20 February 2023 PPC Minutes


Clerk: Gail Angove  

e-mail: gail.angove@perranuthnoe-pc.gov.uk

website: www.perranuthnoepc.info


Held at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney on Monday 20Th February 2023 7pm.


Councillors Present: S. Nicholas (Chairman), D. Sharp (Vice Chairman), Cllrs: J. Jago, A. Collins, C. Pascoe. & Cllr G. Griffiths.

Cornwall Councillor – Long Rock Marazion & St Erth Electoral Division – Cllr. John Martin

Visitors Present: Mr J. Duance, Mr. A. De- Unger & Ms J Titchell




Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Leo, Rodgers, Linton & Grenwood – Penny

Chair Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



02/23/02 Declarations of Interest. None  
02/23/03 20 Minute public speaking period.

Mr Duance spoke in support of PA22/07643 explaining that he had consulted with the planning Officer and had submitted new plans which were smaller than the original ones. He had also liaised  with his neighbours and they had no objections.

Ms Titchell spoke in opposition to PA23/00653 stating the proposed development was a very large black box and not in keeping with the local surroundings and clearly visible from the South West Coast Path.  Mr De-Unger stated that the property was only lived in for a few weeks of the year and that it was a second home.



Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 16th January 2023

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that the minutes be signed.




02/23/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes.- None  
02/23/06 Planning Applications and Relevant matters  
  Application PA22/07643

Proposal: Proposed detached domestic ancillary building to main

house and change of use of land to domestic use.

Location: Corner Barn Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe TR20 9NG

Applicant: J & P Duance & Treffry

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve  this planning application, with two conditions.

  Application PA23/00653

Proposal Proposals to demolish the South-wing extension and replace with a two-storey modern extension, providing a more useable space for a young family.

Location Trenow Cottage Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance

Applicant Mr & Mrs Chevallier

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council  strongly object to this planning application.

  Application PA22/09606

Proposal Single storey front extension porch

Location 8 Fore Street Goldsithney

Applicant Mrs. Jane Spencer

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council defer on this planning application. More information required plans incomplete.

  Application PA23/00555

Proposal Listed Building Consent for replacement of failed lime plaster ceilings and schedule of repair to existing windows.

Location Penlayree Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe

Applicant Caroline Howell

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve this planning application.

  Application PA23/00095

Proposal Front and Rear extension plus ridge lift to allow for loft conversion.

Location Al-n-dore Gears Lane Goldsithney

Applicant Mr. & Mrs. Marvin

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve this planning application.

02/23/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.  
  11/01/2023 PA22/10216 APPROVED Applicant:- S J Construction

Location:- Land Adj To Parc An West Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PU

Proposal Non-material amendment to decision PA22/02720 dated 17.06.2022 to alter the external finishes to the south-east and south-west elevations.

  01/02/2023 PA22/10786 APPROVED Applicant:- Mr And Mrs Pellow

Location:- 2 Walters Way Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9DW Proposal Extension and alterations to existing dwelling.

02/23/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused – None.  
02/23/09 To Note other planning related matters.  
  25/01/2023 PA22/10460 WITHDRAWN

Applicant:- Cornwall Planning Group Location:- Lyonesse House Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PU Proposal Blocking up of Existing Access, Widening & Improving of Original Opening for Vehicle Access

  25/01/2023 PA22/10065 WITHDRAWN

Applicant:- Mr. & Mrs. Hall Location:- Churchway Cottage Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall TR20 9NB Proposal Demolition of existing outbuilding, construction of new single-storey rear extension, detached carport/store and alterations including the addition of photovoltaic panels, dormer windows and roof lights.

  01/02/2023 PA22/01826/PRE Closed – advice given Applicant:- Barepta Cove Ltd

Location:- Land Rear Of The New Bungalow Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PA

Proposal Pre-application advice for Affordable Housing-Led scheme

  PA20/09120 Non-material amendment in relation to decision notice PA20/09120 dated 07/09/2021 to continue stone cladding up to underside of roof level on south, east and north elevations, provide uniform chimney to north elevation, remove timber cladding and replace with painted render to west elevation and add additional window for fire escape purposes to west elevation. Location Land East Of Seafields Dola Lane Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9PW Applicant Mr. B Bryant  
02/23/10 Clerks Report

Apologies sent to CALC unable to attend the CALC AGM in Bodmin. Replacement of windows at St Pirans Hall  Lead time – within 6 weeks. Main hall will be closed while the work is carried out.



Chairmans Report.

I would like to welcome John as our newly elected Cornwall Councillor. John and I were fellow Councillors for many years and it is good that we have someone who will work with us.

