23 August 2021 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney Monday 23rd August 2021,1900 hrs

Councillors present Cllrs S Nicholas (Chair) A. Collins, G. Griffiths, J. Jago, R. Greenwood-Penny, S Rodgers, C. Pascoe & P. Linton.

Visitors Present:  Lesley Frost

Apologies for absence: Cllr D Sharp & Cllr C Leo. County Councillor Tara Sherfield Wong away until 24/08/21

Chair Sue Nicholls opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed three new Councillors who had been co-opted onto the Parish Council. Two for the Goldsithney ward Mr Christopher Pascoe & Mrs Shann Rodgers and one for the Perranuthnoe ward Mr Peter Linton.
20 Minute public speaking period – Lesley Frost spoke to object to PA21/06425 she also read a statement from Oliver Semmens who also objected to PA21/06425

Approval of minutes from meeting held on 19th July 2021
These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously.
Planning Applications and Relevant matters

PA21/06069 Mr. Craig Little. Re-Build South – West Proposal Proposed demolition of buildings and erection of 4 dwellings Location Rebuild SW Ltd Rosudgeon
Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports the development with the following conditions.
External finish of the four dwellings should include vernacular building materials such as the use of granite in some way. Rather than brick this would be in keeping with other recent building developments in the same area.
At the front of the site
A Cornish hedge with planted fauna should be kept. As with all similar builds on the A394 a pavement of sufficient width needs to be included at the front of the site.
There is a concern about the retention of trees can they referred by the tree officer to keep losses to a minimum.

PA21/06725 Mr. Lloyd Proposal Modernisation of sunroom, infill extension to rear 2 storey extension both with timber cladding Location Towan Perran Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9NE
Perranuthnoe Parish Council agree in principal to this application but firmly objects to the timber cladding which is not in keeping with the property. A much more sympathetic finish using vernacular materials such as incorporating granite would be preferred as it is in the AONB and directly in full view of the South West Coast Path.

PA21/06425Penmellyn Ltd. Mr. Steve Edwards Proposal Application for permission in principle for proposed infill development of up to 2 dwellings.
Location Land North-West Of Lamara Lancamshire Lane Rosudgeon Proposal Application for permission in principle for proposed infill development of up to 2 dwellings.
Perranuthnoe Parish Council strongly opposes the development
On the following grounds:

This application is not in keeping with the area. It is not considered to be infill but extending development into open countryside.
The stables that lie to the side of this land are of timber construction.
The planning permission given for the mobile home is linked to the operation of the stud and stables in order to prevent development into open countryside.
Any houses will be overbearing on the existing properties in the lane and will have an impact on the character of Lancamshire Lane.
This site is totally inappropriate for housing development. It sits outside of the Rosudgeon settlement development boundary in the emerging Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Development Plan. Which has been out to a number of public consultations.
It does not constitute previously developed land and does not represent sustainable development but would lead to undesirable expansion into open countryside and impact on the character and appearance of this lane.
It will be contrary to policies 1,2:3,7,9, 12 and 23 of the Cornwall local plan and paragraphs 8 and 27 of the NPPF
It will also impact on land within the World Heritage Site designation.
It cannot be confirmed that the proposal will have regard to the preservation of the setting and therefore is contrary to policies 12 and 24 of the CLP and a number of paragraphs in the NPPF.

PA21/06826 Ms. Christine Jilbert Proposal Householder application for conversion of attached garage to bedroom Location 1 Primrose Lane Estate Goldsithney Perranuthnoe Parish Council opposes the development. On the following grounds:
This seems a rather odd application given the extensive extensions that were given permission earlier in the year. The Design and Access statement does not state the recent additions to the property or mention the last permission given. It also contradicts itself (para 4) by saying it lies within the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site then 6 lines later it says it does not lie within any conservation area or designated area.
Consideration must be given to the size of the amenity area and changes to the number of bedrooms in the last plans as to this one. There were three bedrooms in the main building now the plan of this self-contained conversion of the garage. It’s not just creating another bedroom.
This property should be one unit ownership of the bungalow and not be used for commercial purposes
We have major concerns there will be insufficient parking with this development or turning space within the curtilage of the property in an area where there is already a serious parking problem for residents.
PA21/05969 – PA decision was made and uploaded to CC Planning Portal on 16/08/21 due to no extension of time been granted
Applicant Matthew and Erica Skewes PA21/05969 Proposal Proposed Agricultural Workers Dwelling Location Land Adj To The Thatch Cottage Chiverton Farm Rosudgeon Penzance
The applicant must live on site and is currently living in a caravan with his wife and their 7-week-old infant.
Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application as we feel there is a need for this as an agricultural dwelling.
The applicant has to live on site and is currently living in a caravan with his wife and their 7-week-old infant.
Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application as we feel there is a need for this as an agricultural dwelling.

