19 December 2022 PPC Minutes





Apologies for absence:

Cllr. Leo (working)

Chair Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



12/22/02 Declarations of Interest  – Cllrs Nicholas and Griffiths have been approached to become trustees of St Pirans Hall in Goldsithney. St Pirans Hall is  a registered Charity.  
12/22/03 20 Minute public speaking period  


Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 21st November 2022

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that the minutes be signed.




12/22/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes

An indirect matter arising from the November minutes. Cllr Linton expressed that now the budget had been agreed upon it should be published.

Clerk to report back to councillors as to what is the best practice and format to do this.

12/22/06 Planning Applications and Relevant matters  
  Application PA22/10065

Proposal Demolition of existing outbuilding, construction of new single-storey rear extension, detached carport/store and alterations including the addition of

photovoltaic panels, dormer windows and roof lights.

Location Churchway Cottage Perran Lane Perranuthnoe

Applicant Mr. & Mrs. Hall

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve this application. The addition of photovoltaic panels, and roof lights  should be considered by the planning officer to be in keeping with the conservation area and Dark Skies buffer zone that this property is situated within. 

  Application PA22/09917

Proposal Reserved Matters application for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline consent PA21/00191 dated 28.05.21.

Location Land Adj To Landvue A394 Between Helston Road And Carters Downs Rosudgeon

Applicant Mr. J Trevorrow

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council have no objection to this application subject to the following points

1)    To meet privacy levels  obscure glass should be used such as Pilkington 5

2)    The combined width of the dormer windows  should not exceed 50% of the overall roof size 

  Application PA22/08919

Proposal Construction of detached gym building

Location Trescowe Stables Trescowe Road Goldsithney

Applicant Mr. And Mrs. C Jose

Perranuthnoe Parish Council would like to defer a decision on this planning application

For the following reasons:

The proposed detached property is outside of the curtilage as identified on the original site  plan & fence detail. Received by Cornwall Council on the 02/08/17.

This is a Reg 9 Exception site to build one open market and one affordable. Both properties are still under construction.

Looking at the scale we estimate the proposed brick-built structure to be 7.5 metres this a large area for a gym.

There is no attached letter to support the application for gym training purposes as specified. The application states the purpose as training for one event therefore the council feel a temporary or portable structure or even an extension to the unfinished building would be more appropriate.

There is currently a caravan on site for construction purposes  which will have to be removed once building has been completed. Could the area the caravan occupies be considered for the position of a portable building. 

  Application PA22/10460

Proposal Blocking up of Existing Access, Widening & Improving of Original Opening for Vehicle Access

Location Lyonesse House Red Lane Rosudgeon

Applicant Cornwall Planning Group 

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council object to this planning application on the following grounds:

The applicants have already widened a pedestrian gateway without permission. The  Red Lane hedgerow was removed and a new hedge put in.
Decision notice PA18/06026 Refusal of planning permission for enlargement of existing gated access (which is where Lyonesse House now stands) . Part 1 clearly states that the use of the entrance would harm the rural character and appearance of Red Lane, which the approved driveway to the building plots sought to avoid by being positioned behind the stone boundary walls and natural hedging to Red Lane Highway hedge.

(APP/D0840/W/18/3193928 17/07/18) was for permission for building on the plot. Point I of the decision notice  clearly states the new property will use the existing vehicular access at Rosebud cottage as access. The rationale being  to preserve the hedge and characteristic of the lane.
This new application will not conserve the environmental or characteristics of the lane.

It would now be against our policy under the Perranuthnoe NDP which seeks to conserve and enhance the environment and characteristics of the lanes and hedgerows.

The use of the existing Rosebud cottage entrance onto Red Lane is also to ensure that road safety on the lane is maintained.  One large entrance rather than three separate ones.

  Application PA22/10177

Proposal Change of use of part ground floor to a tearoom

Location Wayside Fore Street Goldsithney

Applicant Ms. Grace Ward

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application. 

  Application PA22/10767

Proposal Demolition and Replacement of Existing Chalet and Associated Works

Location The Chalet Boat Cove Lane Perranuthnoe

Applicant Mr. A De Unger

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council strongly objects to this application.

  Application PA22/10786

Proposal Extension and alterations to existing dwelling.

Location 2 Walters Way Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9DW

Applicant Mr. And Mrs. Pellow

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application. 

12/22/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted. –   
  05/12/2022 PA22/09174 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mrs Wendy Courchene

Location:- Jamara Grove Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HN

Proposal Works to trees subject to a TPO, works include general pruning to all trees. Our boundaries consist of trees all around property – front and back, Beech, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Turkey Oak. Need crown raising to 6 metres

12/22/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused – None  
12/22/09 To Note other planning related matters.   
  17/11/2022 PA22/08552 S52/S106 and discharge of condition apps

Applicant:- Mr Jaime O’Donoghue

Location:- Former Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9NF

Proposal Submission of details to discharge condition 4 in respect of decision notice PA21/09357 dated 06/12/2021

  15/11/2022 PA22/06429 Disch of Cond not all conditions agreed

Applicant:- S J Construction

Location:- Land Adj To Parc An West Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PU

Proposal Submission of details to discharge Conditions 3, 4, 5 and 6 in respect of Decision Notice PA22/02720.

12/22/10 Clerks Report

De fib battery  has been replaced at the Crown Inn at Goldsithney.

Clerk met with Guy Pace the new Community Link Officer for West Penwith on the 16th December. The meeting took place in the Parish Office.



The final meeting of 2022 is bringing together projects which have been ongoing for a number of years.

