Thursday 20th July 2020

Councillors present: A. Moore (Chairman), J Scobie, A Collins, S Nicholas, Y Groves, J Jago, & G Griffiths

Visitors present:- 4 members of the public were present


07/20/01             Apologies for absence:

Cllr Leo


07/20/02             Public Speaking Period:

4 members of the public were virtually present at the meeting

The principle issue raised by three members of the public were that of planning application PA20/01930 – Parc-an-Praze, Perranuthnoe. The summary of the points made all of which opposed the application were on the grounds that the proposed application was

  • Too large in terms of both increase in footprint but also in volume and therefore inappropriate in the location
  • Of a poor design and considered to be ill judged and unsympathetic to the environment in which the proposed development is situated
  • The comments of the AONB have not been met and there is no reference to the sustainability, dark sky impact and impact on the locality through the demolition and rebuilding time period

In addition the following points were raised on separate matters

  • Potential for funds to be available to open up the toilets in Perranuthnoe (the situation regarding the freehold ownership (CC) and the contractual arrangement with a third party to run the car park and the toilet were outside of the control of the Parish Council. The issue had been raised by Cllr Nicholas to try to ensure that the lessee opened the toilet but apparently this was waiting on an electrical check after the Covid lockdown)
  • Hardship fund available for residents affected by Covid 19 was available
  • Enforcement of the current parking regulations in Perranuthnoe village needed to be greater
  • The issue of caravans on Trenow Lane and the current state of the enforcement action being taken against third parties


07/20/03             Planning Applications and Relevant Matters

PA20/01930 – The demolition of an existing dormer bungalow and the construction of a replacement dwelling – Parc An Praze St Pirans Way Perranuthnoe – Mrs Kathleen Filmer

It was proposed and seconded and carried with one abstention but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that Parish Council objects to the revised application but would be minded to view the application in a more positive light if the remaining concerns were addressed and specifically there were the following conditions:-

– a removal of Permitted Development Rights,

– the permanent exclusion of external lighting on the site and

– a reduction of glazing on the South and Western Elevations and on the roof of the new building

– the requirement for the sympathetic use of materials in keeping with the character of the village

3 members of the public left the virtual meeting at this point

PA20/04079 – Single storey new dwelling – Land Adjacent To The Plantation Grove Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney – M Hodges

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the that the Parish Council object to the application on the grounds that it would cause substantial harm to the Trevelyan Plantation TPO area and extend development into the countryside.

PA20/04702 – Single Storey Rear Extension. – 8 Chiverton Way Rosudgeon – Mr And Mrs Laity

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously but with the rider (“Cllr Nicholas’ Rider”) that the Parish Council support the application subject to the finishing materials matching the existing bungalow


07/20/04             The following planning permissions were noted as being granted with conditions

PA20/02040 – Variation of condition 1 in relation to decision notice PA16/07294 (Construction of two open market dwellings and associated works) to include design changes to one dwelling.- Trescowe Lodge Trescowe Goldsithney – Mr And Mrs Earp

PA20/02615 – Application for approval of reserved matters following Outline Approval PA19/04357: Residential Development of 5 Dwellings with variation of condition 1  – Land Adjacent Stanhill Rosudgeon – Mr S Neal Barepta Cove

PA20/01966 – Non material amendment to decision PA18/02200 for amendments to doors/windows.- Land North Of The Cabin Perran Lane Perranuthnoe – Mr R Tuyrrell

PA19/09259 – Change of Use of a section of field for equine purposes and double timber shelter for horses. The proposed shelter measures 7.315m by 3.657m – The Beach House (formerly Known As Bosca) Perranuthnoe – C/O TLT LLP

PA20/04408 – Non material amendment to PA17/07197 dated 11.05.2018 for relocation of both properties north by 2 metres – Land E Of Woodlands Trescowe Road Goldsithney – Mrs Helen Jose

PA20/02830 – Proposed redesign of dwelling previously approved under PA15/03980 and PA16/08065 –  Land West Of Rosebud Cottage Red Lane Rosudgeon – Mr And Mrs M Sainsbury


07/20/05             The following planning permissions were noted as being refused



07/20/06             To consider other planning related matters – to note the following

