18 Dec 2023 PPC Minutes


Clerk: Gail Angove     

e-mail: gail.angove@perranuthnoe-pc.gov.uk

website: www.perranuthnoepc.info


Held at St Pirans Hall Monday 18th December 2023 7pm.

Councillors Present: D. Sharp (Chairman),) S. Nicholas (Vice Chairman)  G. Griffiths, J. Jago, A. Collins, P. Linton C. Pascoe, S. Brede K. Trevena. & P Crump. Cornwall Cllr John Martin.

Visitors Present:  No members of the public in attendance.



Apologies for absence:

Chairman Cllr David Sharp opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



12/23/02 Declarations of Interest. – None  
12/23/03 Co-Option of new Councillor Mr Paul Crump.  It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to co-opt Mr Paul Crump onto the Parish Council as a Councillor for the Goldsithney Ward.  
12/23/04 20-minute public speaking period  – None  



12/23/05 Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 20th November 2023

These were proposed, seconded, and agreed unanimously that the minutes be approved and signed.

12/23/06 Any matters arising from the signed minutes. None .  
  Planning Applications and Relevant matters  
  Application PA23/09246

Proposal Construction of dwelling house, landscaping and associated works without compliance with condition 2 of appeal decision APP/D0840/W/22/3305531 dated 13.03.2023.Location Land And Buildings East Of The Old Carthouse Trebarvah Lane Perranuthnoe Applicant Mr & Mrs Firth.

Perranuthnoe Parish council has reviewed this application Although having no strong objections to the variations listed to condition 2 of appeal APP/D0840/W/22/3305531 we recognise that this is a sensitive  site and the replacement of the previous approved stone cladding with timber cladding is a major visual change. We would request that the planning officer consider this in their decision and be aware that the Perranuthnoe Parish Plan has now been formally adopted.

Solar panels should not detract from the visual surroundings of the Cornwall National Landscape. One enlarged sky light  on the NW elevation should be sympathetic to the Dark Skies buffer zone within the parish. Non reflective glass should be used on the glazed veranda balcony.

12/23/07 Application PA23/09271

Proposal Reserved matters application following outline approval PA21/01696 for

construction of two semi-detached dwellings without compliance with condition 2

of decision notice PA22/04482 dated 19/10/2022.

Location The Green St Petry Goldsithney Penzance Applicant Mr P Baker

Perranuthnoe Parish Council has No objections to boundary construction changes (fencing + block wall) but concern over full plot hard landscaping (Patio + Tarmac) replacing proposed site plan in PA22/09271 showing grassed garden areas.

  The following planning permissions were noted as being granted. – None   
12/23/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused. –  None  
12/23/9 To Note other planning related matters.  
  29/11/2023 PA23/09647 Disch of cond not all conditions agreed

Applicant:- Timms Construction

Location:- Former Fair Havens Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall TR20 9NQ

Proposal Submission of details to discharge Conditions 3, 4 and 6 in respect of Decision Notice PA23/04136 dated 17.10.23.

  16/11/2023 PA23/08609 Decided not to make a TPO (TCA apps)

Applicant:- Mrs Suzi Hall

Location:- Churchway Cottage Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall TR20 9NB

Proposal Works to trees in a Conservation Area for Sycamore (T1) – prune (please see accompanying photo). Ash (T2) -prune (please see accompanying photo). Sycamore (T3) – prune (please see accompanying photo). Fig Tree (T4) – prune (please see accompanying photo



Clerks Report

The Clerk advised members that Community Infrastructure Levy funds should be spent within the Parish as they had a time limit on them. Councillors had identified two areas where funds could be spent. It was proposed seconded and agreed unanimously to allocate £7,4160.25 on 5 new Noticeboards and £1,848.00 on new four new Defib Cabinets.

CCLA – Churches, Charities and Local Authority –  Public Sector Investment Fund. The Clerk was researching the possibility of setting up a Public Sector Deposit Fund with CCLA The fund was low risk provides good liquidity and good yield. Some councillors expressed that they did not favour  the risk element of investing .

The Parish Council currently  operates its day to day banking with Lloyds Bank.

Councillors voted to move reserves money into a Lloyds bank account with a higher rate of interest but were aware there was a 32 day notice on this account.



Chairmans Report –  Cllr David Sharp

Cllr Sharp reported that the quarter chimes had been reinstated today 18th December at the Parish Church in Perranuthnoe. He then wished all his fellow councillors a very Merry Christmas.

Cllr Jago thanked Cllrs. Collins & Sharp for putting the Star on the Church Tower at Perranuthnoe



Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr John Martin

Another resident of Springfield Road had been in touch with Cllr Martin reference flooding of properties in this area. Cllr Martin had now written to the Prime Minister copying in the leader of Cornwall Council   with regard to the purchase of equipment to take the water and pump it away from the affected areas and into the fields. He  felt we will be facing more extreme weather patterns in the future and this problem will not be going away.

Another resident had reported flooding at Perran Downs junction with Perran Downs Lane. Cllr Martin had an on-site meeting with Andy Hoskin re this issue. Although not in our parish he was also dealing with blockages in Trescowe.

