Thursday 21st August 2020

Councillors present: A. Moore (Chairman), J Scobie, A Collins, Y Groves, J Jago, G Griffiths, R Greenwood-Penny, D Sharp & C Leo (joined 20.15pm)

Visitors present:- Sophie Van Der Meeren & Margaret Trevorrow

08/20/01             Election of Chairman of Perranuthnoe Parish Council

The resignation of Cllr Moore had been previously received and nominations were sought for a replacement Chairman. Cllr Nicholas, although not present at the meeting, had previously notified Cllrs that she was prepared to stand as Chairman. It was therefore proposed and carried unanimously that Cllr Nicholas be elected as Chairman of the Parish Council. The issue of the subsequent vacancy for Vice Chairman was raised and agreed that this would be put on the agenda for the September 2020 meeting

As Cllr Moore had resigned as Chairman and there being no Vice Chairman , Cllr Collins agreed to act as Chairman for the meeting

08/20/02             Apologies for absence: Cllr Nicholas

08/20/03             Public Speaking Period:

2 members of the public were virtually present at the meeting

Sophie Van Der Meeren spoke on the following

Three main points were made by the member of public who spoke at the meeting

  • Concern was again raised over the planning application PA19/11124 at Trebarvah, Perranuthnoe in terms of the height, design, impact in AONB, WHS impact and concern over positioning of proposed building to that in outline planning consent
  • Concern over potential impact of any development of Rosudgeon water tower and visual impact of this
  • Consultation concerning the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site have been issued and an apparent omission is the protection for Cornish hedges and maintenance of the small field character with a request that a submission be made by the Parish Council to respond to this point

08/20/04             Planning Applications and Relevant Matters

PA20/04530 – Replacement of existing domestic garage with self-contained granny annex and extended porch to main house – Elton Cottage Belvedere Lane St Hilary – Mr & Mrs Seager

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Parish Council objects to the proposal on the grounds that the development would lead to inappropriate and significant development off a rural lane where its size and style would not be in character .The Parish Council would be minded   to supportive to a more modest annex as extension to Elton Cottage (if this could be designed in keeping with the character of the lane) on the basis that the annex would only be occupied in conjunction with Elton Cottage

PA20/05449 – Application for tree works subject to a TPO: Fell of dying Sweet Chestnut T1 and removal of dead wood from Sweet Chestnut T2 – Rylands Grove Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney – Mr John Tither

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that the Parish Council support the views of the Cornwall Council Tree Officer

PA20/04998 – Approval of all reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) Erection of a new residential dwelling and associated works (allowed by Appeal APP/D0840/W/18/3215401).- Land Adj To Landvue Rosudgeon – Miss Kensa Trevorrow

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that the Parish Council support the application subject to the following

– that for the dwelling all external walls should be externally faced with local stone and the roof covered with natural slate all to be first approved in detail by Cornwall Council

– for all the landscaping to be first approved by Cornwall Council

– Cornwall Council Highways to look closely at the proposed accesses on safety grounds and also to ensure that it does not encourage or facilitate further development on land outside the NDP development boundary

PA19/11124 – Erection of one dwelling together with associated works and temporary stationing of a caravan during construction – Land And Buildings East Of The Old Carthouse Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe – Mr And Mrs S Firth

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Parish Council strongly objects to the proposal on the following grounds

– this application does not follow all the advice from, and policy of, the Cornwall AONB,

– the proposed buildings are wrongly not restricted to the area approved for building in the Outline Planning Permission given for the plot,

– the footprint, ridge heights and mass of this proposed house are overbearing for, and reduces the amenity of, the neighbouring houses (especially ‘The Old Potato Barn’ and ‘Seascapes’) and the ridge height of this proposed prominent house needs to be  significantly reduced so that the roof top levels of this group of houses run downhill with the fall of the land  from the South East to the North West,

– the maximum level of the ridge of the proposed house should be significantly lower than the maximum level of the ridge of ‘Seascapes’,

– the details of the materials used for the exterior of the roof and walls should be clearly specified and be appropriate and sympathetic to the original adjoining traditional local domestic and agricultural buildings and the Cornwall AONB policy,

– all glass used for balustrades or large windows should be non-reflective and details of the design and materials to be used should first be approved by Cornwall Council,

– the adjoining and nearby footpaths must not be interfered with during the construction period and the parking area used by walkers should not be used for construction related traffic and activities,

– we do not approve of the large temporary caravan on this restricted site especially without time and use restrictions.

