17 January 2022 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney on Monday 17th January 2022,1900 hrs

Councillors Present: Cllrs. S. Nicholas (Chairman) A. Collins (Vice- Chairman), R. Greenwood -Penny, J. Jago, C. Pascoe. D Sharp, P. Linton & G. Griffiths

Visitors Present:  Mr M Tucker, Mr A Halls & Ms S. Vandermeeren (speaking)



Apologies for absence: Cllrs S Rogers & C. Leo. County Cllr. Tara Sherfield -Wong

Cllr Leo asked that a statement be included in the minutes

“Councillor Leo was not summoned in the required time for the meeting and did not attend”

Chairman Sue Nicholas stated that all councillors had been summoned to the meeting 7 days in advance via their official Parish Council .gov email addresses which 9/10 councillors were now using for Parish business.

Chair Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.

01/22/02 Declarations of Interest – None declared
01/22/03 20 Minute public speaking period –

Mr M Tucker, Mr A Halls & Ms S. Vandermeeren spoke individually opposing to PA21/12651



Approval of minutes from meeting held on 20th December 2021

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously.

01/22/05 Planning Applications and Relevant matters
PA21/12651 Proposal Construction of Dwelling House, Landscaping and Associated Works Location Land And Buildings East Of The Old Carthouse Trebarvah Lane Trebarvah Perranuthnoe Applicant Mr And Mrs S Firth

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that PPC objects to this application on the following grounds: 1) Scale & Impact of the Proposed Development, 2) Impact on neighbouring property to the West of the site – The Old Potato Barn. 3) The impact of removing 6m of Cornish Hedge to create a new vehicle access point. 4) Caravans on the Site and implications thereof if they stay on site during construction and 5) Lack of clarity in planning application on design materials.

PA21/12281 Proposal Replacement windows and doors Location 21 Collygree Parc Goldsithney TR20 9LY Applicant Mr Khiem Nguyen Livewest C/O Wrekin Windows

 It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed PPC supports this application

PA21/11578 Proposal New build replacement dwelling Location Trenow Cove House Trenow Lane Perranuthnoe TR20 9NY Applicant Mr Tim Westwell

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed PPC has no objection to this application.

PA21/09362 Proposal Application for approval of reserved matters following Outline Planning Approval PA18/06613: Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale on four drawings Location Land North East Of Gears Cottage Gears Lane Goldsithney Cornwall Applicant Dr Michael Patching

Perranuthnoe Parish Council has no objection to this application for one detached house as set out in the outline providing. However, in order to support this application, the following two conditions should be applied. 1). The proposed dwelling is built in stone and in local character as the applicants existing new home is. 2). The Parish Council seeks to get the caravan removed as part of any support for the application and proposes that the proposed house is more centrally positioned in the plot.

Mr M Tucker, Mr A Halls & Ms S. Vandermeeren left the meeting at 7.50pm

01/22/06 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.
14.12.2021 PA21/07917 APPROVED Applicant: Mr. Kemp Location: The Cuddy Primrose Hill Goldsithney TR20 9JR Proposal: Change of use of land to domestic and demolition of existing Mundic Garages and construction of new Garage incorporating Garden room Office and Gym space
01/22/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused
16.12.2021 PA21/06158 REFUSED Applicant: Mr. J Wright Location: 3 The Mews Road From Perran Lane To Church Farm Perranuthnoe TR20 9NB Proposal: Amendments to Existing Roof Structure and Associated Works
01/22/08 To Note other planning related matters.
14.12.2021 PA21/03175/PREAPP Closed – advice given Applicant: Mr. Thomas Location: Pine Trees Trescowe Road Goldsithney Proposal: Exception notice for tree works to: T2 sycamore, T6 Holly T7 Thorn, T12 Ash and T28 Thorn. All middle-aged trees.
Appeal PA21/04490 7/12/21 APP/D0840/W/21/3282486 Planning in Principle for the construction of up to 5 dwellings Land South Of Red Lane Red Lane Rosudgeon Cornwall TR20 9PU Mr. D. Laity. Representations made on behalf of PPC on the 10th January 2022.
PA21/12056 | Prior approval for a proposed Change of use from Commercial, Business and Service (Use Class E) to Dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). First floor only. No external changes. Unit 4 First Floor Nanturras Workshops Nanturras Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HE Mr. Ben Williams

Application Type – Prior Approval Commercial to Dwelling not a Full Application



Clerks Report

Clerk had received a request for a “special case” in regard to cemetery fees for a double cremation plot for a married couple who although had moved away had strong links with the Parish Church. They had lived in the Parish for a considerable number of years and their children had grown up in the Parish

It was proposed and agreed by five votes to one that the council would only charge double burial fees for one rather than two persons

Clerk was researching for a provider to take over the Playground/outdoor gym/Muga Inspections as Vaughan Glover is retiring in March 2020. The parts that required replacing on four gym apparatus have now been installed and replacement is now complete.