PA21/06461 PA decision was made and uploaded to CC Planning Portal on 16/08/21 due to no extension of time been granted
Mrs. Kathleen Filmer Proposal The demolition of a single storey garage and the construction of a replacement garage and gardeners store Location Parc An Praze St Pirans Way Perranuthnoe TR20 9NA
Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this application, provided the proposed footprint does not increase in the future and that permitted development rights be removed from the garage and that it must be tied to the main property, not to be sold separately.
Miss Frost left the meeting at 19.20

The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.

20.07.2021 PA21/04618 APPROVED Applicant: Mrs Charlesworth Location: The Greeb Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall Proposal: Erection of a powder coated aluminium glasshouse sited on a dwarf stone/brick wall in keeping with stone/brickwork with in the property
19.07.2021 PA21/05572 APPROVED Applicant: Mr Charles Jose Location: Squirrels Access To Bampfylde Way Perran Downs Goldsithney TR20 9HQ Proposal: Works to trees subject to a TPO: T1 – sycamore, crown raise over garden to 6m because of excessive shading. T2 – beech, crown raise over garden to 5m and over driveway to 7m because of excessive shading. T3 – oak, crown raise over garden and driveway to 5m and remove rubbing limb. T4 – sweet chestnut, crown raise over shed roof to 5m and reduce dead crown to growth points. Potential damage to property. T5 – beech, crown raise over house roof to 7m. Potential damage to roof. T6 – sweet chestnut, remove lowest branch to fence line because of excessive shading.
21.07.2021 PA21/05738 APPROVED Applicant: Mrs M Chapple Location: Llamudos Trevean Way Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall Proposal: Front extension and alterations. (Revised scheme of PA12/10879)
26.07.2021 PA21/04041 APPROVED Applicant: Mr Alan Thomas Location: Land Adj To Colenso Grove Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9AN Proposal: Application for a non-material amendment in respect of decision notice PA19/09164.
09.08.2021 PA21/06127 APPROVED Applicant: Mr And Mrs J Marden Location: 9 Meadow View Goldsithney TR20 9HB Proposal: Replacement rear extension
17.08.2021 PA21/06461 APPROVED Applicant: Mrs Kathleen Filmer Location: Parc An Praze St Pirans Way Perranuthnoe TR20 9NA Proposal: The demolition of a single storey garage and the construction of a replacement garage and gardeners store
17.08.2021 PA21/05977 APPROVED Applicant: Mr & Mrs J Stroud Location: Luitreth Nanturras Way Goldsithney TR20 9DG Proposal: Conversion and extension of garage to form self-contained family annexed accommodation
The following planning permissions were noted as being refused
To Note other planning related matters.
15.07.2021 PA21/01556/PREAPP Closed – advice given Applicant: Jamie O’Donahue And Yvonne Yeung Location: Former Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall Proposal: Pre application advice for revised design for replacement dwelling house

Clerks Report
1) The clerk reported that Bus Stop at St Aubyn’s Estate has been the subject of egg and paint abuse. Clerk to ask Vaughan Glover to clean and give an update when doing his checks and litter pick at the bus stop.
2) Clerk would like authorisation to make Payment for Green Gym Equipment, copy of quote, invoice and the minute reference agreeing to the order. It was proposed, seconded and all councillors voted unanimously that the Proludic Invoice for the outdoor gym should be paid.
3) Clerk asked the council permission to set up a direct debit with Alchemy Systems for the IT service the Clerk and Councillors use with their.gov.uk accounts. It was proposed, seconded and all councillors voted unanimously that the clerk could go ahead with the set up of the direct debit.

Chairman’s Report
Cllr Nicholas reported that herself and other Cllrs have received a number of messages re a Notice of a Caravaning and camping club application at Fawkes Akhal Teke stud stables.
There is already a caravan with awning on the far side of the stable block that does not appear to have planning permission. There are complaints of too much traffic being generated at this site due to the shop there both from shoppers and delivery lorries.
The shop in the stables is reported as selling more than just the equine linked small scale sales that we were assured would be the case. The statement in 2016 was that “In terms of the nature of goods that would be sold, these would include tack, general kit and feeds that would be used by those that keep their horses at the site. both long and short term and those that don’t but ride at the site. There were assurances that it would low key and have no effects on the character of the area. (The large yellow sign externally fixed is supposed to be used in the site not on the outside).
A parking area was created at the front of the adjacent field for the storage of the stud horse boxes and was reported some time ago as there was no permission for this on a green field. So generally, the quietness of the lane is being compromised already.
Any increase in traffic movement to this proposed site will impact on this quiet narrow country lane. Noise and other activities associated with a camping / caravan site will impact on nearby properties in an adjacent lane.
I propose that the PC write and strongly object to this application.

