Monday 12th March 2018

Item 1  Apologies for absence: Cllrs Tremelling & Strawson

Item 2  Public Speaking Period: Mr. Kissling spoke in support, and explanation, of his planning application PA18/01262

Item 3 Plans and Planning Matters

a. PA18/01374. Non-material amendment to PA17/10699 (to provide a single storey side extension including a balcony incorporating the existing detached single garage) to amend existing garage to workshop/office. Fairwinds, Perranuthnoe. Mr. & Mrs. Giddens. The Parish Council notes that planning consent for this application was granted before the Parish Council had a chance to comment.

b. PA18/01592. Non material amendment application for PA17/05387 (Proposed alterations with roof extension and first floor balcony to flat roof, proposed boiler room and outbuilding to form garden room) Alterations to outbuilding to form garden room including: change of roof material from timber shingle to natural slate to match dwelling, change of external cladding from timber boarding to painted render to match dwelling, infill covered outdoor seating area, the inclusion of 4 number rooflights, one number window to South East elevation, and log burner with stainless steel flue. Trenow Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9NW. Mr & Mrs De Unger. The Parish Council notes that planning consent for this application was granted before the Parish Council had a chance to comment.

c. PA18/01262. Use of existing outbuilding for ancillary purposes. The Briars, Nanturras Way, Goldsithney. Mr. Sam Kissling. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Jago, that the application be opposed on the basis that it represents: 1. overdevelopment of the site 2. it is inappropriate in scale in a residential location 3. there is a lack of amenity for occupiers of the unit. This was carried unanimously, but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that Cllr Nicholas supports the motion on the basis of the information now available but reserving the right to change her decision at a later date if further information comes to light.

d. PA18/01700. Tree works. Land east of Nanturras Farm, Nanturras Parc, Goldsithney. Mr. Martin Westley. Before this was discussed, Cllr Griffiths declared a personal interest and left the room, not returning until the decision had been made. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Leo, that the following be posted on the planning website in respect of this application, namely, that the Parish Council supports the works on the basis that they are carried out in accordance with the Tree Officer’s recommendations only, that the Parish Council opposes work to Tree 8 and that, given this is a sensitive area of historic value, the Parish Council asks the Tree Officer to ensure that only the agreed works are carried out. This was carried unanimously, but subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider

e. PA18/00958. Construction of two affordable dwelling houses and one open market dwelling, associated works. Lane east of Rose Cottage, Well Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Mr. E. Grey. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Scobie, that the application be opposed on the grounds that it is not infill, it is an unacceptable extension into undeveloped countryside well removed from the existing build up area and unmistakable rural thereby harming its intrinsic character and beauty and this would conflict with policies 1, 3 and 7 of the Cornwall Local Plan and with the aims and intentions of paragraphs 7 and 17 of the National Planning Policy Framework. In addition, it is noted that the applicants’ viability assessment to prove the need for an open market home actual suggest the opposite that the open market home is not required. This was carried unanimously, subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider

f. PA18/01456. Conversion of existing redundant agricultural barn, reconstruction of dilapidated structure to form garage with annex and associated works. Land and buildings south of Trevean, Rosudgeon. Mr. & Mrs. Walker. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Griffiths, that the application be supported subject to the following alterations to the existing proposed plans and permanent conditions (a) the proposed existing building to be converted into a dwelling to be retained as a single detached dwelling with a natural slate roof over local stone externally finished walls. All windows and doors to be UPVC (b) the other existing building to the North East of the proposed dwelling to be demolished and replaced with a single storied double garage and integral study with a natural slate roof over natural timber coloured cladding and with UPVC windows and doors. This building to be permanently used with the above dwelling (c) the existing adjoining caravan to be removed within 18 months to a position that would be the subject of a future separate planning application. This was carried unanimously, but subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider.

