21 August 2023 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans hall Goldsithney on Monday 21st August 2023 7pm.


Councillors Present: D. Sharp (Chairman), S Nicholas ( Vice Chair) A. Collins,  P. Linton, G. Griffiths, J. Jago & C. Pascoe

Cornwall Councillor Cllr. John Martin – Long Rock Marazion & St Erth Electoral Division.

Visitors Present:  1 member of the public in attendance.




Apologies for absence: Cllr. Brede

Chair David Sharp opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



08/23/02 Declarations of Interest.

S Nicholas PA23/05569 J Jago PA23/05980

08/23/03 20 Minute public speaking period. None
08/23/04 Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 17th July 2023

These were proposed, seconded, and agreed unanimously that the minutes be signed.




08/23/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes. None.
08/23/06 Planning Applications and Relevant matters
Application PA23/05526

Proposal Work to Trees in a Conservation Area – Tree 1 – Peach Tree: Removal due to

non-fruiting. Tree 2 – Hawthorn: removal due to Stone wall collapse. Tree 3 –

White beam: removal due to stone wall collapse. Tree 4 – New Zealand

broadleaf: Crown reduced to 2m spread, 3m height. Potential to obstruct the

adjacent road as overgrown. Tree 5 – Cherry: removal due to current size and

proximity to house and terrace. Tree 6 – Apple: removal due to current size and

proximity to house and terrace.

Location Penlaynee Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance

Applicant Mr. Jason Hinds

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council will be advised by the tree officer on this application. The council would like to propose a condition that replacement planting is undertaken where appropriate. 

Application number: PA23/04136

Proposal: Construction of Dwelling House (Previously ApprovedPA15/05583)

Location: Fair Havens Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance

Cornwall TR20 9NQ

Applicant: Mr. R Timms

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council object to this application. Whilst accepting that a new dwelling is required on the site we strongly believe this is not the correct proposal and a total redesign is required in line with the Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Plan.

Application PA23/05569

Proposal To pollard 2x mature Beech trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

Location Chy Kesten 5 Bampfylde Way Perran Downs Goldsithney

Applicant Mr. Simon Williams Simon Williams Tree Services

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve this planning application

Application PA23/05980

Proposal Construction of Ground Floor Extension & Associated Works

Location Bassets Primrose Hill Goldsithney Penzance

Applicant Mr. I Hart

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve this planning application

Application PA23/05564

Proposal Listed Building Consent for re-roofing, additional downpipe and chimney works.

Location Chiverton Farm Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall

Applicant Mrs. Anita Skewes

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve this planning application. Perranuthnoe Parish Council concur with the Historic Environment Planning  comments of 21/08/23 with regard to the roof.

08/23/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted. 
20/07/2023 PA23/03293 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr Patrick Keen

Location:- Pen Bownder Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PU

Proposal 1 – Construction of timber shed for storage of woodwork machines/ bicycles/ gym equipment and general household items. 2 – Construction of utility room for washing machine/ freezer etc and to protect kitchen entrance from prevailing winds and weather. 3 – Construction of porch over front door for storage of boots/ coats etc and again add protection from the winds and weather.

08/23/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused. None
08/23/09 To Note other planning related matters. 
19/07/2023 PA23/00689/PRE Closed – advice given

Applicant:- Gail Angove /Perranuthnoe Parish Council

Location:- Fair Havens Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Cornwall TR20 9NQ

Proposal New TPO request for four Sycamore trees

21/07/2023 PA23/00692/PRE Closed – advice given

Applicant:- Mark Netherway

Location:- Land To The Rear Trevelyan Arms Fore Street Goldsithney  Cornwall TR20 9JU

Proposal Request for a Tree Preservation order to protect one sycamore behind 1 Retallack Gardens

03/08/2023 PA23/00542/PRE Closed – advice given

Applicant:- Barepta Cove Ltd

Location:- Land Rear Of The New Bungalow Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PA

Proposal Pre application advice for housing development, comprising 23 new homes, including 14 warden managed sheltered homes for social rental.

03/08/2023 PA23/04116 WITHDRAWN

Applicant:- Alison Birch

Location:- Ivy Cottage Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PU

Proposal Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed stationing of a caravan/mobile unit within the curtilage of a dwelling

08/23/10 Clerks Report.

Meting of the finance sub-committee will be held on Wednesday 30th August 2023 at St Pirans Hall 6pm.

Following the successful referendum of the Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Development Plan, Cornwall Council has now formally made the plan, this means that our plan forms part of the Local Development plan and our policies carry full weight when assessing planning applications in the NDP area. The clerk had received the signed decision sheet confirming this. Letter of thanks to be sent from the Parish Council to all members of the steering group.



Chairmans Report.

Cllr. Sharp –

1.     Cllr Sharp was  delighted to be able to report that the referendum which took place on Thursday 10th August was a very positive vote in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan ( some 88% ). Eight years of time consuming work by many people has paid off and our plan has now been adopted. It falls upon councillors to commit to using the plan and gaining (over time) an in depth knowledge of it to assist in our determinations with regard to planning applications.