  1. The traffic management plan for Goldsithney is now out for public consultation.
  2. The Perranuthnoe DYLs have been included under an expressions of interest are being considered by the highways design team. We have no costing on them as yet.
  3. The Examiners Report on the NDP has been completed and caries significant weight now on planning applications. Emphasis has been given to the AONB and WHS classifications. Also, to the Parish being in the dark skies area.
  4. The devolution of the toilets and car park is progressing with CC legal team and our solicitor.

Outstanding planning Enforcement continues to be an issue, our Cornwall Councillor has been emailed about them but there has been no reply so far.

Following a Teams meeting of our clerk, myself and vice chair with Sarah the CEO of CALC recommended updates to the ways of working will be brought in January.

A new website is being sought which better serves the parish. This was put on hold due to Covid but will now be done.

Cllrs are reminded that Code of Conduct training must be completed within 6 months of taking up office and any changes to employment / circumstances etc need to be changed on the declaration of Interest forms. Updated training on the code will be held in the New Year.

Any communications with external organisations should be discussed initially with the Parish Clerk who will take the necessary action. The Parish Clerk must be included in any such communication as she is the responsible officer and needs to be aware of PC business.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. 



Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr. Tara Sherfield -Wong.

No apology for absence or a report provided 

12/22/13 Cllrs Reports:

Cllrs Jago. Was pleased that the hedge in South Road had been trimmed back.

Cllr Rodgers. Commented on the positioning of the public notices re the proposed  traffic management in Goldsithney. The one attached to the North Street sign was on the floor and questioned how anyone could get down to read it why were they not on the lamppost.

Cllr Pascoe. Stated that a lot happens in the Perran and Goldsithney areas of the Parish but Rosudgeon was a quieter area with not as much going on.



Projects Issues & Updates.

NDP update – awaiting  response from Cornwall Council

Traffic Management Plan Goldsithney Public Consultation. Councillors should advise all parishioners to comment on the proposal while the public  consultation was still open it closes on the 5th January 2023

St Pirans Hall  New double-glazed Windows.

Cllrs. Nicholas and Griffiths left the meeting while this matter was discussed.

A discussion followed on whether the Parish Council should support St Pirans Hall in helping to update the fabric of the building. It was noted that the Hall since reopening after the Pandemic was being used by a lot of different groups which was good for the local and surrounding communities. Funds had been previously earmarked for the Hall in the Parish council s reserves.  It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that the Parish Council pay for the new double-glazed windows to the main hall at St Pirans Hall at a cost of £11,746.00 + VAT. This amount to be deducted from the total earmarked for St Pirans Hall.

Cllrs. Nicholas and Griffiths re-joined the meeting

Skatepark –  At the recent meeting ( 24/11/22) which Cllrs. Collins, Pascoe & Sharp attended. The group driving this project have formed a CIC (Community Interest Company). Costs for this project are in the realms of £160,000-£200,000 with no funds obtained  at the moment. The next stage is to find out who owns the land of the proposed site. They want to locate it on the field at St Pirans Hall. The Chairman informed the meeting that the St Pirans Hall Management Committee should be approached re ownership of the land.

Council Email Policy – Perranuthnoe Parish Council has provided all councillors with their own councillor email address. This is to aid them in their work, present a professional image and assist the council in managing its obligations with regards to data protection and freedom of information requests.

The aim of this policy is to assist Parish Councillors with email protocol and compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and GDPR. It sets out best practice for Councillor use of emails when dealing with Council business. The Parish Council is a corporate body working within the framework of the law and local governance. As such, all employees and Parish Councillors are responsible for maintaining a professional approach at all times.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council adopt the Councillor Email Policy. 

Perranuthnoe Bus Shelter. Cllr Collins/Sharp were still waiting for the quote for building work. 



Correspondence, telephone calls etc.

Emails received

Bus shelter roof leaking, the bus shelter opposite the ST Aubyn’s Estate. Clerk to get a quote for repair

Closure of Footpath 27 diversion at Perranuthnoe due to building works. It is a legal closure and we were notified by Cornwall Council that this would be happen. However, we will keep an eye on the end date. Cllr Griffiths stated that individual residents cannot stipulate where they want walkers to walk to suit their properties. Clerk to check with the owner of the property that the diversion signs do take the shortest route.



Footpaths and Rights of Way

Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 Section 53 Schedule 14

Application for Modification of Definitive Map and Statement of Rights of Way

Claimed addition of Footpaths from existing Public Bridleway 9 Perranuthnoe to existing Public Footpath 8 Perranuthnoe at Trenow in the parish of Perranuthnoe (WCA 579)

A discussion took place on the modification order whether public rights already exist, clerk to reply by the end of January.

12/22/17 Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting – Monday 16th January 2023 7pm St Pirans Hal.

12/22/18 Advance notice of items for Agenda 

Goldsithney Traffic Management Plan 






Financial Matters

Approval of Bank Statements & Reconciliations

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation for November 2022.

It was proposed seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve November 2022 bank reconciliations 









Approval of payments schedule December 2022

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to approve the payment schedule.

Receipts RWMC Defib Battery pack Crown Inn £99.00, Crystal Clear Toilet Cleaning £691.20 (22/10-18/11/22) Crystal Clear Toilet Cleaning £691.20 (19/11-16/12/22) SWPSI Playground Inspection £36.00 PT Grounds care: Grass Cutting Cemetery, Goldsithney Green & Triangle. £171.78 Perranuthnoe  Christmas Lights & Events  Group £300, David Barlow Financial Services £227.50, Payroll Direct  Payroll services October 2021 – £32.83, HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions – £426.77, G. Angove Clerks Salary, Reimbursement Stationery £36.30 Postage 18.55 Sundries 21.18  £76.03, BT – Direct debit monthly charges – £69.91 Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £60.96

12/22/22  Confidential Matters – None  
  The meeting closed at 9.30pm