g. PA18/01209. Non-material amendment (No. 1) for: the removal of the dormer windows and the adjustment of floor plans to units 10 and 11; the installation of air source heat pumps to the exterior of all dwellings; the replacement of timber windows with uPVC casement windows; the removal of the steps to the south of the site, and the provision of a footpath to allow pedestrian access to the site entrance from the east of the site; and slight adjustment to site levels to (PA14/07964) construction of 18 dwellings, including affordable housing provision, creation of an access, formation of estate road and footways and provision of attendant infrastructure. Land off Fore Street, Goldsithney. 3MS Construction. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Jago, that the application be supported. Carried unanimously, subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider.

h. Any others received by the time of the meeting on 12th March 2018

i. PA18/00217. Proposed 2 storey dwelling. Land east of the Old Carthouse, Trebarvah Lane, Trebarvah, Rosudgeon. Mr. & Mrs. Tucker. (This is a reconsideration of an earlier application). Before this was considered, Cllr Nicholas declared an interest, but for health reasons did not leave the room. However, she took no part in discussions and did not vote. It was proposed by Cllr Scobie, seconded by Cllr Jago, that the proposed changes were acceptable. Carried unanimously.

It was noted that the following planning permissions had been granted:

a. PA17/10573. Mr. C. Pascoe. Land south of Trevelyan, Red Lane, Rosudgeon. Extension of domestic curtilage to dwelling approved on decision PA15/05945 together with installation of 2m wooden boundary fence

b. PA17/06470. Mrs. H. Mason. Land north of Red Lane Farm, Perran Downs Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Demolition of existing barns and construction of two bungalows (previously approved PA16/08505)

c. PA17/08485. Ms D. Page. Dawn Cottage, Fore Street, Goldsithney. To replace the front two wooden sliding sash windows with PVC rosewood coloured sliding sash windows

d. PA17/12058. Mr. Bryan Rescorla. Perran Barton, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Erection of a dwelling, together with associated works.

And it was noted that no planning applications had been refused

Cllr Nicholas updated the Council on progress in respect of a couple of ongoing applications

The Council noted that the applicants of refused planning application PA17/0285 (Morlais, Access track to Wheal Jayne and Blueburrow Cottage, Perranuthnoe) had lodged a planning appeal. Cllr Groves tables two letters of objection. Cllr Moore stated that he felt the Parish Council should support Cornwall Council in its opposition to the appeal. It was agreed that Cllrs Moore and Scobie would draft a letter for the clerk to send, after it had been discussed with Cllr Groves.

Item 4 Councillors Reports: 4a  Councillor Nicholas’ Report

Cllr Nicholas reported:

  • The Community Network Panel meeting is on Thursday
  • Could the word be spread that there was training available for people who wished to take part in speed visor use
  • There was training for Event Traffic Management. Cllr Moore advised that he had told the Charter Fair and Christmas Lights Committee of this
  • She now has maps showing the positions of Dog Waste bins. These can be posted on the website.
  • The draft Traffic Regulation Orders are now ready, but the invoice charging for them is wrong.
  • The question of enforcement relating to the Caravans at Trenow is still on-going.
  • The Council agreed that it would be a good idea for Cllr John Keeling CC to be available to help the Parish Council with any appropriate matters during the periods that she is away this year.

4b Other Councillors

Cllr Moore reported that the water leak in South Road had been dealt with quickly, after he had reported it to South West Water.

4c Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Moore reported that (a) he had spoken with Kath Statham, who is progressing her work, although it has been delayed because of the weather but she should get it done before the end of the financial year (b) CRCC work will not be completed before the end of the Financial Year and (c) because of this, he will go back to the Locality/Groundworks organisation from which the Grant came (d) there will be a meeting with James Evans and the Steering Group before the end of the month.

Item 5 Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed by Cllr Griffiths and seconded by Cllr Leo that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th February 2018 be signed. This was unanimously approved.

