18th October 2021 PPC Minutes


Held at the Church Rooms Perranuthnoe on Monday 18th October 2021,1900 hrs

Clerk: Gail Angove e-mail: gail.angove@perranuthnoe-pc.gov.uk.   websitewww.perranuthnoepc.info


Councillors present: Cllrs. S Nicholas (Chair), A. Collins (Vice Chair), G. Griffiths, J. Jago, C. Pascoe P. Linton. R Greenwood-Penny & D Sharp.

Cornwall Councillor Tara Sherfield- Wong

Visitors Present: Joanna Titchell, Mr D. Stephens

Apologies for absence: Cllrs. S Rodgers & C Cleo

Chairman, Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 1900 and welcomed everyone.

20 Minute public speaking period:

Mr D Stevens spoke on behalf of his daughter and partner in support of PA21/09795

Joanna Titchell spoke regarding caravans at Boat Cove Lane and asked if a property changes hands do permissions associated with the land automatically carryover to the new owner. Following Septembers Parish Council meeting Cllr Linton had been to Boat Cove Lane and prepared photographs with grid references of the area, these were shown to Ms Titchell and Councillors The council stated that granted permissions would transfer to the new owner and to use the Cornwall Council website to report any issues as the Enforcement Officers at Cornwall Council have the powers to act, unfortunately in these circumstances the Parish Council has none.

Approval of minutes from meeting held on 19th July 2021

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously.

Ms Titchell left the meeting at 19.20

Planning Applications and Relevant matters

Application PA21/07917 – Applicant Mr Kemp Grid Ref 154719 / 30369 Location The Cuddy Primrose Hill Goldsithney TR20 9JR.  Proposal Change of use of land to domestic and demolition of existing Mundic Garages and construction of new Garage incorporating Garden room Office and Gym space.  It was proposed seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council objects to this application on the following grounds

  • Change of use of the land
  • The size and scale of the proposed development
  • Visual impact
  • Encroachment into open countryside
  • No physical notice

This should have been two separate applications

Application PA21/09372 – Applicant Ms Penny Green Grid Ref 154720 / 29823. Location Trebarvah Lodge Trebarvah Lane Rosudgeon Penzance. Proposal Existing balcony refurbishment and extension with new access stair to rear garden. It was proposed seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application.

PA21/09795 – Applicant Mr W Bolitho And Miss. A Stevens Grid Ref 155130 / 30941 Proposal Outline application with some matters reserved for construction of bungalow and associated works Location Land East Of Rosevear St Hilary Penzance It was proposed seconded and carried by 6 votes (2 abstentions) that Perranuthnoe Parish Council objects to this application on the following grounds: 1. Identified as LGS in NDP at the entrance of The Avenue 2.  Setting a precedence for future development.

Application PA21/09497 Applicant Mr Khiem Nguyen Livewest C/O Wrekin Windows Proposal Replacement front doors. Location 2, 4, 13, 14, 16 And 18 Manor Farm Close Goldsithney TR20 9JW.  It was proposed seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application.

PA21/08505 – Applicant Baird Proposal Single storey rear extension Location Oamaru Barn Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe It was proposed seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this planning application

Mr Stevens left the meeting at 19.40

The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.

15.09.2021 PA21/06725 APPROVED Applicant: Mr. Lloyd Location: Towan Perran Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9NE Proposal: Modernisation of sunroom, infill extension to rear 2 storey extension both with timber cladding

20.09.2021 PA21/00634 APPROVED Applicant: Mr. & Miss Grey & White Location: Rose Cottage Well Lane

Outline application with all matters reserved for the construction of a dwelling house

The following planning permissions were noted as being refused – None

To Note other planning related matters.

Appeal Ref: APP/D1040/W/21/3273614 Land at St Petry, St Petry, Goldsithney, TR20 9LA Mr. A Ferrell. Appeal Decision Appeal Allowed. No Costs Claimed 30/9/21

Cllr Greenwood- Penny stated that the reasons given by the Inspectorate did not relate, mention or have any bearing on the local residents objections.

