17 April 2023 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans hall Goldsithney on Monday 17th April 2023 7pm.


Councillors Present: S. Nicholas (Chairman), D. Sharp (Vice Chairman), Cllrs: J. Jago, A. Collins, C. Pascoe. & G. Griffiths.

Cornwall Councillor Cllr. John Martin – Long Rock Marazion & St Erth Electoral Division.

Visitors Present: 5 members of the public in attendance.



Apologies for absence: Cllrs. Brede, Linton, & Grenwood – Penny

Chair Sue Nicholas opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



04/23/02 Declarations of Interest. None  
04/23/03 20 Minute public speaking period.

Ms K. Jacka and Mr. S. McTeare spoke in favour of PA 23/01313. Cllr. Pascoe thanked them for coming to the council and explaining their plans.



Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 27th March 2023

These were proposed, seconded, and carried unanimously that the minutes be signed.




04/23/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes.- None  
04/23/06 Planning Applications and Relevant matters  
  Application PA23/02183

Proposal Change of Use from Holiday Accommodation to Residential, Extension (s) to existing dwelling, proposed garage and Associated Works

Location Bluebell Barn Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall

Applicant Mr. I Smith

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.

  Application PA23/01957

Proposal Erection of a self-contained annexe for use in connection with the existing dwelling

Location 34 Collygree Parc Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall

Applicant K & C JACKA

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application with the condition that the annexe stays as part of the main property.

  Application number: PA22/08919

Proposal: Construction of detached gym building

Location: Trescowe Stables Trescowe Road Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HR

Applicant: Mr. And Mrs. C Jose

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to object to  this application but would be minded to support a temporary structure. The objections stated by the Parish in December 2022 still stand the parish council were hoping /expecting to see a change with these plans.

  Application PA23/01974

Proposal Proposed amended vehicular access to dwellings approved under planning applications PA22/01191 and PA22/09272.

Location Pine Trees Trescowe Road Goldsithney Penzance

Applicant Mr. And Mrs. A Thomas.

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application

  Application PA23/02465

Proposal Replacement dwelling house without compliance of condition 2 in relation to decision notice PA21/09357 dated 06/12/2021.

Location Former Longcliffs Trebarvah Rosudgeon Penzance

Applicant Mr. Jaime O’Donoghue

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to defer this application to get more clarification on the implications of the removal of condition 2 as does the removal cover the whole build.

04/23/07 The following planning permissions were noted as being granted.   
  31/03/2023 PA22/09606 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mrs Jane Spencer

Location:- 8 Fore Street Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9HD

Proposal Single storey front extension porch

  31/03/2023 PA23/01313 APPROVED

Applicant:- K And C Jacka

Location:- 34 Collygree Parc Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9LY

Proposal Formation of parking area in front garden.

  05/04/2023 PA23/01548 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr And Mrs E Hosking

Location:- 14 St Petry Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9LA

Proposal Ground floor rear extension

  11/04/2023 PA23/01468 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr. & Mrs. Hall

Location:- Churchway Cottage Perran Lane Perranuthnoe Penzance Cornwall TR20 9NB

Proposal Demolition of existing outbuilding, construction of new single-storey rear extension, detached carport/storage and alterations including the addition of Photovoltaic panels and rooflights

04/23/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused – None.  
04/23/09 To Note other planning related matters.   
  06/04/2023 PA23/00685 Granted (CAADs, PIPs and LUs only)

Applicant:- K & C Harris & Jacka

Location:- 34 Collygree Parc Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9LY

Proposal Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a change of window on front elevation (see Drawing No 004/23/2).

  06/04/2023 PA22/09760 Modification of S52/S106 agreed

Applicant:- Mr Nicholas Berryman

Location:- Land Adj To The Old Woodyard Gears Lane Goldsithney Cornwall TR20 9LB

Proposal Variation of planning obligation dated 03.05.18 in respect of decision PA16/11500 for erection of one open market house and 2 semi-detached affordable houses

  06/04/2023 PA22/09015 WITHDRAWN


Location:- Land West Of Nanturras Row Nanturras Row Goldsithney Cornwall

Proposal Application for Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved for the construction of up to 5 dwellings

04/23/10 Clerks Report.

The clerk had received the precept parish  payment in Apr 2023.

12 new Community Area Partnerships (CAPs) will be introduced across Cornwall  in May 2023. Perranuthnoe PC will be in the  West Penwith, St Erth and St Ives CAP

Cornwall Council is set to roll out 20mph speed limits across the county after a successful pilot scheme the rational for this is to improve safety. By reducing speed limits in residential areas the council hopes to make roads safer and reduce the number of accidents, deaths and injuries on Cornwall’s roads.

The first meeting for West Penwith CNA  20mph roll out will be on the 17th May 2023. This will include areas within  Perranuthnoe Parish

Planning Decision Notices –  Clerk reminded Councillors that  they have to make a decision on planning notices within a 5 day period.



Chairmans Report.

On Friday 10th March, Myself & David our Vice chairman met with John Martin our Cornwall Councillor to go through the projects, issues and planning applications and decisions in the Parish. Outstanding planning enforcement was also highlighted as needed dealing with.

On Tuesday 28th March I attended the Teams Police liaison meeting held by Inspector Sarah Price There was a good presentation on the way in which Domestic Abuse and Violence is dealt with. Anti-social behaviour is also being dealt with.

