15th February 2021 PPC Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of Perranuthnoe Parish Council. Held via Zoom on Monday 15th February 2021. Clerk Gail Angove

Councillors Present: Cllrs S Nicholas (Chairman) A. Collins A. Moore, G. Griffiths, J. Scobie, C. Leo, Y Groves, J. Jago, D. Sharp.

Three visitors present: Mr T Hewitt Ms N. Groves & Mrs M. Trevorrow (not speaking)

Apologies for absence: None

Twenty minute public speaking period

A statement was read by Cllr Sharp on behalf of Mr & Mrs T. Hewitt objecting to Planning Application PA20/11465 on the grounds: This heritage building is in the heart of the Perranuthnoe Conservation area. The raised roof height would seriously affect the light and outlook from their principal living area upstairs. There are serious concerns about matching the existing stonework. Some important concerns about internal ceiling heights.

The three members of the public left the meeting at 20.10

Approval of minutes from meeting held on 21st January 2021 These were proposed, seconded and carried unanimously

Planning Applications and Relevant matters.  Application PA20/10919. Cllrs. Collins and Jago declared an interest in this application and did not participate in discussion or voting.   Proposal Demolish and replace an existing barn used as an equestrian facility for private use. Location Millstones Dubbans Farm Perranuthnoe TR20 9NR Applicant Mr. Richard Walker It was proposed seconded and agreed that Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports this application for the following reasons and subject to the following provisions –1.    For the avoidance of doubt, on the plans the site of Millstones and this application for approval of a replacement equestrian building for private use by the occupant of Millstones should be bounded in red and the rest of the applicant’s owned property should be bounded in blue. 2.    Because the property is in an AONB, close to the edge of the Perranuthnoe Conservation Area and beside the main vehicular entrance to the village and the Sea we recommend that the exterior of the roof should be dark grey or black and it should have a roof overhang at the eaves and gables.  3.    For the same reason, we recommend that the exterior timber cladding should be a natural timber colour and the external walls, and the external gates should be of a colour to match the timber cladding.  4.    The replacement building will have a reduced footprint as shown on the plans and maximum ridge height that is 2 meters less than the present ridge height.

Application PA20/11465 Proposal Alterations to Existing Roof Structure, Internal Refurbishment & Associated Works. Location 3 The Mews Road from Perran Lane to Church Farm Perranuthnoe TR20 9NB Applicant Mr. James Wright This is an application to add a second storey to this single storey home within a series of barn/building conversions in the centre of Perranuthnoe. The nature of the original conversion is such that there is little amenity land around the dwellings. There have also been objections from two of the neighbours who are concerned about loss of privacy.  It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council strongly objects to this application for the enlargement of this tiny property in the centre of the Perranuthnoe Conservation Area due to that lack of external amenity and the impact upon the privacy of neighbouring properties. The village is already often overrun by visitors and their motor cars and additional occupants to the village should be provided with additional car parking and the existing small scale of these buildings near the handsome small church should be retained as at present.

Application PA20/11256.  Cllrs. Nicholas and Griffiths declared an interest in this application and did not participate in discussion or voting Proposal Replacement roof to existing rear conservatory. 14 Chiverton Way Rosudgeon TR20 9PS Applicant Mrs A Tyzzer  It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council supports the application.

Application PA20/10842 – Proposal To build two new bungalows Location Perran Barton Perran Downs Goldsithney Penzance Applicant Mr. And Mrs. B Rescorla It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council opposes the application on the grounds that one single storey dwelling as per the existing consent would be more appropriate to the low density in the location.

Application PA21/00634 – Proposal Outline Application with all matters reserved for the construction of dwelling house Location Rose Cottage Well Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney Applicant Mr. & Miss Grey & White. It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Perranuthnoe Parish Council does not object in principle to the outline application subject to the dwelling having a) sufficient amenity b) utilising the same access as Rose Cottage to minimise impact on the surrounding trees and hedges that contribute to the character of Well Lane and c) being designed in character with the low density, edge of countryside location.

Application PA21/00191 – Proposal Outline planning permission with all matters reserved: Two self-build detached dwellings, garages, and associated works. Location Land Adj To Landvue A394 Between Helston Road and Carters Downs Rosudgeon TR20 9PA Applicant Trevorrow.  It was proposed, seconded, and carried eight votes objecting one in favour that Perranuthnoe Parish Council strongly object to this application and do not recommend approval as there has been too much ribbon development in the parish on the south side of the A394 where the view to the South of the fine landscapes and seascapes are relentlessly being hidden by houses despite being in the AONB and that these views are Cornwall’s most prized and most valuable assets.

Application PA20/09120 – Proposal: Construction of two detached dwelling houses Location: Land East of Sea fields, Dola Lane Rosudgeon TR20 9PW. Applicant: Mr. D & J Button. Cllrs. Nicholas declared an interest in this application and did not participate in the discussion or voting. It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Parish Council objects to this application on the grounds of the following: 1. It is outside of the proposed development boundary for Rosudgeon and would create a dangerous precedent for further development in open countryside. 2. The size and scale of the dwellings is not in character with nearby development. 3. Access to the homes would be off a narrow lane which is not suitable for more traffic 4. Significant concerns have been raised by the WHS about the damage to the heritage characteristics of the area by the infilling and overwriting the land that directly relates to a mineworker’s smallholding that would substantially and irrevocably harm the legibility and integrity of this attribute. 5. The Parish already has a significant number of open market plots with planning consent and Rosudgeon has a significant number of large, detached homes either under construction or in with planning consent.