Chairman’s Report

At the last Community Network Panel meeting, Zoe the Parking enforcement manager gave us an insight into the work of the officers Information on how areas can have concentrated enforcement presence in places where parking restrictions such as DYLs are being ignored. She has advised that our Clerk emails her to discuss costs timings etc. This will then be fed back to the Parish Council for their consideration.

Highways projects will be discussed at the next Community Network Panel meeting on Thursday 20th January and I will be asking when ours will be looked at by the PC before it goes out to public consultation. This is a significant traffic management scheme for Goldsithney and the extra work for Perranuthnoe. It will be the last chance for it to be done as there are significant costs involved.

An email has been sent to planning dept as the PC are concerned that we are receiving incorrect applications, access and design statements, location maps etc.

Some neighbours close to application sites are not receiving letters of the applications. Site notices are late being put up late and not always adjacent to the site.

Having said that, I feel we do need to acknowledge that planning officers are very busy at present.

01/22/11 County Cllrs Report

None Submitted

01/22/12 Cllrs Reports:

Cllr. Collins proposed to look into costs and design for a 10×6 block built stone finished bus shelter at Perranuthnoe.

Cllr Sharp proposed that the taps in the toilet block should be changed as they are not self-closing and have been left running on occasions. It was proposed and agreed unanimously agreed to change the taps.

Cllr. Griffiths nothing to report but wished everyone a Happy New Year

Cllr. Pascoe felt that the pavement on the A394 at Walters Way was in a bad condition and thought it was dangerous and should be addressed. BCL? – are thought to be the builders Bereppa Construction Ltd. Cllr Nicholas reiterated that The County Highways had made it a condition to make good before the end of building work on this site.



Project/issues updates:

Queens Platinum Jubilee – Notices to go out on the Parish website, social media, Post Office and to the St Pirans Hall Committee for any individual or group to make a declaration of interest into an event/s in both wards of the Parish to celebrate the Queens Platinum jubilee. Funding would then be agreed at the next PC meeting

Bus Shelter Repair St Pirans Hall South Road – Glasdon UK Ltd. had submitted a cost to repair the damaged bus shelter at £4300 this seems rather excessive. Clerk to look at Insurance Cover to see if Bus shelters are covered by the councils Insurance. Also, to ask local firm to quote for the repair.

CCTV – St Pirans Hall –

Cllrs Griffiths, Pascoe & Collins are attending another meeting with the suppliers/ companies which has been arranged for January 24th Previous quotes had been asked to be updated– Project Ongoing.

Official.gov.uk emails Cllr. Nicholas expressed that all Cllrs should use the .gov address if available to them to be cyber secure. As was stated in the Councils Standing Orders to use them. any councillor not using the.gov.uk email would be in breach of them.

Clerk to clarify the position.

Adoption of Kiosk in Perranuthnoe – Telephony is due to be removed within the next two weeks. Councillors to ask community what they would like the kiosk to be used for.



Correspondence, telephone calls etc.

Correspondence had been received from a parishioner asking about plastic waste removal on land above the footpath at Trevean Cove.

The Council has sympathy with this issue as it does encourage people to take all rubbish including plastic away with them. However, the PC has no jurisdiction, as this land is private and is therefore the responsibility of the landowner not the Parish Council.



Footpaths and Rights of Way

Cllr Sharp reported that a male horse rider was continuing to ride on the footpath at Perranuthnoe no horses are permitted on the footpath and should be on the bridleway.



Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting – Monday 21st March 2022 at 7pm to be held at St Pirans Hall

01/22/17 Advance notice of items for agenda. Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include:

Queens Jubilee Celebrations

Outstanding Enforcements

NDP update

01/22/20 The Meeting Closed at 9.38pm