17 May 2021 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney Monday 17th May 2021, 1900 hrs

Councillors present Cllrs S Nicholas (Chair) A Collins, G. Griffiths, J. Jago, D. Sharp & R. Greenwood-Penny.

Visitors Present:  Mr & Mrs Luke Edwards & family

Apologies for absence: Cllr Cas Leo Working
20 Minute public speaking period Mr Edwards spoke in support of PA21/02650

Approval of minutes from meeting held on 19th April 2021

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously
Planning Applications and Relevant matters

PA21/02650 Proposal Creation of ‘room in the roof’ with dormer and single storey extension to rear. Location 13 Chiverton Way Rosudgeon TR20 9PS Applicant Mr. Luke Edwards.
It was proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports the application, but asks that Cornwall Council take care to ensure that the privacy of neighbouring properties is maintained as far as possible and that it does not become a two-storey building.

PA21/03293 Proposal Conversion and Extension of Outbuilding to Form Ancillary Use to Main Dwelling House Location Ednovean House Ednovean Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9LZ Applicant Mrs. J Lee
The council felt this application contravened Policy 23 of the CDP Impact on the Natural Environment and Policy 24 of the Cornwall Development Plan Impact on the Historic Environment. Impact on the public footpath and access was raised as well as noise impact on neighbours. It was proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council opposes the application.

PA21/00278 Proposal Demolish existing joined garage and workshop. Replace with larger workshop and smaller garage and extend workshop by 2 metres. To include WC and sink facilities within the floorspace. Location Paith Pool Perran Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9LZ Applicant Mr Mark Bradford
The applicant has produced further comments on the application but with no positive information on whether he will alter his application to be in line with our suggestions and also as to what he wishes to change his application to. In these circumstances we repeat our comments which we approved at our March 2021 meeting
It was proposed, seconded and carried by 6 votes to one that Perranuthnoe Parish Council opposes the application.

PA21/04041 Proposal Application for a non-material amendment in respect of decision notice PA19/09164. Location Land Adj To Colenso Grove Perran Downs Lane Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9AN Applicant Mr Alan Thomas – Thomas Homes (Cornwall) Limited
The application is ostensibly for a change in cladding colour but the application also seeks to ratify the creation of separate entrances for the dwelling and seeks approval for position of the bio-discs system close to the boundary with screen planting behind the hedge line.
One of the PC’s previously expressed concerns has been to ensure a proper hedge is provided, the entrance is not enlarged and the open aspect of the view down Perran Down Lane is maintained as far as possible.
The Parish council agree to the change in cladding however do not agree with the creation of a second driveway contrary to the original planning application where the same driveway has to be used. It was proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council opposes the application.

Cllr Nicholas CC Rider applies to all planning applications – I may change my mind on a planning application if further information comes to light which is not available at this time.

Mr & Mrs Edwards left the meeting at 19.20
The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.

PA20/04998 APPROVED Applicant: Miss Kensa Trevorrow Location: Land Adj To Landvue Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9PA Proposal: Approval of all reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) Erection of a new residential dwelling and associated works (allowed by Appeal APP/D0840/W/18/3215401)

PA20/09262 APPROVED Applicant: Mr. M Ballard Location: Land Adj To Sunningdale Trescowe Road Goldsithney Cornwall TR20 9HR Proposal: Application for Approval of Reserved Matters in relation to Decision Notice PA18/08978 (varied by PA19/10690): Appearance, Landscaping and Scale

PA21/01889 APPROVED Applicant: Mr I Hart Location: Wheales Johns Corner Rosudgeon TR20 9PJ Proposal: Construction of garage, alterations & associated Works

PA21/02957 APPROVED Applicant: Mr. Tim Westwell Location: Trenow Cove House Trenow Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9NY Proposal: Nonmaterial amendment in relation to Decision Notice PA19/08924 dated 11.01.2020

The following planning permissions were noted as being refused
PA21/01696 REFUSED Applicant: Mr A Ferrell Location: The Green St Petry Goldsithney
Cornwall Proposal: Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Construction of up to two Dwellings
To Note other planning related matters.
PA21/02137 Decided not to make a TPO (TCA apps) Applicant: Mr. Richard Wigham Location: St James Fore Street Goldsithney TR20 9JP Proposal: Proposal to fell 3 x tree

