26 June 2023 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans hall Goldsithney on Monday 26th June 2023 7pm.


Councillors Present: D. Sharp (Chairman),  Cllrs: J. Jago, A. Collins, C. Pascoe. P. Linton, S Brede & C. Leo.

Cornwall Councillor Cllr. John Martin – Long Rock Marazion & St Erth Electoral Division.

Visitors Present:  2 members of the public in attendance.



Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Nicholas & Griffiths both away on holiday

Chair David Sharp opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



06/23/02 Declarations of Interest. None  
06/23/03 20 Minute public speaking period.

Mr. Gareth Burt (Agent) gave an update on PA23/03080

06/23/04 Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 15th May 2023

Cllr Collins asked for one amendment he had abstained from PA23/02745, the minutes to be amended to reflect this.

These were proposed, seconded, and agreed unanimously that the minutes be signed.




06/23/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes.


06/23/06 Planning Applications and Relevant matters  
  Application PA23/03486

Proposal Works to a tree with a TPO, crown raise and removal of 4 branches in total Location Church Farmhouse Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall

Applicant Mr. Charles Jose Charlie Jose Tree surgery –  PA23/03486 approved By Cornwall Council on the 20/06/23

  Application PA23/03474

Proposal Siting of Ground Mounted Solar Panels and Associated Works

Location Trevean Farmhouse Trevean Farm Trevean Lane Rosudgeon

Applicant Mr. And Mrs. Walker

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application.

  Application PA23/03805

Proposal Construction of single-storey kitchen extension

Location Littlewood Packet Lane Rosudgeon Penzance

Applicant Mr. Hilary King

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application.

  Application PA23/03968

Proposal Proposed agricultural workers dwelling with variation of condition 2 in respect of decision PA21/05969 dated 25.10.21.

Location Land Adj To The Thatch Cottage Tryst Cottage Rosudgeon Penzance

Applicant Matthew and Erica Skewes

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application.

  Application PA23/04136

Proposal Construction of Dwelling House (Previously Approved PA15/05583)

Location Fair Havens Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance

Applicant Mr. R Timms Timms Construction.

Defer – Perranuthnoe Parish Council would like further clarification on the positioning of this dwelling as it is larger and further forward in the plot in this new application thereby pushing the boundary wall. It deviates from what was approved in the previous application.
We are concerned that the trees would have to be removed to accommodate the size of the new dwelling. The Parish Council following requests from Parishioners and Councillors have requested a TPO for the trees on this boundary wall which is currently being processed by a Planning Officer at Cornwall Council. Although the builders have given verbal communication to say the trees will not be removed one already has to enlarge the gateway. We note with concern that there are no trees at all on the plot design document.

  Application PA23/03548/7/6

Proposal Air source heat pump/ External Insulation/Solar Panels

Location Regent Villa Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall

Applicant Mr Brian Tague

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application.

06/23/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.   
  22/05/2023 PA22/08919 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr And Mrs C Jose

Location:- Trescowe Stables Trescowe Road Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HR

Proposal Construction of detached gym building

  22/05/2023 PA23/01974 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr And Mrs A Thomas

Location:- Pine Trees Trescowe Road Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HR

Proposal Proposed amended vehicular access to dwellings approved under planning applications PA22/01191 and PA22/09272

  24/05/2023 PA23/01957 APPROVED


Location:- 34 Collygree Parc Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9LY

Proposal Erection of a self-contained annexe for use in connection with the existing dwelling

  25/05/2023 PA23/02465 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr Jaime O’Donoghue

Location:- Former Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9NF

Proposal Replacement dwelling house without compliance of condition 2 in relation to decision notice PA21/09357 dated 06/12/2021

  01/06/2023 PA23/02183 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr I Smith

Location:- Bluebell Barn Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PN

Proposal Extension and change of use of existing holiday accommodation to residential, extension to garden and construction of detached garage. 

  07/06/2023 PA23/03015 S52/S106 and discharge of condition apps- DECISION

Applicant:- S J Construction

Location:- Land Adj To Parc An West Red Lane Rosudgeon TR20 9PU

Proposal Submission of details to discharge conditions 7, 8 and 9 in respect of decision notice PA22/02720 dated 17/06/2022

06/23/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused – None.  
06/23/09 To Note other planning related matters.   
  Land Rear Of The New Bungalow Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PA

Pre application advice for housing development, comprising 23 new homes, including 14 warden managed sheltered homes for social rental. –

Barepta Cove Ltd – PA23/00542/PREAPP (Case Officer – Katie Mosley)

  09/06/2023 PA23/00354/PRE Closed – advice given

Applicant:- Adam O’Neill

Location:- Potential Footpath From Goldsithney To Marazion Goldsithney

Road Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9LR

Proposal Do I need enquiry for Construction of a new 1.8m wide footway with unbound permeable surface linking Marazion to Goldsithney with new pedestrian crossings to provide users of the trail with suitable crossing locations to negotiate the A394 and B3280. It is proposed to install lighting columns at the pedestrian crossings were considered appropriate for safety.

  12/06/2023 PA23/02985 WITHDRAWN

Applicant:- Mr Jeffrey Trevorrow

Location:- Land Adjacent To Landvue Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PA

Proposal Non-material amendment in relation to decision notice PA22/09917 dated 16.02.2023 for the segregation of the two dwelling plots to be independent of each other and to allow the present applicant access on to the A394 prior to any commencement date for either of the self -build dwellings.

