25 April 2022 PPC Minutes


Clerk: Gail Angove                                                                                             e-mail: gail.angove@perranuthnoe-pc.gov.uk

website: www.perranuthnoepc.info


Held at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney on Monday 25th April 2022,

1900 hrs


Councillors Present: S Nicholas (Chairman) A. Collins (Vice-Chairman) J. Jago, C. Pascoe. D Sharp, P. Linton & S. Rodgers


Visitors Present: Lauren Angel, Joanna Stokes, Mr Ian Smith and Mr & Mrs Thomas




Apologies for absence:

Cllrs. G Griffiths. R. Greenwood-Penny & C. Leo

Chair Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



  04/22/02 Declarations of Interest – None  
  04/22/03 20 Minute public speaking period – Ms Angel and Ms Stokes spoke regarding speeding traffic in Goldsithney and the recent death of a pet cat they were very concerned about safety for everyone and would welcome any traffic calming measures.

Mr Ian Smith spoke regarding PA 22/02628

Mr & Mrs Thomas attending to answer any questions in relation to PA 22/01191



Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 21st March 2021

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously.




  04/22/05 Planning Applications and Relevant matters  

Demolition of existing cottage and outbuildings and construction of new dwelling and self-contained annex Pine Trees Trescowe Road Goldsithney TR20 9HR Applicant Mr & Mrs Thomas

Perranuthnoe Parish Council Supports this application with the proviso that the tree officer report be upheld.

    PA22/02720 Proposal Construction of Dormer Bungalow and Associated Works

Location Land Adj To Parc An West Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance

Applicant S J Construction.  Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application.

With the proviso the Planning Officer please scrutinize the height, scale, type of construction and materials used on the boundary wall to the North.


Proposal Demolition and Construction of Replacement Dwelling, Extension of Domestic Curtilage, Construction of Double Garage/Store & Associated Works

Location Bluebell Barn A394 Between Helston Road And Carters Downs Rosudgeon Cornwall Applicant Mr I Smith

Perranuthnoe Parish Council recommend refusal of this planning application


Proposal Construction of porch and associated works.

Location 1 Primrose Close Goldsithney Cornwall TR20 9JL Applicant Mr D Woolcott Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application


Proposal Application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use of Littlecot as a residential separate dwelling.

Location The Cottage Road From Saint Pirans Church To Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Cornwall Applicant Mr Sewell – Perranuthnoe Parish Council Supports this application.

Mr Smith & Mr & Mrs Thomas left the meeting at 7.30pm

  04/22/06 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.  
    PA21/12527 APPROVED

Applicant: Mrs Christine Rackstraw

Location: Monterrey Perran Downs Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney TR20 9HG

Proposal: Construction of orangery, conversion of garage to an annex and associated works


Applicant: Mr Kare Laukkanen & Mrs Orvokki Lohikoski

Location: North Wing John Stackhouse Apartment/Susannas Apartment Acton Castle Trevean Lane Rosudgeon

Proposal: Listed Building Consent: Replacement of Crittall windows, Installation of replacement modern secondary glazing system (to improve thermal and acoustic performance)

PA21/10644 APPROVED Applicant: Mr & Mrs Sharp

Location: Gwel-An-Mor Nanturras Way Goldsithney TR20 9DG

Proposal: Removal of existing garage and replacement single storey extension with general alterations

PA22/00690 APPROVED Applicant: Mrs Christine Boston

Location: Rowena Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe Penzance

Proposal: Extension and alterations to form new sun room and kitchen Extension

  04/22/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused  
    28.03.2022 PA21/09473 REFUSED

Applicant: Mr And Mrs S Smith

Location: Land West Of Grove Cottage Red Lane Rosudgeon Cornwall

Proposal: Resubmission of PA20/03479 (Two dwellings and alterations to existing access.)