Total votes was 470, 411 for, 57 against with 2 spoilt.

2.     Notices have been posted in the relevant villages for the upcoming roll out of the 20mph zones. If councillors are receiving comments from the general public they should direct them towards making the correct comments within the consultation period. Information can be found on the notices.

3.     Tony Woodhams, Chair of Breage PC letter. We have received communication from Tony with regard to the sale of Tregonning Hill. Initially the letter is to keep us informed of the situation with the possibility of looking for our support down the line.

4.     Cllrs Nicholas, Griffiths & myself met on the 18th August to hold our clerks annual assessment and performance management review.

5.     Councillor Linton has very kindly took time and researched the best way forward to enable councillors to view relevant documents and photos at our meetings. He has made recommendations, which were discussed and this is now moving forward.



Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr John Martin

The consultation on the A394 is now taking place, Cllr martin encouraged everyone in his division to make a comment if they wanted to.

Traffic management from Rosudgeon Car boot sale had been monitored over a period of 6 weeks the average time of 7 minutes was recorded as getting out from the junction when the event was taking place  which he thought was acceptable.

Cllr Martin had visited Disability Cornwall in Hayle. They would like to purchase the property previously known as The Smugglers at St Erth Praze with a view to developing the site into a state of the art Disability Centre for the South West of England. He has been invited to view the plans and will update the parish council on his findings.

He would be attending the Police Liaison meeting tomorrow evening 22/08/23



Cllrs Reports:

Cllr. Nicholas Commented on the Cherry seller in the layby on the A394 who was now selling vegetables as well as fruit she questioned the sellers licence to sell both. There is now a Clean Air Consultation on Cornwall Councils web site which she would be making a comment as there were a lot of bonfires in the parish which did not comply with the Clean Air bill. Bonfires need to be restricted, some towns in Conservation areas were looking into by laws to protect air quality.

Cllr Pascoe – was concerned about the visibility from Red Lane onto the A394 this was due to with the planting of hedges he thought that chamfering of the stone hedges could alleviate this problem.

Cllr Jago stated that the trimming of hedges was the landowners responsibility from the 1st September, he also asked if there was any progress on the tree in Primrose Hill that was decayed.

Cllr Griffiths was very pleased to see the overgrown hedge by the bus stop at the bottom of South Road  and the junction of Fore Street had been cut back making walking along the pavement much easier

08/23/14 Projects, Issues & Updates

Car park & Toilets – Reply from Solicitor had been received councillors discussed the yellow area/ private road area on the registry map and the ‘Title Guarantee’ should it be a limited guarantee which Cornwall Council were offering the Parish Council felt a Full Guarantee would be preferred – Solicitor to enquire with Cornwall Council.

Bus Shelter at Perranuthnoe – Unfortunately the owner of the ground had sadly passed away. It was agreed by the council to give a two month period of mourning before resuming communications.

Cllr Linton presented costs for a Samsung 55inch TV Monitor (£383) and chrome cast technology (£35) to be used at Parish Council meetings. It was proposed ,seconded and agreed unanimously to purchase the equipment it would benefit both councillors parishioners and visitors at Parish Council meetings.

Noticeboards – Clerk to get costings, it was thought the last ones were purchased 12 /14 years ago

It was proposed seconded and agreed unanimously to purchase a new lock for the Parish Office – Clerk to organise.



 Correspondence, telephone calls etc. Emails received:

Breague Parish Council  support for Tregonning Hill

Lawrence Associates

Penmellyn Ltd ref refence new build  in Rosudgeon advice had been given by the planning department at Cornwall Council.



Footpaths and Rights of Way

No issues.



Date of next meeting

Monday 18th September 2023 St Pirans Hall 7pm.

Apologies offered in advance  from Cllr. Nicholas as she would be away on holiday.

08/23/18 Advance Notice of items for Agenda
08/23/19 Financial matters 

Cllr Linton asked that the Neighbourhood plan reserves be updated now that the project was completed.

08/23/20 Approval of Bank Reconciliations – August  2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed with one abstention to approve the Bank Reconciliations for August  2023

08/23/21 Approval of Payments Schedule August 2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the August   2023 payment schedule.

Receipts:  Crystal Clear Cleaning 01/07/23 – 28/07/23 £691.20,

SWPSI Playground Inspection £40.00, JB Grass cutting  £180.00,

PT Grounds Care £359.11,£ 47.40 Payroll Direct- £39.83, HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions £312.94, R Sanders Cutting of SWCP and stiles £724.86 Genius Loci Hosting & Domain Name £126.00

G. Angove – Clerks Salary. G Angove Reimbursement  £27.98 Stationery £8.09, Postage 13.89 Key 6.00

Direct debit monthly charges – BT £69.91 Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £93.12.

08/23/22 Confidential Matters


The meeting closed at 9.16pm