parish has been noted
  • Traffic cones outside the new campsite on the road into Perranuthnoe had been noted
  • Use of 5 day emergency tree felling orders without reference to agreed Cornwall Council protocol to advise the Parish Council in advance of any work to be followed up
  • Citizen of the year vase had been purchased

Item 5 Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Jago that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th June 2019 be signed. This was unanimously approved.

Item 6 Matters brought forward from last meeting:

  • bus shelter in Perranuthnoe – meeting to be convened
  • email addresses for Councillors nearing completion
  • Ronnie Richards memorial plaque to be purchased for defibrillator and photo opportunity to be attended by Cllr Scobie if convenient

Item 7 Date of next meeting:

Monday 19th August 2019 in Goldsithney Village Hall (St. Piran’s Hall) at 1915 hours

Item 8 Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

  • Consultation on closure of telephone box on South Road , Goldsithney to formally object if not successful then consider community use
  • Training organised on 22/07/2019 at 2pm St Johns Hall for fly tipping, dog fouling and littering
  • Cornwall Council Street Trading Policy out for consultation responses back by 31/10/2019
  • Letter of thanks received from James Jacoby for retirement gift and all Councillors thanking him for his time and commitment to the Parish

Item 9 Footpaths & Rights of Way:

  • need to establish effective date of definitive map of footpaths and submit response
  • footpath adjacent to St Aubyns complaint that it is overgrown with responsibility to maintain shared by responsible landowners if not Cornwall Council will maintain and send an invoice for work done

Item 10 To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:

– Consideration of providing picnic tables at St Pirans Hall playground
– Co-option of new Councillors if request for election not received by 16/06/2019

Item 11 Financial & Confidential Matters:
a Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 28th June 2019. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved.

b.Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed by Cllr Jago that the items be passed for payment. This was seconded by Cllr Groves and carried unanimously

Payments Schedule

1. Mr. Gareth Griffiths. To reimburse notice board stationary £15.91
2. Genius Loci. Website work for May. £135.00
3. Vaughan Glover. Playground reports and work for May. £95.00
4. Clerk’s salary & sundry expenses for May
5. Payroll Direct. Invoice for PAYE and NI work. £31.83
6. Peter Thomas Grounds Care. Cutting in May.. Total £326.40
7. David Barlow. Reimbursement of office stationary/postage £66.44

Bank interest earned in May £2.54

The Meeting closed at 21.25pm hours