  Appeal Decision – Allowed No Costs –  Ref: APP/D0840/W/22/3312524

Polgear Villa, Well Lane, Perran Downs, Goldsithney, Cornwall TR20 9HH

06/23/10 Clerks Report.

Clerk explained that the Councils Standing orders were last approved  in 2021.

The standing Orders are the written rules of a local council. They are used to confirm a council’s internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to approve and publish Perranuthnoe Parish Council Standing Orders.

Cllr Leo requested a hard copy of the standing orders.



Chairmans Report.

The white lines in the car park had been renewed by Cllr Collins and myself. 90% complete , need to get two more tins to finish off, it is looking a lot better.

On Thursday 25th May, Sue Nicholas, the clerk and myself met with Steve Edwards  and `Stephen Neal of Penmellyn Ltd. to discuss the proposed housing project in Rosudgeon. Consisting of 23 properties , roughly half and half, open market and warden assisted bungalows. It appears to be an encouraging project which will come to us for consideration in due course.

On Tuesday 30th May Cllr Collins, Linton, and myself met with Andy Hoskin from Highways. We had an open and frank discussion and walked the village pretty much in its entirety looking at various issues. Whilst our requests were listened to he explained what could and couldn’t be done etc. I was expecting to have seen drawings by now. – Clerk to send email to see where they are.

20 mph roll out in October

On Friday the 16th June I had the good fortune to see a gentleman from Aqua Rod surveying the pipes at the toilets. We then finally received a report from Cornwall Council to show us the work had been carried out. However the report was not easy to decipher so we (clerk and myself ) rang Aqua rod and spoke to the person who wrote it.  After a lengthy conversation he confirmed that the repairs had been carried out to a satisfactory level and explained the report with photographic evidence. The Parish Council can now move forward with the completion of ownership and devolvement from Cornwall Council.

Reminders:- Notice boards, Web site, Equipment for viewing planning applications, Sub committees.



Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr John Martin

Cllr Martin had attended a West Planning Committee today 26th June there were 4 applications affecting Perranuthnoe Parish two were successful and two were not.

He reported that the consultation for the A394 was coming forward to the Autumn of 2023 and that there would be a public consultation on what was going to happen between Marazion and Ashton. The roll out of 20 mph had begun, St Hilary to Goldsithney would be an exception of 30mph .

He had recently had a meeting with Officers at Cornwall Council regarding an update on all outstanding enforcement cases the number totalled 28 outstanding cases for his electoral division.



Cllrs Reports:

Cllr. Jago asked for an update on the Neighbourhood Plan and the Traffic Management plan for Goldsithney. In both cases the Parish Council were waiting on Cornwall Council for the next stage.

Cllr Leo – offered his apologies for being late, he joined the meeting at 7.10pm. He stated that he had received a reply from the  Cornwall Association Local Councils  admitting that their advice they had received from National Association Local Councils and circulated was incorrect.

He still had not received a reply from NALC.

Cllr Brede – reported that she was corned re the drains on the pavements outside Retallack House. This must be reported to Cornwall Council.  

06/23/14 Projects, Issues & Updates

Traffic Feasibility Study – Following a site visit from the Head of Highways at Cornwall Council  on Tuesday 30th May. Cllrs were eagerly awaiting  plans that he was drawing up.

Cllr Greenwood Penny was no longer a Parish Councillor due to the 6 month rule of non-attendance at Parish Council meetings. Clerk must now inform Cornwall Council of the vacancy in the Goldsithney ward and the vacancy will have to be declared publicly.



 Correspondence, telephone calls etc. Emails received:

St Pirans Hall  Community Capacity Fund email from A. Moore – Clerk to ask Mr Moore to attend the next meeting and brief Councillors.

Parking & Access Church Road – Chairman to reply to parishioner in Perranuthnoe

Decision Notice IC-202251-Z7R0 – Clerk had sent a reply on the 09/06/23



Footpaths and Rights of Way

Cllrs asked who is responsible for the South West Coast Path – Clerk to report back next meeting.



Date of next meeting

Monday 17th July at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney  7pm.

06/23/18 Advance Notice of items for Agenda  
06/23/19 Financial matters

Cllr Leo abstained from voting as he had not seen the financial documents.

06/23/20 Approval of Conflict of Interest (BDO LLP Auditors) Declaration

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 6 members to approve the Conflict of Interest (BDO LLP Auditors) Declaration

06/23/21 Approval of Annual Governance Statement 2022/23

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 6 members to approve the Annual Governance Statement 2022/23

06/23/22 Approval of Annual Accounting Statement 2022/23

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 6 members to approve the Annual Accounting Statement 2022/23 

06/23/23 Approval of Bank Reconciliations – April & May 2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 6 members to approve the Bank Reconciliations for April & May 2023

06/23/24 Approval of payments schedule June 2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the June   2023 payment schedule.

Receipts:  Hudson Accounting £225.00 Crystal Clear Cleaning 06/05/23 – 02/06/23 £691.20,

SWPSI Playground Inspection £40.00, JB Grass cutting  £180.60,  D Barlow – Financial Services £240.00  St. PH room Hire £50.00 Headland Printers £21.60

R. Sanders Cutting of SWCP FP & Stiles £577.20,Payroll Direct- £39.83, HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions £312.74, G. Angove – Clerks Salary. G Angove Reimbursement  £117.13 (£112.39+£4.50)

Direct debit monthly charges – BT £69.91 Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £95.64.

06/23/25  Confidential Matters


 The meeting closed at 8.42pm