Cllr Martin sits on the West Planning Sub Committee at the last meeting there were 6 applications half were successful. He also sits on the Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee who were looking at Sustainable Tourism in Cornwall and how Cornwall Council could facilitate future initiatives  i.e. a possible Tourist Tax or Registration fee were being discussed. The Industry via CATA (Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions)  would be invited for comments in January.

It had also come to his attention that he was dealing with a long list of eviction notices across his constituency . It was harrowing for some families as there was a shortage of places to rent although a  National Problem it was happening right here in Cornwall.

12/23/13 Cllrs Reports:

Cllr Crump  –  Christmas Lights are up in Goldsithney although some of them appear to be ‘elderly’. Following the switch on which was on the 1st December a survey was to be implemented. There was a large number of cones that have appeared in the road at West End  in Goldsithney. Cllr Crump asked the council did anyone know who had put them there and what was there purpose. No one was aware of any professional body placing them there it appeared a mystery.

Cllr Nicholas- would like a confidential enforcement system at the moment you have to name yourself when reporting an issue, she felt it was not right that parishioners could /may be the subject of retribution. Cllr Nicholas thought the possibility of solar powered de fibs might be a way of getting more of them into rural areas of the parish. Cllr Nicholas reported people were unnecessarily taking down trees in Perran Downs and Red lane.

Cllr Pascoe – Reported the state of the pavement at the end of Walters Way in Rosudgeon on the main A394 there was so much surface water people are walking in the road. Clerk asked for a house name Cllr Pascoe to get more details

Cllr Griffiths – Wildanet had dug a trench to bury optic fibres they had been installing at Springfield Road. There was an overspill of dust onto tarmac and cars which left particles embedded in cars and drives he was concerned they would end up in various drains and  environmental chains. Wildanet had a very cavalier attitude, they turn up make a mess then leave.

Cllr Linton –  Reported that the Christmas Tree and lights were now up in Lynnfield Yard in Perranuthnoe. He would like to thank Cllr Martin and the Parish Council for the funding which enabled  this to happen.

Cllr Brede – Reported that a parishioner had been in touch concerned with a new building being built at the Akele Farm Shop in Lancamshire Lane as no planning application had been granted – Clerk to report to Cornwall Council. With the onset of the winter storms she was concerned about the stability of the tree in Primrose Hill. Clerk had reported it to Cornwall Council but had not heard anything back.

Cllr Jago – Was curious about the amount of money that had been allocated Nationally for the repair of  pot holes . He was concerned that it would be top sliced by officials and leave a smaller amount for the materials.



Projects, Issues & Updates

Bus shelter – Perranuthnoe Cllr Sharp was waiting for probate to be settled before approaching the land owners re the land required to site a bus shelter in Perranuthnoe. He was hoping to see them in the New Year.

Bin at Car Park – Perranuthnoe  The Cornwall Council bin  was still there and being emptied on a regular basis. When it does finally get removed the parish Council are looking to replace it with a lockable  Biffa Bin which will be supplied free of charge but costs £ 36.00 + Vat to be emptied.

Grass Cutting at St Pirans Hall – To bring new councillors and councillors who joined the council within the last 5 years up to date. Historically the Parish Council  had agreed with the Management Committee of St Pirans Hall who own the field,  to cover the costs of the grass cutting on the field in lieu of paying rent for the use of land to site the Children’s Play area, in 2021the Green gym & Muga area were added.

Emergency Telephone – Perranuthnoe Cllr Linton reiterated his request to have an emergency phone near the old telephone Kiosk in Perranuthnoe the reason for this is because of such a poor signal in the area- Clerk to look into possibilities.



Correspondence, telephone calls etc. Emails received:

Received – Notice of Community Partnership Meeting on the 03/01/24 at St Johns Hall Penzance – Chair & Vice Chair to attend to represent the Parish Council.



Footpaths and Rights of Way  
12/23/17 Date of next meeting –

Monday 15th January 2023 at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney 7pm.

12/23/18 Advance Notice of items for Agenda  
12/23/19 Financial matters-  
12/23/20 Receive & Approve Bank Reconciliation statements for November 2023. These having previously been circulated. It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously  to approve the Bank Reconciliations  for November 2023  
12/23/21 Approval of Payments Schedule

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously  to approve the Payment Schedule for November  2023

  SWPSI Playground Inspection £40.00  
  Crystal Clear Cleaning 21/10/23 – 17/11/23 £691.20  
  JB Grass cutting St Pirans Hall  £180.00  
  Peter Thomas Grounds care £179.56  
  Headland Printers £190.00  
  Forrest  Projects Ltd £780.00  
  RRMC De-fib Cabinets £1,848.00  
  The Parish Notice board Company £ 4,449.75  
  Payroll Direct – Payroll services August 2023 – £39.83  
  HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions – £384.68  
  G. Angove – Clerks Salary  
  G Angove Reimbursement £118.49 – Stationery £49.70 Postage £68.79  
  BT – Direct debit monthly charges – £69.91

Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £96.12

  Section 1 of the meeting closed at 9.15 pm  
12/23/22 Confidential Matters

Section 2  Confidential opened at 9.17pm -one item to be discussed.


Meeting closed at 9.43pm