Pre application – PA20/01355 – Pre application advice for laying a concrete foundation in order to site a wooden shed with dual pitched roof for the siting/storage of gardening equipment – Land Off Perran Downs Lane Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon – Ms S K Ryder Richardson


07/20/07             Councillors Reports:

Councillor Nicholas’

–              CC currently ramping up services after lockdown

–              The opening and operation of public toilets is causing significant issues and problems across the county

–              Significant increase in the incidence of wild camping

–              Planning phase & preparations for potential future local lockdowns is completed

–              Concern about the impact on issues surrounding financial impacts coming out of Covid 19 lockdown

–              Issue of rural crime and police response have been discussed

–              Currently 14 enforcement actions are active within the Parish

Other Councillors’ reports noted the following

Cllr Griffiths

–              The issue of parking in front of the house next to the post office in Goldsithney was discussed

Cllr Scobie

–              Noted again the condition of the two derelict properties on the northern side of the A394 and highlighted their deteriorating condition and increasing H&S risk and requested a progress report from CC enforcement team.

Cllr Collins

–              Raised concern regrading the amount of vans parked overnight in the layby on the A394 Perranuthnoe side and the amount of waste that was left there. It was clarified that this was a maximum 6 hour waiting period and therefore after this length of time it became an enforcement issue

Cllr Groves

–              Raised the issue of parking in Perranuthnoe

–              The issue of the opening and future running of the toilets/car park in Perranuthnoe was raised

–              The progress with the proposed bench for the bus shelter in Perranuthnoe was discussed


07/20/08             Minutes of the last meeting:

It was proposed and seconded that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th June 2020 be signed. This was agreed


07/20/09             Co-option of Councillor to fill vacant position

After discussion, it was It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that David Sharp be co-opted onto the Parish Council in time for the August 2020 meeting


07/20/10             Project/issues updates:

– The NDP is out for Regulation 14 consultation and is widely being publicised with all means of commenting on the plan signposted

– 50 hard copies of the document will be ready for distribution to all Councillors and residents who request a copy tomorrow

– The email received regarding a change in the proposed boundary will be dealt with through the consultation exercise and the resident will be sent a feedback form to fill in so that this may be logged


07/20/11            Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:

–              A request has been received to carry out works to a tree on Well Lane – this has been viewed by Cllr Griffiths and it was agreed that work would be carried out in accordance with CC tree officer recommendations

–              The playground at St Pirans Hall is now open and being thoroughly cleaned twice a week – additional C19 signage will be going up this week

–              The email circulated to Councillors regrading the recent planning application at Trevean Farm was discussed and agreed that the Clerk would respond

–              A grant request from Goldsithney events group had been received and it was agreed in principle to financially support an event in both Goldsithney and Perranuthnoe to recognise the communities contributions during the pandemic

–              An enquiry had been received from the local MP regarding the toilets at Perranuthnoe – this had been answered highlighting the freehold ownership and operational responsibility


07/20/12             Footpaths & Rights of Way:



07/20/13             Date of next meeting:

Scheduled for Thursday 20th August 2020 potentially to be held in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney at 19.00 hours if restrictions allow if not this will be held via Zoom


07/20/14             Items for next meeting:

–              Consider vacancy for Chairman of Parish Council

–              Green gym

The remaining member of the public left the virtual meeting at this point


07/20/15             Financial & Confidential Matters:

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement for June 2020. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously

David Barlow – June 2020 salary

David Barlow – Reimbursement of PAYE – £199.66

Payroll direct – Payroll services March 2020 – £32.83

St Pirans Hall – Wind turbine & electrical repairs contribution – £2,000.00

David Barlow – Reimbursement of stationary  – £66.99

BT – Direct debit – charges to June 2020 – £61.20

David Barlow – Reimbursement of laptop, software & case purchase – £575.98

Peter Thomas – Grass cutting qtr to June 2020 – £434.20

Genius Loci – Annual website hosting – £75.00

David Barlow – Reimbursement of computer lead – £13.48

David Barlow – Reimbursement of postage – £18.24

Hudson Accounting Ltd – Internal Audit 2019/20 – £225.00

Vaughan Glover – Maintenance & inspection – £295.00

Pennon Water – Direct debit – cemetery water – £16.01

Receipt schedule

Scattering of ashes – £25.00

The Meeting closed at 21.16 pm