Cllr Nicholas CC Rider applies to all planning applications – I may change my mind on a planning application if further information comes to light which is not available at this time.

The following planning permissions were noted as being granted – None 

The following planning permissions were noted as being refused-

 PA20/09172 REFUSED22.01.2021 Applicant: V Brooks Location: Land Adj To Parc-an- West Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall Proposal: Erection of a dwelling and new vehicular access – amended scheme.

PA20/06363 REFUSED04.02.2021 Applicant: Mr. And Mrs. D Wilding Location: Land and Buildings Adj to 2 Dukes Plot Dukes Plot Primrose Hill Goldsithney Penzance Proposal: Conversion of a garage (more recently used as a workshop/store) to bed and breakfast accommodation

To Note other planning related matters. PA20/08452 WITHDRAWN22.01.2021 Applicant: Mr Leslie Allen Location: Seaview Road from South Road to Perran Lane Perranuthnoe TR209LZ Proposal: Certificate of lawfulness for Existing use: Caravan that has lawfully been lived in since 2008 for full residential purposes.

Clerks Report:  Clerk had attended on-line Zoom CALC course on Internal Controls.  Quote received from GTN Maintenance for refurbishment of the Parish Office £1683.83 + VAT Proposal of new Parish logo – a choice of two designs for a new Parish logo had been circulated by the clerk to councillors prior to the meeting with 7/10 councillors preferring option 1. A discussion followed on the aspect of the church within the logo. It was agreed to defer the topic until the next meeting to see if an alternative aspect of the church could be included. Cllrs requested a 2nd building quote be obtained from the clerk for refurbishment of the parish office.

Chairman’s Report – It is a busy time for the Parish Council at present. The subgroup of the NDP are revising comments under Reg 14 and this includes members of the community. There have been virtual meetings with our Community Network link officer on the review of the highways proposals for Goldsithney. All of these including the plan that was provided by the Ward Cllrs from Perranuthnoe after consulting with the residents and having a walk around with the Highways manager are in the process of being costed, designed, and made ready to go out to consultation. Having received a complaint from a resident in Perranuthnoe that the residents don’t know what is happening about this, I am asking that the Ward Cllrs keep the residents up to date, having given an update to the Council last Sept. This brings me to a request following a meeting last week, we were asked that if there is any money left in the Community Network highways budget would we be in agreement to buy some mobile VAS units that can be moved around the network area. So, with that in mind Cllrs have been asked to consider where they might want to have a point to be identified within our Parish. If the Perranuthnoe Cllrs can ask their residents group where they perceive there is speeding and decide a location and feedback to the clerk.  Goldsithney Cllrs will need to think of where there is a perceived speeding problem where points can be put in. Cllrs asked to put a list together of where there are trees in their localities that they feel should have TPOs placed on them. Cllr Nicholas will then have a record when accompanying the tree officer. COVID-19 vaccinations are being rolled out, but we should still be social distancing to prevent spread. Virtual meetings are still recommended. We are meeting with the village hall committee to look at preferred places for the outdoor gym. We are still awaiting a meeting date with property and legal officers re the car park and toilets information. Propose to put together a pack for new Cllrs

Councillors Reports: County Councillor Nicholas COVID-19 updates every week.  Foot path between Goldsithney and Marazion is at legal stages.  £12 million from Government for pothole repairs budget at next full CC meeting. No canvassing for elections until end of March

Cllr Groves Asked for an update on the traffic report for Perranuthnoe she wanted to know the time span on it. Cllr Groves reported that traffic in Perranuthnoe was bad, lots of surfers have been piling into the village in their vehicles early in the morning on some days there have been as many as 100 in the sea and the carpark is full by 8am

Cllr Jago Expressed concern about the number of 2nd homes and change of existing properties into holiday homes particularly south of the A394. It was discussed that the draft NDP has provision for a principal residency clause in new planning consents for a large part of the parish south of the A394 – this is because of many holiday homes

Currently there is no legislation to prevent many existing homes becoming holiday lets

Cllr Moore – Trees need to be protected within the Parish. He encouraged colleagues to inspect any that might be at risk and let the clerk know so a list can be made for submission and request for a Tree Protection Order. Areas of concern in the North of the parish include from the Avenue to the bottom of the dip and along Red Lane.  Litter Picking in the parish is there any support available for this. He was approached by a parishioner in North Road.  Does CALC provide advice to council or help in any way – clerk will investigate.  Two residential caravans have been placed on site in Gears Lane but there seems to be no construction taking place what is being done in that location. As planning application is old 1990’s and pre digital records Residents are asking what planning are they implementing?

Cllr Leo – Training for new councillors is being made available through CALC but booking is essential as places are limited.