    04.04.22 PA21/12651 Applicant: Mr And Mrs S Firth REFUSED

Location: Land And Buildings East Of The Old Carthouse Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe Penzance

Proposal: Parish: Ward: Construction of Dwelling House, Landscaping and Associated Works

  04/22/08 To Note other planning related matters.  
    Appeal Dismissed Ref: APP/D0840/W/21/3282486 – Mr D Laity

Land Southeast of Red Lane, Red Lane, Rosudgeon TR20 9PU

    PA22/00642/PREAPP Closed – advice given Applicant: Brian Trevena

Location: Lamorna Perran Downs Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney Penzance

Proposal: Exception notice for works to Mature Cupressus which is leaning towards the house, to reduce by 2 metres

    PA22/00120/PREAPP Closed – advice given Applicant: James And Peter Thomson And Townley Location: Pink Cottage 2 North Road Goldsithney Penzance C

Proposal: Request for new Tree Preservation Order(s) (TPO) namely a mature willow tree

    24.03.2022 PA22/00301/PREAPP Closed – advice given Applicant: Mr Jason Hinds And Mrs Caroline Howell

Location: Penlayree Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall

Proposal: Pre application advice for addition of bespoke timber and double-glazed garden room

    Appeal – APP/D0840/W/22/3291204 Land East Of Rosevear St Hilary Penzance TR20 9DQ Outline application with some matters reserved for construction of dwelling and associated works

Mr. W Bolitho and Miss Stevens – comments in by 10th May 2022



Clerks Report

The clerk reported that the Annual Parish Meeting would be held on the 16th May 2022 18.30hrs.at St Pirans Hall to which everyone is welcome.

The bus shelter at St Pirans hall would be repaired and Glasdon UK Ltd would be carrying out the work but this could be some weeks away due to the company’s work load.

Installation of CCTV at St Pirans Hall had now been completed and was up and running





Chairmans Report

Firstly, I would like to say to all the keyboard warriors who belong to the Goldsithney Closed Facebook Group that they should be ashamed at some of the inaccurate and downright nasty comments that were submitted re the highways and speeding traffic as well as comments about this Parish Council. The Parish Councillors work extremely hard for the residents of this Parish in their own unpaid time.

I suggest that these residents read the notice boards and attend some Parish Council meetings and get involved in the groups around the Parish so that they know what is being done rather than make ill-informed comments.

Cllr Nicholas then addressed Ms Angel and Ms Stokes concerns re the traffic in Goldsithney and expressed her condolences re the death of a much-loved pet. She explained that traffic calming measures were very much in the pipeline and would be introduced through the TMP that was currently being designed for the village.  She encouraged both ladies to comment on the proposals when they come up for public consultation.

The detailed highways management proposals were looked at by some Goldsithney based Cllrs and the highways design officers and highways manager last week. Some changes have been proposed so they are going back to amend them. Once that has been done it will go out for a statutory consultation time for members of the public to comment on them. There is a significant budget that I secured for this project as the County Cllr and with contributions from the Parish Council highways reserve, therefore residents need to look carefully at the design proposals and individually, if they need any clarification on them, they can contact our Parish clerk who will arrange for a briefing for them.

Perranuthnoe DYL design is still being looked at, therefore if the Cllrs there would like changes to the one submitted after a residents meeting, as they have indicated, they have an opportunity to revisit it. The designs once done will be put out for consultation but these need to be as close as is wanted because the costs of changing them will eventually be prohibitive.

The design for the footpath between Goldsithney and Marazion along with the

legal land work is being dealt with as well, which takes time! The money for this project has also been secured.

There have been reports of cars being left in roads with no MOTs, Tax etc. These will be reported to the DVLA and action will be taken. Likewise for cars parking inappropriately on pavements and corners and DYLs.

We are now in the time period for NOT cutting down trees or hedgerows as it is the bird nesting season. This is until the end of August.

Thoughtless individuals are lighting bonfires in the daytime when the weather is good and residents will have washing out, be out in their gardens and have windows and doors open for fresh air. Please consider neighbours and keep bonfires to early morning and evenings. Persistent offenders can be reported to Cornwall Council as a statutory nuisance.

The NDP has now been submitted for review at Reg 16. These documents are available to read on the Our Perran website, or alternatively if a resident does not have access to the website, they can contact the clerk for assistance.

The NPRVAS signs at Rosudgeon are still working intermittently and we are waiting for the manufacturers to come and fix them.

Bus stop area. highways will need to do a design for us as it is on highways level

Ms Angel and Ms Stokes left the meeting at 8.10pm







  04/22/11 County Cllrs Report

There was a discussion on the traffic management plan for Goldsithney Cllr Sherfield Wong was supporting the plan and had agreed to the extra funding for it.

Cllr jago asked for an update on the two derelict houses on the A394 – Cllr. Sherfield Wong stated her internet was down and therefore could not give an update on enforcement notices.