PA20/05617 – Erection of a Dwelling and New Vehicular Access.- Land Adj To Parc An West Red Lane Rosudgeon – V Brooks

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Parish Council objects to the proposal on the grounds that the site is outside of the settlements of both Perran Downs and Rosudgeon which have been supported following extensive consultation and is not infill or rounding off and would be development in open countryside, contrary to the Cornwall Local Plan and the Perranuthnoe NDP which is at an  advanced stage

PA20/01771 – Demolition of existing barns and construction of dwelling – Trevean Farmhouse Trevean Farm Rosudgeon – Mr Nigel Walker

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Parish Council support the proposal subject to

–              the external walls being all externally faced with local stone and that landscaping must be first approved by Cornwall Council

–              the applicant removing all existing buildings prior to commencement of the development

PA20/06602 – Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order namely: Fell Sycamore over hanging outhouse. Reduce Beech branches over hanging fence back to boundary. Remove large Sycamore limb over hanging 2 neighbouring fences – Gwel An Koos 2 Trevelyan Grove Goldsithney – Mr Jacobs

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Parish Council strongly objects to the proposal on the grounds that the works to the trees is unnecessary and would damage the integrity of the Trevelyan Plantation

08/20/05             The following planning permissions were noted as being granted with conditions

PA20/04120 – Proposed single storey extension.- 13 St Petry Goldsithney – Mr And Mrs Woolcott

PA20/04702 – Single Storey Rear Extension.- 8 Chiverton Way Rosudgeon – Mr And Mrs Laity

08/20/06             The following planning permissions were noted as being refused


08/20/07             To consider other planning related matters – to note the following

Pre application – PA20/01355 – Pre application advice for laying a concrete foundation in order to site a wooden shed with dual pitched roof for the siting/storage of gardening equipment – Land Off Perran Downs Lane Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon – Ms S K Ryder Richardson – Closed Advice Given

Pre application – PA20/01425 – Pre application advice for change of use of property to residential and conversion of the water tower to dwelling house – Rosudgeon Watertower Dola Lane Rosudgeon – Michael Pater

08/20/08             Councillors Reports:

Other Councillors’ reports noted the following

Cllr Moore

–              St Piran’s Hall main hall has been redecorated and floor revarnished by volunteers. It is expected to be opening to the public shortly but with challenges and diminished capacity due to C19 restrictions and safety considerations

–              Concern over the volume of traffic passing through Goldsithney village in the last two weeks

Cllr Scobie

–              Request to write formally to CC on condition of the two derelict properties on the northern side of the A394

–              The ongoing Issues of caravans and ancillary buildings at Trenow Cove Lane, Perranuthnoe and the current position in terms of enforcement action by CC

Cllr Griffiths

–              The issue of parking on Fore Street and more generally in Goldsithney was discussed

–              The issue of a potential vehicle repair business being carried out on a public highway

Cllr Groves

–              Raised the issue of parking in Perranuthnoe

–              The ongoing Issues of caravans and ancillary buildings at Trenow Cove Lane, Perranuthnoe

08/20/10             Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed and seconded that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th June 2020 be signed with one minor amendment. This was agreed

08/20/11             Project/issues updates:

– The NDP is out for Regulation 14 consultation and is widely being publicised with all means of commenting on the plan signposted with a steady rate of response currently being experienced

– A number of projects would be covered in correspondence section

08/20/12            Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

–              Cornish Mining World Heritage Site consultation document received

–              CC Highways have requested date to meet Cllrs to walk through on road parking issues and proposals in Perranuthnoe

–              CC Highways have the traffic calming feasibility report for Goldsithney village in train and an update will be provided at a future meeting

–              IMLT grants from proceeds of crime document received and noted that limited application for the PC

–              Significant correspondence from many parties on the continued closure of the public toilets in Perranuthnoe and the ongoing dialogue with CC – the facilities have now been open for the past two weeks following the negotiations with CC, Cllr Nicholas and James Hardy and that a sub group of the PC are dealing with it to report back to the full PC.

–              Significant correspondence from residents on the incidence of caravans, camping and ancillary structures on several parcels of land on Trenow Cove Lane / Trenow Quarry where the PC has been cc in on enforcement requests

–              A webinar and slides on the new Planning regulations has been circulated to Cllrs

08/20/13             Footpaths & Rights of Way:


Increased incidence noted of cycles and horses on the South West footpath with confirmation that this path should be solely for the use of walkers

It was reported that the Ramblers were continuing to work on footpath 7 and 14

08/20/14             Date of next meeting:

Scheduled for Thursday 17th September 2020 potentially to be held in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney at 19.00 hours if restrictions allow if not this will be held via Zoom

08/20/15             Items for next meeting:

–              Perranuthnoe car park & toilets

–              Bus shelter in Perranuthnoe

–              Recommendation for donation to Poppy Appeal – RBL

–              Two derelict properties on A394

–              Enforcement action update Trenow Cove Lane

The remaining member of the public left the virtual meeting at this point

08/20/16             Financial & Confidential Matters:

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement for July 2020. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously

David Barlow – July 2020 salary

David Barlow – Reimbursement of PAYE – £198.40

Payroll direct – Payroll services July 2020 – £32.83

Headland printers – NDP print – £1,012.00

Headland printers – NDP posters – £66.00

Peter Thomas Ground Care – July grass cutting etc – £463.20

Vaughan Glover – inspections, repairs and playground maintenance – £363.00

BT – Direct debit – charges to July 2020 – £61.20

Receipt schedule

Cornwall Council grant (St Pirans Hall notice boards) – £460.00


The Meeting closed at 21.07 pm