Monday 11th June 2018

Item 1 Apologies for absence: Cllrs Griffiths, Groves, Scobie & Taylor

Item 2 Public Speaking Period:

Mrs. Johnson asked about having Yellow Lines in South Road, and also about difficulties with parked vehicles. Cllr Moore said that Yellow Lines for South Road weren’t on the current Traffic Regulation Order that would shortly be going out for public consultation. Cllr Nicholas gave advice concerning obstruction and the parked vehicles.

Mrs. Troon raised a query concerning Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) on properties. Cllr Nicholas explained the situation and mentioned that it was possible to ask for a TPO to be applied to individual trees

Mr. Patching asked a question concerning his e-mail relating to the Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Moore responded and assured Mr. Patching that he had seen the e-mail and the issue would be reviewed by the council.

Item 3 Plans and Planning Matters

a. PA18/04018. Fell 1 Sycamore sapling. Jamaras, Grove Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Mr. Van Elvin Courchene. It was proposed by Cllr Jago that the Parish Council supports the view of the Council’s tree officer. This was seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that Cllr Nicholas supports the motion on the basis of the information now available but reserving the right to change her decision at a later date if further information comes to light.

b. PA18/04307. Outline planning permission with some matters reserved: residential development. Land north of Colenso Grove, Perran Downs Lane, Rosudgeon. Penmellyn Developments Ltd. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Tremelling and carried unanimously (subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider) that the Parish Council strongly object to the proposal on the grounds that: – (a) The proposal is contrary to the NPPF, Cornwall Local Plan Policies, Policies C6 & C7 of the adopted WHS Management Plan 2013-2018 and the adopted WHS SPD 2017 (b)

This application is an unjustified incursion into open countryside and would be damaging to the important landscape (c) It is outside the settlement boundaries of the Parish which have been subject to and supported by local consultation (d) It would be damaging to the area’s World Heritage status in general by introducing a suburban form of development out of character with the area and specifically by developing on a site with known world heritage value (e) The Parish has no further requirement for open market housing and this proposal does not propose to meet the unmet need for affordable housing to rent.

c. PA18/02200. Proposed surf hire building. Land north of the Cabin, Perran Lane, Perranuthnoe. Mr. R. Tuyrrell. It was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Jago and carried by 5 votes in favour and with 1 abstention (but subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider) that the application be opposed because of (a) its position in a very sensitive part of the AONB (b) the building is out of character (c) the disposal of run-off water is an on-going concern (d) the increase in traffic in this intensely used part of

Perranuthnoe will exacerbate the existing traffic problems (e) the beach itself does not have the capacity to accommodate the extra use by these surfers that would be generated.

d. Any others received by the time of the meeting on 11th June 2018

e. PA18/04939. Sweet Chestnut (T1) – fell because the tree is in very poor condition with extensive dieback. Please see photographs showing lack of foliage in comparison to the other sweet chestnut trees in our garden. Pen-an-Gelly, Grove Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Mr. Townsend. It was proposed by Cllr Moore that the Parish Council supports the view of Cornwall Council’s tree officer and that, if permission is granted, a condition be imposed requiring replanting under paragraph 206 of the NPPF. This was seconded by Cllr Jago and carried unanimously, subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider

f. PA18/04842. Replace existing flat roof and raise by 400mm. Sun Cottage, Fore Street, Goldsithney. Ms Pearce. It was proposed by Cllr Moore that the application be supported subject to the public right of way being maintained. This was seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously, subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider

g. PA18/05018. Works to Common Beech and 3 Turkey Oak trees. Cleswyth, Grove Lane, Perran Downs. Mr. R. Lawson. It was proposed by Cllr Jago, seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously (but subject to Cllr Nicholas’ Rider) that the Parish Council supports the view of Cornwall Council’s tree officer.