Item 6 Matters brought forward from last meeting:

a. Parish Office. Cllrs Moore and Griffiths have met in the proposed office and identified things that need to be done. Cllr Moore has applied for a Grant from Cllr Nicholas’ Cornwall Councillor Community Chest fund, on behalf of the Village Hall committee. Cllrs Griffiths, Moore and Nicholas and the clerk agreed to meet at the room at 09.00 hours on 19th March.

b. Parish Seats. (1) After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Jago, seconded by Cllr Scobie and carried unanimously, that a Galson “Phoenix” seat be obtained. This will be ordered when Cllr Griffiths has arranged for a person to install it to be available (because a hammer drill and generator will be required) (2) after discussion it was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Griffiths and carried unanimously, that Mr. Glover’s £1,000 quote for repairs to seats be accepted, but that Bench 2 be left in abeyance pending a decision on whether to repair or replace it.

c. Caravans at Trenow. This has been dealt with elsewhere.

d. AONB funding. It was agreed that Cllr Scobie should draft a letter that the Parish Council could send.

e. Plastic Plan. In the absence of Cllr Tremelling, it was decided to defer further consideration of this.

f. Polkinghorne Mine. Cllr Groves read out a letter from Cornwall Council to the effect that it considers that the breach of planning control is, in the light of Central Government guidelines, insufficiently important to pursue with Enforcement action.

Item 7 Date of next meeting:

Monday 9th April 2018 in Goldsithney Village Hall (St. Piran’s Hall) at 1915 hours

Item 8 Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

a. Surfers Against Sewage Beach Clean. This was noted. It was also noted that they had been informed that the Parish Council did not manage the waste and that it was up to them to organise with Cornwall Council the disposal of waste collected.

b. West Penwith Community Network Panel. This was dealt with elsewhere

c. JEB Supplies Ltd quote for lock. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Jago and carried unanimously, that the quote be accepted and the lock (to be delivered to Cllr Griffiths) be ordered.

d. Cornwall Council. Nothing to report.

Item 9 Footpaths & Rights of Way: Cllr Griffiths reported

  • that there had been complaints about Footpath 1, but as it was not part of the Council’s LMP or SWCP contract, he had passed the complaints to CORMAC
  • he had had discussions with a proposed contractor about yardage of paths. The clerk was asked to send him the schedules with these duly marked.
  • it had not yet been possible to accept the LMP and SWCP offers as the Council did not yet have a contractor. The clerk reported that one envelope had been received with a tender.

Item 10 To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:

a. Emergency Plan
b. Caravans at Trenow
c. Grass Cutting at St. Piran’s Hall

Item 11 Financial & Confidential Matters:

a. Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 8th March 2018. This having previously been circulated was noted and approved.

b. Consider the suspension (between now and 31st March 2018) of Financial Regulation 5.3 to enable the Parish Council to satisfy the Neighbourhood Plan Grant conditions, by permitting the signing of cheques outside Council meetings. It was proposed by Cllr Moore that this financial regulation be suspended accordingly. This was seconded by Cllr Jago and carried unanimously.

c. Review of effectiveness of Internal Controls. The review paper prepared by the Clerk having previously been circulated, it was agreed that the controls were adequate.

d. Review payments by Direct Debit (South West Water and the Information Commissioner). The Council felt these were appropriate and should continue.

e. Co-option. The Council, having met with Mr. Taylor prior to the meeting unanimously resolved, on the proposal of Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Scobie, that he be co-opted to fill the vacant seat.

f. Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Scobie and carried unanimously, that all the items be passed for payment.

Payments Schedule

1. Trevenna Cross Nurseries and Garden Centre. Christmas Trees for Perranuthnoe & Goldsithney. Section 137 payment Minute 4b of 11th September 2017. £183.33. VAT £36.67. Total £220.00
2. Vaughan Glover. Playground inspection and painting work. £255.00
3. Mrs. A. Beard. Bus shelter cleaning. £48.00
4. Clerk’s salary for February
5. Payroll Direct. Invoice for PAYE and NI work. £31.83
6. James Evans. Neighbourhood Planning work. £2,500.00

The Meeting closed at 21.41 hours