21.09.2021 PA21/02493/PREAPP Closed – advice given Applicant: Mr. And Mrs. Courchene Location: Jamara

Grove Lane Perran Downs Proposal: Exception notice to fell dead elm

Clerks Report

External Auditors PKF Accountants – The clerk had received the completed review of the Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) for Perranuthnoe Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2021.  The clerk had: Prepared a “Notice of conclusion of audit” which details the rights of inspection, in line with the statutory requirements. Published the “Notice” along with the certified AGAR (Sections 1, 2 & 3) which must include publication on the Parish Councils website. Kept copies of the AGAR available for purchase by any person on payment of a reasonable sum. Ensure that Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the published AGAR remain available for public access for a period of not less than 5 years from the date of publication.

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that the Parish Council accept the External Report.

Mr Vaughan Glover had informed the clerk that he would be retiring in June 2022. Clerk would make enquiries re a successor.

Quote From SW Play – there were 3 areas in the playground that needed attention a quote from SW Play in Newlyn had been received it seemed rather a lot of money. Councillors asked the clerk to get some alternative quotes to seek a comparison.

Adoption of BT Kiosk in Perranuthnoe the clerk had now signed on behalf of the Parish Council a legal contract with BT adopting the Phone box for community use within the Parish. A discussion took place on possible uses and that the council should ask /approach the Community for ideas.

Chairman’s Report

Following concerns on the accuracy of planning applications and design and access statements I wrote to the planning manager and head of planning copied Cabinet members into it. Re the inaccuracy on the land annotation and also the lack of letters and site notices being sent to neighbours and put up on the sites.

I also suggested that the planning officers allow PC/ TC Cllrs to join the planning training sessions for CC councillors so that everyone understood it.

I had a call from the area manager and the blue and red annotations still apply to planning applications. There is a backlog of planning applications so the notices and letters to neighbours are about 3 weeks behind.

Following issues of planning enforcement highlighted by Derek our MP I contacted him and we are having a drive round to look at these sites in early Nov.

Highways projects the designs should be ready later this year, then out for consultation with proposed works early next year.

The NDP has been reviewed by our outside consultant and is about to be submitted for Reg 16. Interestingly for those who keep saying it is a newly emerging NDP. We have been consulting with the public on this since 2014!

The consultation timeline is being put together as it has to go in with the up-to-date draft.

I would like to give our thanks to Cllr Linton for his valued work on updating our Parish website, it looks so much better.

The bus shelters and notice boards are being looked at, though I found it difficult to get the information from the website of the company?

There are still residents who light bonfires, set off fireworks and generally upset neighbours. It would be really nice if people considered others when doing these things. It doesn’t take much to speak to one another.

Penwith Integrated Care Forum have voiced concerns re the stopping of Ear Wax removal services from GP practices and have asked for them to be reviewed. The waiting times for being seen

Clean bus shelters look really good.

County Cllrs Report – Cornwall Cllr. Tara Sherfield- Wong introduced herself as County Councillor for the newly established Electoral Division of Marazion Long Rock & St Erth.and offered her apologies for not attending previous meetings. This was her first Perranuthnoe Parish Council meeting since her appointment. Moving forward she was aiming to attend every other month.

Items covered

1 Outstanding Enforcement Issues – she is happy to follow up on behalf of the council

  1. Progress on Traffic management Plan for Goldsithney & Perranuthnoe – update that there would be a meeting in November followed by public consultation in December with implementations planned for April 2022
  2. Community Chest Fund there was £ 1000 available for the Council on presentation of a bid

An issued was raised asking if there was anything that could be done re people lighting unnecessary bonfires in the parish, she felt that CC could do nothing about these unless it was creating an environmental issue.

Cllr. Sherfield – Wong confirmed her next attendance at a Perranuthnoe Parish meeting would be on December 20th 2021

Cllrs Reports

Cllr. Collins – asked how long must we continue to wait for something to be done about the two derelict houses on the A394 next to Courtlands Care Home they were an eyesore. It was proposed to send a letter to Alan Mason & John Drew Heads of Development & Enforcement at CC stating that they were a H & S issue and a danger to passing pedestrians and traffic.