It was noted that the following planning permissions had been granted:

a. PA18/00544. Mr. M. Somers. Longthornes, Gears Lane, Goldsithney. Demolition of existing stable block and construction of sustainable dwelling house and associated works

b. PA17/07197. Mrs. Helen Jose. Land east of Woodlands, Trescowe Road, Goldsithney. Construction of detached dwelling and garage and detached bungalow.

c. PA17/11870. Mrs. Katri Livonen-Gray. The Old Garage Workshops, The Stores, Fore Street, Goldsithney. Change of use of former garage workshops to (B2) workshop including installation of new trifold firedoors in front of existing right-hand roller shutter. Part retrospective.

d. PA18/02954. Mr. & Mrs. Deunger. Trenow, Boat Cove Lane, Perranuthnoe. Proposed garden room/office/studio used for the purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house.

e. PA18/03015. Miss Alison Green. Church Farm House, Road from Perran Lane to Boat Cove, Perranuthnoe. Replacement windows

f. PA18/03138. Mr. & Mrs. David Szlitkus. 7 Chiverton Way, Rosudgeon. Single storey extension to dwelling.

g. PA18/03629. Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson Coyle. 2 Chiverton Way, Rosudgeon. Single storey extensions to rear, side and front elevations. Increase existing drive.

And that the following planning applications had been refused

PA18/01650. Miss Kensa Trevorrow. Land adj to Landvue, Rosudgeon. Outline planning application with all matters reserved: erection of residential dwelling and associated works (Refused)

PA18/03082. Mr. & Mrs. B. Rescorla. Land SE Perran Barton, Perran Downs, Goldsithney. Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved: erection of a dwelling (Refused)

And that the following Planning Appeal had been allowed:

APP/D0840/W17/3190815. Morlais, Perranuthnoe

Item 4 Councillors Reports:

4a Councillor Nicholas’ Report

Cllr Nicholas mentioned:

• Tree cutting. She reminded members that trees shouldn’t be cut during the nesting season and for the need to obtain planning permission where trees were subject to a TPO

• Bonfires. These can be reported where they constitute a nuisance.

• Traffic. Cllr Nicholas updated the Council on action she had taken concerning cars without MOTs and “SORNed” cars that were being driven.

• Boundary Commission. The Boundary Commission had recommended the reduction of the number of Cornwall Councillors to 87 and that the Marazion Division would, from the next election, include Long Rock and St. Erth.

• Complaints. There is a useful “Report it” section on the Cornwall Council website with a drop-down menu that should be used. Cllr Moore said that, henceforth, if there are Enforcement issues to be raised, the clerk should log them on line after the matter had been brought before the Council.

• Henfor roundabout. This will shortly be planted.

4b Other Councillors’ Reports

Cllr Jago raised his concern about traffic in Fore Street, Goldsithney. He is worried that someone will be killed in due course and that there really needs to be a crossing.

Cllr Tremelling:

• Reported that he and Cllr Griffiths met at the playground. The bridge of the multi-tower is rusting from the inside out and that he had contacted the manufacturers who have made replacements and sent them to South West Play

• Advised the Council that he had replaced the broken sign. He passed Multesign’s invoice to the clerk.

• Enquired how the Council was addressing GDPR. He was updated on this.

• Citizen of the Year award. It was agreed that this should be undertaken again this year. Cllr Tremelling will get the forms out and post on social media.

Cllr Leo confirmed that the “Report it” section of Cornwall Council’s website worked efficiently

Cllr Strawson reported on the meeting she, Cllrs Nicholas and Scobie had had with officers of the Village Hall committee.

4c Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Moore reported that progress had been delayed by the Character Assessment work, but that this had now been done. It is hoped that the draft report will be ready by the end of the month after which Cllr Moore will circulate it. It will then be considered by the Steering Group after which it will go for Public Consultation.

Item 5 Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed by Cllr Jago and seconded by Cllr Strawson that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th May 2018 be signed. This was unanimously approved.

Item 6 Matters brought forward from last meeting:

(a) Name for the Daffodil Field development. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Moore, seconded by Cllr Strawson and carried unanimously that the name should be “Daffodil Fields”.

