17 Oct 2022 PPC Minutes




Clerk: Gail Angove                                   


e-mail: gail.angove@perranuthnoe-pc.gov.uk

website: www.perranuthnoepc.info



Held at The Church Room Perranuthnoe on Monday 17th October 2022

1900 hrs


Councillors Present: S. Nicholas (Chairman), Cllrs. D Sharp (Vice Chair) J. Jago, G. Griffiths, P Linton, A Collins  & C. Pascoe.

Visitors Present: Mr I Rowe




Apologies for absence:

Cllrs. Rogers, Leo & Greenwood -Penny

Chair Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



10/22/02 Declarations of Interest – None  
10/22/03 20 Minute public speaking period

Mr Rowe spoke in relation to concerns he had about the boundary hedge that borders the footpath/walkway that runs from Queens Way to South Road in Goldsithney, which is directly opposite his property. He felt that it was overgrown and requires cutting back. Cars park alongside it both during the day and evening. Vehicles and pedestrians were having to  negotiate around the parked vehicles and  walk out around them. He was hopeful the Parish Council, could see the merit of suggesting that the hedge be trimmed and be able to involve the correct agencies to carry it out. Cllrs did agree with him and pointed out that the responsibility to cut it back lay in the ownership of the hedge. The hedge borders 8 individual properties in South Road and would have been the responsibility of the housing association (Live West) who originally owned them. Some have subsequently been sold and are now in private ownership  and it was difficult to assess if the hedge was part of their land. The Clerk agreed to contact Highways department at Cornwall Council to see if they could determine ownership. Findings would be relayed to the Parish Council and Mr Rowe.




Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 26th September 2022

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that the minutes be signed.




09/22/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes

Cllr Linton  expressed that matters discussed in the confidential section should be minuted. A discussion ensued and the Chair explained that all matters are recorded by the clerk in minute form. However, if they are of a confidential /controversial/personal matter they would not always be published in full  because of their nature, but a record of them is retained by the clerk for Council use.

10/22/06 Planning Applications and Relevant matters


  Application PA 22/08131 – Applicant Miss Amy Horam

Listed Building Consent to install LPG boiler central heating to the property

including below ground Bulk LPG tank and radiators in every room. Additionally,

convert bedroom 6 into a family shower room with WC.

Location The Manor Cottage Fore Street Goldsithney

It was Proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council support this planning application. Cllr Griffiths noted that this was a thorough application and thanked the applicants for the effort they had gone to and engaging with the Parish Council.


10/22/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted. –


  15/09/2022 PA21/00236 APPROVED Applicant: – Mr P Keen

Location: – Pen Bownder Red Lane Rosudgeon TR20 9PU

Proposal Change of use of existing outbuilding to new dwelling. (Removal of the existing residential caravan/building that benefits from a CLUED).

  21/09/2022 PA22/06688 APPROVED Applicant: – Mr S Twose

Location: – 24 Springfield Road Goldsithney Cornwall TR20 9HW

Proposal Conversion of integral garage, extensions and associated works to main dwelling, and also construction of a new detached studio.


  29/09/2022 PA22/06777 S52/S106 and discharge of condition apps

Applicant: – Mrs Kathleen Filmer

Location: – Parc An Praze St Pirans Way Perranuthnoe Cornwall TR20 9NA

Proposal Submission of details to discharge condition 5 in relation to decision PA20/01930 dated 21.08.2020

10/22/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused

16/09/2022 PA22/05338 REFUSED Applicant:Mr G Allen

Location: – Land Adj To Polgear Villa Well Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HH Proposal Erection of a dwelling

10/22/09 To Note other planning related matters.


  PA21/09795 – Appeal Ref D0840/W22/3291204

Land east of Rosevear, St Hilary, Penzance – Mr. Bolitho and Miss Stevens –

Appeal Dismissed. No Costs claimed

  PA22/04482 Proposal: Reserved matters application following outline approval

PA21/01696 for construction of two semi-detached dwellings

Location: The Green St Petry Goldsithney Cornwall TR20 9AY – Applicant: Mr Paul Baker

This application will be reported to the Planning Committee for it to decide. The Committee meeting will be at 10.00 am on 17 October 2022 and take place in the Council Chamber Dolcoath Avenue, Camborne, TR14 8SX.

Our Divisional Cornwall Councillor Tara Sherfield Wong would be representing Perranuthnoe Parish Council  at this meeting. Cllr Sherfield-Wong had been briefed and a report given to her by the Chairman.

10/22/10 Clerks Report

A text message received from Tara Sherfield -Wong had been received by the clerk today Monday 17th October at 16.40. Its contents were that Tara would not be sending a report for tonight’s Parish Council meeting  as she had been unwell with flu all weekend. It was also the reason she had not attended the Cornwall Council Planning meeting at Camborne earlier in the day where she was to represent Perranuthnoe Parish Council. The clerk was disappointed that she had been informed so late in the day leaving the council with no representation or apologies at the meeting. The planning application that the parish were opposing at St Petry was subsequently approved by the planning committee.