Cllr. Greenwood Penny enquired how many response had there been to allotments at Daffodil Fields – None

Planning Application for no 25 St Petry was taking an extraordinary amount of time to process compared to other planning matters in the system.

Cllr Sharp- Re cleaning of toilets in winter months- could /should they be reduced to 4 instead of 7 days a week? Clerk to ask Crystal Clear if this is possible.

Letter to lady asking for a hand rail to be installed on the slip way at Perranuthnoe beach. It had been established that the ownership of the slipway was Cornwall Council. Clerk to follow up with letter and Community Network Officer at CC.

Cllr Griffiths Outdoor Gym – Pistons in vertical position showing signs of rusting not good when equipment was so new. Clerk to follow up with Proludic Ltd.

Overgrown walkways from Primrose Hill to Manor Close and from Primrose Hill to Meadow View, he would be reporting it. Update required on memorial bench at Trenow Cove – Clerk had made contact with the NT and was awaiting a response to see if this was feasible

Project/issues updates:

Project/issues updates:

Multi Use Goal Area at St Pirans Hall – Installation and Inspection had now taken place and the MUGA was now open for public use. Photo opportunity to be instigated for PR purposes by the Clerk.

CCTV – St Pirans Hall – UPDATE – Quotes for CCTV had been received by the Hall committee approximately £3500 these had been circulated to parish councillors. It was discussed that PPC would contribute towards the cost of installing CCTV. Chair of St Pirans Hall Committee Andy Moore had been successful in securing a £1000 bid application from the Police (he had submitted a grant application totalling £2200). Cllr Nicholas would be attending the Hall committee meeting on the 4th November and would report further following the meeting.

Picnic Tables – Cllr Nicholas asked for quotes to be obtained for Picnic tables in the Play area at St Pirans

Bus shelter at St Pians Hall – had been damaged and was not looking good, Cllr Griffiths to enquire re repairing /replacement parts etc.

Councillors email addresses – 9/10 councillors were now using the Perranuthnoe-pc.gov.uk email addresses.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the Parish Clerk is the data controller for the Parish Council.  Councillors are also data controllers when in receipt of data (confidential, personal, financial) for which Members become legally responsible for under GDPR regulations.

Added to which we also have a duty under the GDPR regulations to ensure that our data is stored safely in a digitally secure manner.

The current practice of using personal (sometimes shared) or business e-mails does leave the Council open to possible data breaches. The risk is high and we find ourselves in a place of weakness.  Data which should be stored securely is not always so and should a device (mobile, laptop, tablet, external hard drive, flash drive) get lost or stolen then information that maybe exposed to data theft.  The Parish Council should mitigate the risk.

It was proposed, seconded and voted unanimously that it is mandatory for all parish councillors to use the official .gov email address to comply with GDPR regulations and cyber security.

PPC Notice Boards looking tired and could be replaced Councillors to look around and see what options are available.

Cemetery Gates need repainting refer to next meeting.

Remembrance Sunday 14th November it was agreed that Cllr Griffiths would represent PPC at the wreath laying ceremony.

Correspondence, telephone calls and other rep

Framework Convention for the Protection National Minorities. Cllr. Pascoe agreed to look at this correspondence and reply where necessary

Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting – Monday 15th November 2021 7pm to be held at St Piran’s Hall

Advance notice of items for agenda. Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include:

Budget 2022/23

Precept 2022

Financial & Confidential Matters:

Approval of Bank Statements

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement for August & September 2021. This, having previously been circulated, was/ noted, and approved.

Budget Monitoring 2nd quarter

Councillors reviewed and discussed spreadsheets detailing the budget monitoring for the 2nd quarter of 2021 It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to approve the bank monitoring for the 2nd quarter

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously.

The Meeting closed at 21.55