On enquiring with our local community link officer, I am told that these are still in the system. (can only move as fast as the slowest one as part of the community network highways funding)
Having said that I propose that we send an email to highways asking what stage our highways projects are at, including the DYL plans for Perranuthnoe and the walkway between Goldsithney and Marazion.
These plans do not happen overnight and all have to go out to public consultation once designed.

Due to the number of persistent and aggressive emails etc received from some individuals, with intimidatory tones, I have spoken with the Cornwall Council monitoring Officer as I know there is a policy on this type of behaviour. We will be sent a copy of the CC one and then I propose we look at it, adapt it for our PC as the principles remain the same. This has already been done by some smaller councils.

Within the Council’s Standing Orders at section 11 we are required to keep information safe. Cyber security is an area we have looked at and all Councillors are required to use the new official. Gov email address

County Cllrs Report
No report received

Cllrs Reports

Cllr Pascoe – enquired about hedge cutting within the Parish.
Cllr Greenwood Penny- enquired if there had been any response from Alan Mason re St Petry
Cllr Jago. – Raised the issue of the proposed campsite at Naturras in the parish of St Hillary he felt if this were to go ahead it would have an impact on Perranuthnoe parish.
Cllr. Collins – Reported that residents didn’t seem to know what was going on regarding the Old Quarry at Trenow it was alleged that people had been staying in the chalet.

Project/issues updates:
Green Gym – Installation and inspection now completed. It was proposed, seconded and all councillors in favour to open the gym to the public with individual notices /disclaimers on each piece of equipment. Until the main sign arrived with the MUGA there will be an official opening when phase 2 has been completed.

Status of PPC NDP –The NDP Steering Group to meet with councillors in September to give an update. Stuart Todd has now reviewed and revised the Plan, reviewed Regulation 14 responses and dialogue with Steering Group ongoing. The next stage would be a meeting with him.

Solar Farm – St Aubyn’s Estate It was discussed by councillors that a joint meeting with Marazion Town Council, St Hillary and St Erth Parish Councils would be beneficial to discuss the project.

Tree Survey – TPO’s were of landscape significance within the Parish. Two dead trees on the Avenue crossing on the corner. There was concern from Cllr Jago re the trees at the proposed campsite at Nanturras.

Surveyors Report ST Pirans Hall.
A meeting with the surveyor is to be arranged by the clerk to include both PPC and the Hall committee. Cllrs. Griffiths and Sharp volunteered to be the Parish Council representatives to review the surveyors Report with the St Pirans Hall Committee

Correspondence, telephone calls and other rep

Following a statement submitted by the PPC to the planning department on 12th July the clerk had received an Email from Nick Eldridge of Eldridge Newlyn Architects requesting a meeting with Perran Councillors to discuss potential planning on behalf of his clients Jamie O’Donoghue & Yvonne Yeung PA21/01556/PREAPP Long Cliffs Perranuthnoe. Cllrs Sharp, Collins and Linton have agreed to meet Mr Eldridge on 6th September 2021 at St Pirans Hall.

From six residents within the Perranuthnoe Ward correspondence received from:
Mr Jamie O’Donohue – Reference Parking & Traffic Management within the village
Samantha Wardman – Reference Parking & Traffic Management within the village
Mr Michael Knowles – Reference Parking & Traffic Management within the village
Mr Harvey Dawkins – Reference Parking & Traffic Management within the village
Ray Moss & Carolyn Penwill – Reference Parking & Traffic Management within the village
Councillors wanted correspondence acknowledged and would urge parishioner’s to speak to their three ward councillors to continue dialogue. The Traffic management plan for the Goldsithney and Perranuthnoe was in hand and the Parish Council was now waiting on the County Council to implement. Cllr Nicholas would ask for an update from the County Council.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Date of next meeting – Monday 20th September 2021 7pm to be held at St Piran’s Hall
Advance notice of items for agenda. Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include
• Perranuthnoe Car park & Toilets
• Poppy Appeal Donation

Financial & Confidential Matters:

The Meeting closed at 21.55