Mayor for Cornwall – Cllr. Sherfield Wong stated that she was not in favour of the position and would be voting against the proposal.

The next Cornwall Council meeting is on the 24th May and she invited councillors to email her with any issues, or strong opinions that they had  on anything.


  04/22/12 Cllrs Reports:

Cllr Rodgers – Reference the TMP design for Goldsithney she was concerned that extra double yellow lines was going to cause further congestion within the side roads of the village.

Cllr Sharp. The car park needed a tidy up there were lots of overgrown areas, brambles weeds and litter. Possibly a couple of days work for someone. Clerk would look into appointing someone to do this.

Ladies Toilets – Paint was flaking of the cubicle doors in the ladies Clerk would report this to GN Builders.

Cllr. Collins – Telephone box in Perran needs painting, parishioner Ian Offland has offered to do this. Clerk to find paint supplier. An idea had been presented for possible future use of the kiosk a ‘Beach Swap Shop’ buckets, spades, windbreaks, folding chairs, fish nets etc.

The Stone Bus Shelter on going – Richard Laity local stone mason was to be involved.

Cllr. Pascoe – With regard to future planning for the car Park at Perranuthnoe we should be factoring in Electric vehicles and charging points.

Cllr Sherfield Wong left the meeting at 8.40pm



Project/issues updates:

Car Park Perranuthnoe

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to appoint CVC and Solicitor John Dunstan to act on behalf of the council in the transfer of the Car Park and toilet block from Cornwall Council – Clerk to implement.

Perranuthnoe Parish Council Unreasonable Behaviour /Persistent Complainers Policy

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to adopt the Persistent Complainers Policy which had been previously circulated to Councillors.

Clerks Appraisal  

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to approve the Clerks appraisal which had been undertaken the HR Committee of the Parish Council and circulated to all councillors.

Traffic Management Plans Rupert Spencer Highways Manager had informed the Parish Council that there would need to be a separate TMP for each ward within the Parish. Money would need to be reserved to support the Perranuthnoe TMP.

Queens Platinum Jubilee

The Goldsithney Event team had asked if the Parish Council could increase the level of funding for the Queens Platinum Celebrations. The clerk had received a detailed breakdown of the money spent so far and that an increase was justified. It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to give a further £500 to Mr Peter Williams and the Goldsithney Event team.

Publication of Draft Minutes

It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 5 votes in favour not to publish draft minutes.

There was 1 vote in favour of publishing them and 1 abstention.


It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to separate out the payment schedule from the financial and confidential section into the public section of parish meetings. So that Financial matters could then be published and in the public domain.

Use of Official Parish emails

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to adopt the NALC recommendations on use of official emails for the Parish Council and its Councillors.



Correspondence, telephone calls etc.

Correspondence had been received by the clerk in relation to:

Enquiry into possible land purchase

Parking problems on Fore Street

Breakdown of event costs and NDP queries.



Footpaths and Rights of Way

Clerk was able to advise the Council that the first cut had taken place of the LMP and SWCP schedule



Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting – Monday 16th May 2022 to be held at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney 19.00hrs

  04/22/17 Advance notice of items for agenda. Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include:  



















Financial Matters:

Perranuthnoe Parish Council Financial & Management Risk Assessment

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to adopt the PPC Financial & Management Risk Assessment

A copy had been circulated to each councillor prior to the meeting.

Approval of Bank Statements

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statements for March 2021.

Bank Reconciliation’s were circulated prior to the meeting for Councillors perusal

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to approve the bank reconciliations

 Approval of payments schedule April 2022

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to approve the payment schedule.

The Meeting Closed at 9.45pm






April Payment Schedule:  
Crystal Clear Cleaning £691.20 (12/02/22-11/03/22)  
Inspection & Playground report. £130.00  
Grass Cutting St Pirans Hall £165.00  
CALC Ltd Annual Membership Fee £898.56  
Seat & Cemetery Gates Maintenance – £210.00  
Perranuthnoe CL& Festivities Group (Queens PJ Celebrations) £1,000.00  
St Pirans Hall £2,350 – Transfer back to St. Pirans Hall  
St Pirans Hall £496.48 PC contribution to installation of CCTV at St Pirans Hall  
Reimbursement electrical socket/cable £10.00  
Reimbursement £62.99 57.00 office equipment 5.99 wall clock  
Payroll services July 2021 – £32.83  
Payroll Direct End of year returns £62.00  
HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions – £464.23