There is movement on a lot of projects at present. Which is taking up a lot of time. Perranuthnoe toilets it is hoped that the works to the pipes will be done on Thursday and then we can progress in taking them and the car park over.

The changes to the West Cornwall CAP are going ahead and these will be brought in in April/ May.

Gareth Griffiths and myself are now officially trustees of the St Pirans Hall. The hall committee is working with officers to place a bid for levelling up funding to provide thermal insulation and a new heating system which will benefit the community.

I have objected to the highways proposal for the A30 changes for the development at Trannack fields.

The walkway between Marazion and Goldsithney remains a scheme.

Concerns are still being expressed about WCH overnight MIU cover and west Cornwall Healthwatch have expressed their concerns.



Cornwall Councillors Report –  . Following the election on Thursday 16th February to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Tara Sherfield- Wong. John Martin was the successful candidate and has now been appointed the Cornwall Councillor for the Long Rock Marazion & St Erth Electoral Division. Cllr. Martin addressed the meeting and said he registered at County Hall on the 17th February as Cornwall Councillor for Long Rock, Marazion & St Erth with 5,400 registered in the division. Parish Councillors welcomed him and agreed it was good to have his  presence at a PC meeting. Cllr Martin said he would attend as many meetings as he possibly could and would work closely with them the Chairman and Clerk on any issues the Parish may have. He was in favour of a devolution deal for Cornwall but stated it had to be a good one.  
02/23/13 Cllrs Reports:

Cllrs Sharp. had replaced the taps in the toilets at Perranuthnoe. Clerk asked for receipts so he could be reimbursed. Cllr Sharp had also got a quote for the repair of  the roof of the bus stop in Goldsithney.

Cllr Griffiths. Noted that there was a considerable overhang of foliage at the bus stop at the corner of South Road and Fore Street in Goldsithney – Situation to be monitored



Projects Issues & Updates.

NDP update –  Modifications currently being made then the NP would be returned to Cornwall Council

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously agreed that Perranuthoe Parish Council approve the following:

·         Changes to the NP policies recommended by the examiner.

·         Updating of text relative to Examiners recommendations.

·         Referencing of new County plans – AONB & Heritage.

·         Parish Council Chairman & Vice Chair given permission to agree any final amendment to NP prior to submission to CC.

·         Provide Feedback to the public on the examination results & NP revisions.

Bus Shelter at Perranuthnoe . –  Land Ownership- There is a caution on the land waiting to hear from the land owners.

Skate Park  – Next Meeting on the 22nd February Cllrs. Collins and Pascoe will attend and represent the Parish Council.



Correspondence, telephone calls etc.

Emails received:

Legal Updates from NALC

Footpath Issues at/near Bears Den camp site and closure of Footpath 27 in Perranuthnoe



Footpaths and Rights of Way

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthoe Parish Council accept the Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) / SWCP Cutting 2023 (1409-29) grant from Cornwall Council for assistance with cutting of footpaths and the South West Coast path within the Parish.

Councillors were disappointed that the closure on Footpath 27, Perranuthnoe & access track to Longcliffs, Trebarvah, Rosudgeon had been extended from the 11th March 2023 to 20th May 2023 (24 hours). Clerk was in touch with the building contractors and would be monitoring the situation.

02/23/17 Date of next meeting –  Monday 27th March at The Church Room Perranuthnoe 7pm  
02/23/18 Advance notice of items for Agenda  
02/23/19 Financial matters  
02/23/20 Approval of Bank Reconciliations – December 2022

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the January 2023 bank reconciliations.

02/23/21 Approval of Bank Reconciliations – January  2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the January 2023 bank reconciliations.

02/23/22 Approval of Budget Monitoring 3rd Quarter

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the budget monitoring for the 3rd quarter

02/23/23 Approval of payments schedule February 2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the February 2023 payment schedule.

Receipts CTG Windows St Pirans Hall Deposit £2,819.04,JB Grass Cutting St Pirans Hall £180.00, Crystal Clear Cleaning 17/12/22 – 13/01/23 £648.00, Crystal Clear Cleaning 14/01/23 – 10/02/23 £691.20

St PH Annual Rent for Parish Office 2022/23 £750.00 St PH Room rental for 10 PC meetings in 2022 £240.00 St PH Room rental for Jan & Feb PC meetings  2023 £48.00SWPSI Playground Inspection £36.00, Payroll Direct – Payroll services February 2021 – £32.83, HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions – £173.54, G. Angove – Clerks Salary. G Angove Reimbursement  £21.29 Postage £17.30 Stationery £3.99 Direct debit monthly charges – BT £69.91 Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £60.96.





At 9.15pm the Chair closed Section one of the meeting and proceeded to open Section 2 Confidential matters

Confidential Matters –

  The meeting closed at 9.20pm