(b) Plastic Plan. Cllr Tremelling proposed that the Council should no longer use the plastic envelopes that the clerk uses to send out the agendas. This was seconded by Cllr Leo. The clerk pointed out that these were free (and explained how they had come into his possession) and that if the Council adopted this, he would either use them for other things, or throw them away. Cllr Jago proposed that, instead, the existing stock be used up but no more be acquired. This proposal, being the second, was then put to the vote and carried by 4 votes in favour with 2 against.

Cllr Tremelling suggested that there should be a meeting of local businesses to see how they could help. Cllr Moore proposed that a small group of Councillors should meet to put together a paper to send to businesses within the Parish. It was agreed that Cllrs Moore, Groves, Strawson and Tremelling will do this, with Cllr Nicholas being an ex officio member. The result of their deliberations will be brought before the Council before any further action is taken.

(c) [From meeting of 9th April, Minute 6d] Grant to St. Piran’s Hall. Before this was discussed, Cllr Moore declared an interest and left the room, not returning until the matter had been decided. Cllr Strawson chaired this item of the meeting. It was then proposed by Cllr Strawson seconded by Cllr Jago and resolved that in pursuance of the power conferred by section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of this section and is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure, the Council approves the payment to St. Piran’s Hall of £1,900.00.

The clerk reminded the Council that at the meeting with the Village Hall Committee’s officers, the Councillors attending thought it a good idea to constitute a “Projects Subcommittee. This will be discussed under the Confidential section, when discussing the Internal Auditor’s report.

Item 7 Date of next meeting:

Monday 9th July 2018 in Goldsithney Village Hall (St. Piran’s Hall) at 1915 hours

Item 8 Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

(a) Receive and approve Vaughan Glover’s Playground reports for May and update on corrosion on the Multiplay tower. Mr. Glover’s reports having been circulated previously were duly noted. The corrosion matter has been dealt with earlier

(b) West Penwith Community Network Panel. Nothing to report.

Item 9 Footpaths & Rights of Way:

Cllr Moore informed the Council of Cllr Griffiths’ e-mail. The clerk was instructed to write to Cormac to thank them for their speedy and efficient response and action.

Item 10 To receive advance notice of items for the next meeting’s Agenda:

(a) Plan for St. Piran’s Hall
(b) Citizen Award
(c) Planters in Villages

Item 11 Financial & Confidential Matters:

a. Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement as at 5th June 2018. This having been previously circulated, was noted and approved.

b. Receive and approve

i. Section 1 “Annual Governance Statement 2017/18” of Annual Return. It was unanimously resolved (on the proposal of Cllr Strawson, seconded by Cllr Nicholas) that this be approved

ii. Section 2 “Accounting Statements 2017/18” of Annual Return. On the proposal of Cllr Strawson, seconded by Cllr Leo, it was unanimously resolved that these be approved.

iii. Hudson Accounting’s Internal Audit Report dated 20th May 2018. The Council agreed to constitute a subcommittee to consider the Internal Auditor’s report and to consider Projects to which reserves should be earmarked. Cllrs Moore, Strawson Nicholas and Tremelling agreed to serve.

c. Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed by Cllr Strawson, seconded by Cllr Moore, that the items be passed for payment

Payments Schedule

1. Mrs. A. Beard. Bus shelter cleaning. £48.00

2. Hudson Accounting Ltd. Internal Audit. £225.00

3. Vaughan Glover. Refurbishment of benches 6 & 7 at Maen-du Point. £200.00, playground report and work £110.00. Refurbishment of bench at Perran Beach slipway £100.00 Total £410.00

4. Genius Loci. Website work (Minutes and Annual Report). £60.00

5. Peter Thomas Grounds Care. May’s cuttings. £241.00. VAT £48.20. Total £289.20

6. Clerk’s salary for May

7. HMRC (PAYE on clerk’s salary)

8. Payroll Direct. Invoice for PAYE and NI work. £31.83

9. BT (by Direct Debit). Telephone line installation and rental charges. £157.33. VAT £31.47. Total £188.80

The Meeting closed at 20.47 hours