Clerks Report
We welcome a return to physical meetings for Town and Parish Councils up and down the Country and our first one back in St Pirans Hall this evening,
The refurbishment of the Parish Office was almost complete just waiting on the electrician to add some more power sockets.
Internal Audit was currently taking place clerk working closely with David Barlow and the Internal Auditors Hudson Accounting.
Code of Conduct Training 21 May 10am-12pm 25 May 10am-12pm
Clerk has now met in person Grounds Care personnel for the Parish – P Thomas & J Beard

Chairman’s Report
Perranuthnoe Parish Council continues to support Community Events which impact on the well-being of residents through grants to a variety of local groups. We also work closely with the management of St Pirans Hall and give financial support to some of their projects which in turn benefits the residents.
For some time, we have been looking at a variety of options for an outdoor Gym and I am pleased to say that following negotiations with St Pirans Hall management team for a site this should soon be approved. During this last year, the Council have been asked by a number of young people living in the village for provision of an outdoor basketball facility and a skate park.
Alongside the Outdoor gym provision, we have looked at providing the basketball equipment and subject to the approval of the Council the funding and ordering of this will make it possible.
A skate park costs in the region of £170,000 to install after land has been found. The council have asked the young people to consider ways they might raise funds for it and we will support them in this.

The public toilets in Perranuthnoe have been reopened as a community asset following them being closed for some time. Work is ongoing on this project but we owe a big thank you to Cllrs Sharp & Collins who have worked tirelessly to ensure that these are kept open, donations from the car park are paying for cleaning etc. Beach car park in Perranuthnoe continues to be an issue which we are working to have devolved to the Parish Council.
Thanks also to all Councillors who work tirelessly and often behind the scenes to keep the Parish safe and a good place to live in with little appreciation of others to their commitment to the community.

County Cllrs Report – Perranuthnoe Parish Council are waiting to meet the newly elected County Councillor for the Long Rock Marazion & St Erth Electoral Division Tara Sherfield Wong.

The Parish Council have worked closely with Cornwall Council and the previous County Councillor Sue Nicholas who was instrumental in securing monies via the Community Network Forum Highways Fund for a traffic management plan in Goldsithney and further work in Perranuthnoe. The designs are completed and these will be out for public consultation in the near future. This is a once and for all opportunity to sort out the traffic issues in Goldsithney and the Parish Council took onboard residents comments and these were built into the design where possible. We hope this design will be supported.

It is regrettable that the poor surface of some of the lanes/ roads have not yet been dealt with but we are assured they are in the pipeline. DYLs have been put in place in the Parish in response to residents’ complaints about cars parking in inappropriate places, on corners and junctions, obstructing the view of drivers. Enforcement will be making checks on these. DYLs are a cost to the Council and are there for a reason, we ask that residents and visitors respect them.

Outgoing Cornwall Cllr Nicholas has worked tirelessly behind the scenes since being elected in 2009 to get our highways projects funded and for help and funding when it was needed for all manner of things. Cllr Nicholas stood down at the last election and hopes to spend more time relaxing.

Cllr Griffiths Had inspected the football posts on the playing field as they will have to be relocated due to excessive wear and ground erosion in certain areas. Additional sockets might be required when goal posts are re sited.
Cllr Sharp
Mrs D. Purchase had contacted Cllr Sharp commenting about the state of the SW Footpath at Trevean which she felt was in a poor state this had been reported to CC.
Cllr Sharp had received a letter from a Mrs G. Gresswell who expressed concern that elderly people needed a handrail on one side off the slipway to help them get back up from the beach. The slipway is owned by CC clerk to reply to letter.
Project/issues updates:
Green Gym quotes to be discussed in Financial section

Status of PPC NDP –
Stuart Todd Associates quote to discussed in Financial section

Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports:
The RoSPA playground safety report had been received and circulated to Councillors Cllr Griffith had reviewed and reported they were no major issues minor wear and tear as to be expected actions had been put into place with Vaughan Glover.

Invite receive to the St Pirans Hall AGM Monday 24th May at 7pm

Footpaths and Rights of Way

Date of next meeting – Monday 21st June 2021 7pm to be held at St Piran’s Hall
Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include
• AGAR & Internal Audit Report
• Perranuthnoe Car park & Toilets
• Co Option – Advertise for new Councillors
Financial & Confidential Matters:

The Meeting closed at 21.30pm