Rural policing was discussed and the local villages and hamlets will be kept under surveillance.

The last meeting of the West Penwith Community Network was held on 16th March in St Johns Hall and there was an excellent presentation on the Levelling up funds and the categories these projects fall into.

Information is on line and small groups are encouraged to submit projects for funding consideration.

The new Community Area Partnerships (CAPs) will come into being from May.

There will be a number of workshops over the next month to look at how the CAPs will function.

There will be an open day in St Pirans Hall, Goldsithney on Sat 22nd April between 11 am and 3 pm to show the final version of the Neighbourhood plan which has been amended slightly in response to the External Examiners requests. Up to date leaflets and posters have been printed.

There will be an independent feasibility study undertaken on the highways management for Perranuthnoe for which the PC are paying.

We are waiting on the camera survey report following the repairs to the underground pipe work at the Toilets in Perranuthnoe. 



Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr John Martin

Cllr. Martin said he would be attending a full CC meeting tomorrow to re-establish some sort of devolution deal for Cornwall. 68% had been anti the Mayor for Cornwall proposal. He felt to date Cornwall Cllr and leader of Mebyon Kernow  Dick Cole had presented the best devolution deal. Andrew George had re voiced his support for the Climate Action Deal which Cllr Martin said he was a named supporter of.

Cllr Martin was looking into a Tree Preservation Area for Perranuthnoe Parish. He was meeting with the St. Aubyn Estates in May. He also stated that he had 4 parishes and 1 town council to look after and the enforcement list was a long one.

He would be attending the Open Day in Goldsithney on the 22nd April to show his support for the Perranuthnoe Neighbourhood Plan and to be of any help.



Cllrs Reports:

Cllr. Collins asked had there been any more developments re the skate board park for the Parish.

Cllr. Pascoe  replied no he had not heard anything back from the skate board group.

Cllr Pascoe was concerned about the state of the pavements on the A394  after Walters Way going towards Packet Lane. There is a natural dip but it was full of water and mud which was unacceptable, he was going to look into pursuing this issue.

Cllr. Sharp  – reported that reference the Toilets at Perranuthnoe

1)    The recently installed new tap in the ladies had broken again so a new one had been ordered and fitted.

2)    The donation box in the gents toilets had been broken into.

It had been brought to his attention that a deer had got caught in barbed wire on Footpath No 8 . He believed the deer had been successfully freed.

He offered his apologies for the Open Day he regretted that he would not be here to be part of it, a prior engagement had been made for him which he could not get out of.

04/23/14 Projects Issues & Updates

NDP update – Open Day for the General Public is planned for April 22nd Councillors attending would rotate on a shift system: Cllrs. Brede, Pascoe and Griffiths will cover the morning Cllrs Collins and Jago the afternoon Chairman Cllr. Nicholas would be available all day. Past Councillors would also be attendance.

Traffic Feasibility Study – Perranuthnoe. Guy Pace Community Link Officer for West Penwith was planning to host a meeting with the Highways team and representatives from the Parish Council hopefully before the end of the month. The PC were waiting for a date to be confirmed.

Toilets – Perranuthnoe still waiting on the final survey that repairs had been carried out chasing with Cornwall Council.



 Correspondence, telephone calls etc.

Emails received: Tree Depletion Brandy Lane Rosudgeon – removal of a large amount of trees and hedge rows by a contractor which the owner of a neighbouring property has reported to the Parish Council and informed the Forestry Commission. The parish council  is strongly against the cutting down of healthy trees. Parish Clerk to research who /what  is behind the removal.



Footpaths and Rights of Way

First cut of the SWCP and Footpaths including stiles due next month.



Date of next meeting

Annual Parish Meeting Monday 15th May at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney 6.30pm pm. At this meeting Cllr Jago would be celebrating being on the Parish Council as a serving Councillor for 50 years.

Ordinary monthly Parish Council meeting Monday 15th May at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney  7pm

04/23/18 Advance Notice of items for Agenda  
04/23/19 Financial matters  
04/23/20 Approval of Bank Reconciliations – March 2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the March 2023 bank reconciliations.

04/23/21 Approval of PPC  Budgeting Monitoring 4th Quarter

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the budget monitoring for the final quarter.

04/23/22 Approval of payments schedule April 2023

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council approve the April  2023 payment schedule.

Receipts: CALC £952.52Perranuthnoe Village Community Group £1000, Charter Fair Committee £1000, Crystal Clear Cleaning 11/03/23 – 07/04/23 £691.20, SWPSI Playground Inspection £36.00, Headland Printers £341.60, Play safety Annual Insp £140.40 D, Sharp £37.94, PT Grounds care £201.78, St Pirans Hall Room rental £16.00,Payroll Direct – Payroll services  – £39.83, HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions £312.74, Payroll Direct Year End Returns £65.00, G. Angove – Clerks Salary. G Angove Reimbursement  £21.60 (Postage ) Direct debit monthly charges – BT £69.91 Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £95.64.

04/23/23  Confidential Matters

At 8.45pm the Chairman closed Section One of the meeting and proceeded to open Section Two Confidential matters. 

 The meeting closed at 9.00pm