10/22/11 Chairmans Report

At present we are waiting for replies to where we are with the highways project for Goldsithney and Perranuthnoe. An email was sent today asking for an update but this time we are still waiting for a response.

The footpath between Goldsithney and Marazion.

Planning applications continue to take up much of Parish time. There are a number of five-day letters being received from planning officers that have to be dealt with and require responses from Cllrs as soon as they receive them.

Likewise for applications that go to Planning Committees where attendance and statements need to be done for each one.

Enforcement action is slow due to the numbers of cases involved not only in our parish but in West Cornwall generally but remain on the Parish radar.


It is good to see that action is being taken by the police and DVLA on vehicles that are being used illegally on the roads under the No Excuse exercise.

We are waiting for the external examiner report on the NDP so at this time there are no updates on it.


Myself, the Vice chairman and clerk are attending a meeting on Thursday 20th October which has been called to look at the latest draft proposals on the Community Network changes. This is because the views of the Network have to be in by the 18th Nov which is the day after the next scheduled Network meeting and there would not be time to go through the detail at that one.

10/22/12 Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr. Tara Sherfield -Wong

None provided

10/22/13 Cllrs Reports:

Cllr. Linton. Informed the council that the Perranuthnoe Christmas Tree Fund group had disbanded and a new group had been set up in the village called The Perranuthnoe Village Community Group. This group of which he was the Secretary, would now be responsible for the Christmas decorations in the village and would submit a request to the council for funding this year.

Cllr. Collins  and Cllr Pascoe would be representing the Council at the proposed new Skatepark meeting on the 24/11/22.

Cllrs Sharp & Nicholas had attended the St. Pirans Hall  Management Committee meeting on the 13/10/22




Projects Issues & Updates.


NDP – Still waiting for the Examiners Report


St Pirans Hall Management Committee request  At the September  PC meeting the council had been asked to help with handling the VAT on invoicing products that the hall committee would purchase. Cllr Leo asked that the clerk check with the Internal auditor to see if this would be lawful. Clerk had ascertained that it is not good practice and had been advised against it.

Following a meeting with the St Pirans Hall Committee on the 13th October at which the Chair & Vice Chair of the parish council were present they proposed that the quotes are put in to the Parish Council name and that the parish council would pay for the car park marking and hand rail improvements.

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the orders be placed and paid for in the name of the Parish Council. Clerk to proceed with orders on behalf of the Parish Council.


Poppy Appeal Donation

Cllr Griffiths declared an interest in this and therefore did not vote.

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to donate £300.00 to the 2022 RBL Poppy Appeal.


Perranuthnoe Bus Shelter A meeting has taken place with Cllrs Collins and Sharp (Perran Ward  councillors) and the builder for the development of the Perranuthnoe Bus shelter. Cllr Collins was now awaiting the quote and should have it within a week.





Correspondence, telephone calls etc.

An Email request had been received from Cllr. Sherfield-Wong asking to change day of PC meetings to the first Monday in the month. This was discussed by Councillors and it was decided to keep the meetings as they were the third Monday of each calendar month.

A grant application had been received from Goldsithney Christmas Lights/Festivities Group. It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to donate £400.00 to be used for the purpose of purchasing a Christmas tree and lights for Goldsithney.

Allotments Request – the clerk had received an interest from a parishioner for an allotment within the Parish. The Parish Council do not have any allotments but were aware of interest from a small group of residents. Cllrs discussed looking out for viable land that might be suitable in the future for potential allotments



Footpaths and Rights of Way


10/22/17 Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting – Monday 17th October 2022 7pm St Pirans Hall

Apologies given by Cllr Griffiths as he would be away






Advance notice of items for agenda.

Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include:

Budget & Precept 2023  – Cllrs requested a separate Budget meeting to be held before the next meeting

Clerk to organise.

Cleaning of Bus Shelters – Clerk to ask Crystal Clear if they do this and to get a price.










Financial Matters

Approval of Bank Statements & Reconciliations

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation for July 2022.

It was proposed seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve September 2022 bank reconciliations.



Approval of payments schedule September 2022

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously to approve the payment schedule.

Crystal Clear Toilet Cleaning – £820.80.20 (27/08/22-23/09/22)

PKF External Audit £360.00

P Goninan – base for new memorial seat £ 267.74

Perranuthnoe Church Council Room Hire £15.00

SW Playground August Inspections – £36.00

HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions – £150.75

Payroll Direct – Payroll services July 2021 – £32.83

Clerks reimbursement postage £17.45

Clerks Salary



Confidential Matters

Two items

1)    Trees being felled unlawfully in the Parish

2)    Some councillors were not present at the September meeting so an update took place on the request for an Internal Review Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information Regulations.



The meeting closed at 9.10pm