Cllr Scobie – enquired about an update for the two derelict houses on the A394 as he felt they were now in a dangerous condition.

Project/issues updates:

Status of PPC NDP – update and Community Feedback

Cllr Moore presented on behalf of the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group the update on the plan and the results from the Community feedback, which had been circulated to all councillors in advance of the meeting. He commented as follows

  • We received broad feedback from communities across the Parish.
  • Very encouraging that vast majority of comments strongly endorse the Plan and its policies.
  • In many ways, this is not surprising because the policies in the Plan have been designed to address the key planning issues which the local Parish community have repeatedly identified in consultations over the last five years, and the Plan works towards achieving the objectives which people repeatedly identified.
  • However, it is very heartening to have confirmation that it does this effectively.
  • Also, good to read that many people highlighted that they found the structure, level of detail and analysis in the Plan useful.
  • There were objections to the Plan, or to elements of it, however these were limited in number.
  • It is obviously important to consider the concerns raised by those objecting to the Plan, to understand the grounds for their objection and to assess whether changes needed to be made.
  • A number of the concerns raised relate to specific areas of land which the landowners would like to see included within Development Boundaries as land to be prioritised for development. Each of these has been assessed and two minor amendments are proposed to development boundaries to incorporate areas of people’s gardens.

Statutory Consultees:  the feedback the Parish received from all the official statutory consultees was very supportive. Many emphasised that they feel the Plan is very well researched and thought through, and that it aligns well with relevant county / AONB / WHS etc policies. It is very important to have this feedback and support from key official organisations / departments. It shows that the Plan is well grounded at the policy / regulatory level, and that it aligns well with the policies and objectives of official organisations.

What the Reg 14 Summary Tables Show: The Reg 14 assessment tables that have been circulated to PC members present all the feedback received from the Reg 14 process (June – October), assessment of them, and the actions / responses proposed by the Steering Group. The analysis in the table explains why that response is recommended.  – The amendments to the Plan which statutory consultees recommended have now all been made. These all serve to strengthen existing policies / the Plan.

Some additional changes are proposed based on the community feedback, again these serve to clarify or strengthen existing policies, and or the justification for them. No changes are recommended that would significantly change the Plan or its policies.

It was proposed, seconded and agreed that (a) the community feedback to the regulation 14 consultations to the draft Perranuthnoe NDP be noted (b) the proposed responses which include minor adjustments to the settlement boundaries of Perranuthnoe and Rosudgeon, the strengthening, justification or clarification of proposed policies as set out in the schedule are agreed and (C) the Perranuthnoe NDP be now progressed for submission to Cornwall Council.

Highways ProjectThe Clerk and Cllrs Nicholas and Moore had attended a virtual meeting with James Hardy of the WCCN for an update on the project. Discussion on the exact locations and specifications of the raised platforms in Fore St Goldsithney were discussed and the opportunity for a mobile speed sign in 2 or 3 locations within the parish details in chairman’s report.

Correspondence, telephone calls and other reports: Census 2021 Councillor handbook received from John Floyd, Census Engagement Manager, South West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Office for National Statistics offering. Census taking place in March 2021. Correspondence from a parishioner re mud on the roads the B3280 from the roundabout into Goldsithney He was conscious of the mud and muddy spray from passing cars as he walks the road on a regular basis. Clerk had replied explaining who was responsible

Footpaths and Rights of Way A suitable contractor should be sought, and quotes obtained for the cutting of footpaths and bridleways within the Parish. Cllr Griffiths thought a possible solution would be to have one contractor to do this along with grass cutting at St Pirans Hall to make it cost effective. Clerk to investigate what other parishes do and to seek some quotes from local contractors Footpaths 7 & 14 do not appear in the LMP.  Cllr Sharp stated that cyclists and horse riders are still using the footpath at Perranuthnoe near the coast path

Date of next meeting – Change of Day for Parish Council meetings.  Proposal to revert to the original 3rd Monday in the month. Councillors voted to revert to Monday meetings from March 2021 onwards.  Date of next meeting – Monday 15th March 2021 – 7.00pm – Virtual Meeting Clerk to book St Pirans Hall for 3rd Monday in the month for a 12month period, hiring the Trevean room for use, when allowed to return to physical meetings. Cllr Leo offered his apologies for 15/3/21 as he would be working.

Councillors to forward any items to the Clerk in advance of the meeting agenda being prepared but to include Perranuthnoe Car park & Toilets, Highways Project, May Elections, & Parish Logo

Financial & Confidential Matters

Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation Statement for January 2021. This, having previously been circulated, was noted and approved.

Approve for payment items listed on the schedule. It was proposed and seconded that the items be passed for payment and carried unanimously.

CALC Internal Controls course – £36

Yvonne Groves – Reimbursement of purchase for Public Service Award £45

David Barlow Financial Services – £192.50

Alchemy Systems – Perranuthnoe.gov.uk application &registration IT instillations – £826.92,

Payroll direct – March 2021 – £32.83,

Gail Angove – February 2021 Salary,

BT – Direct debit – charges to October 2020 – £61.20

Receipt schedule None.  The Meeting closed at 21.30pm