15 Jan 2024 PPC Minutes


Held at St Pirans Hall Monday 15th January 2024 7pm.




Apologies for absence: None

Chairman Cllr David Sharp opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.



01/24/02 Declarations of Interest. – None  
01/24/03 20-minute public speaking period.  – No members of the public in attendance  
01/24/04 Approval of minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 18th December 2023

These were proposed, seconded, and agreed unanimously that the minutes be approved and signed.




01/24/05 Any matters arising from the signed minutes. None

However Cllr Crump pointed out that there was a date error on the Agenda sent out prior to the meeting. Agenda reference 01/24/04 should have said December not November. Agendas printed for the meeting had been rectified.

01/24/06 To consider planning applications received. None  
01/23/07 To receive details of planning permissions granted.  
  14/12/2023 PA23/08564 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr Charles Jose

Location:- Tamarisk Perran Downs Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney Penzance TR20 9HL

Proposal Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), works include T1 Ash – remove overhanging branches as marked. T2 Ash – remove overhanging branches as marked

  21/12/2023 PA23/07872 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mrs J Goodchild

Location:- Barns Adj To Chywyn Belvedere Lane St Hilary Penzance Cornwall TR20 9DJ

Proposal Demolition of an existing barn and conversion of existing redundant block barn to form dwelling house and associated works

  21/12/2023 PA23/06909 APPROVED

Applicant:- Mr And Mrs Treloar

Location:- Gorregan Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PG

Proposal Alteration of access to an approved development (PA20/09561).

01/24/08 The following planning permissions were noted as being refused.  
  21/12/2023 PA23/04508 REFUSED

Applicant:- Mr And Ms Tom And Nikki Grey And White

Location:- Land East Of Rose Cottage Well Lane Perran Downs Goldsithney TR20 9HH

Proposal Rural Exceptions Scheme (affordable-led housing development) of Residential Development with open space

  02/01/2024 PA23/09106 REFUSED

Applicant:- Mr M Tucker

Location:- Land Adj To Woodford Cottages Woodford Cottages Red Lane Rosudgeon Penzance Cornwall TR20 9PU

Proposal Application for Principal in Planning Consent: Erection of 1 dwelling

01/24/9 To Note other planning related matters.  
  09/01/2024 PA23/01339/PRE Closed – advice given

Applicant:- Giles Harper

Location:- The Stables Gears Lane Goldsithney Penzance Cornwall TR20 9LB

Proposal Request for a Tree Preservation Order to protect a mixture of eleven to large trees.



Clerks Report

The clerk reported that she had requested a new Lloyds Bank Deposit Account a 32 day notice account which currently has a managed interest rate of 2.60% (variable). This account would be operational within 5 working days. 



Chairmans Report –  Cllr David Sharp

Cllr Sharp had received a letter from concerned  residents re the continued use of a building staging area in Perranuthnoe. He knew the area and would reply to them.

Sub Committees – The Parish Council has two sub committees Planning and Finance and  would be made up of the following members.

Planning – Cllrs Sharp, Pascoe, Trevena & Brede

Finance – Cllr Nicholas, Collins, Linton & Crump  All councillors are welcome to attend any of the subcommittee meetings if they choose to do so.

Cllr Sharp represented Perranuthnoe Parish Council at the Marazion Civic Parade and Service which was held on Sunday 14th January



Cornwall Councillors Report –  Cllr John Martin

Cllr Martin reported that he had attended

1)  The Marazion Civic Parade and Service which was held on Sunday 14th January

2) An Economic Growth, Development and Scrutiny Committee meeting. Where  David Harris the Portfolio Holder for Finance & Budgeting had reported that Cornwall Council would have to go into its reserves in order to finance the challenges facing the Councils budget. A motion from that meeting was to ask the Prime Minister to increase the Local Authorities support budget. As the council would have to go into their reserves again in 2025/26.

Cllr Martin felt that if a new government would gain power at the next General Election he felt changes would happen but that would not be for a while. Cornwall  Council were at a ‘cliff edge’ with only enough money for 2 years and were having to adjust their reserves every year. The financial challenges facing Cornwall Council, would be debated by the full council on February 7th  2024

He gave an update on The Climate Emergency Development Plan which was formally adopted in  February 2023. Within the plan was a Carbon Neutral Action Plan which set out Cornwall Councils plan to be carbon neutral by 2030  This he felt was unlikely to happen and a motion was passed to adjust this time frame.

Cllr Martin reported that  there had been an increase in the abuse of Cornwall Councillor’s and Officers by the public. This mainly centred on housing issues and there was a need to establish a support mechanism. He had been involved in a draft sustainable tourism paper with a view to residents registering their properties with a view to hiring them out.

He was still concerned about the flooding in the Springfield road area of Goldsithney  and a figure of £250,000.00 had recently been discussed to correct the issues. He felt the need for a Flood Forum and a stannary duty on the land owners to assist i.e. St Aubyn’s Estate. There was to be a change in Senior Management at St Aubyn’s Estates with Zoe Curnow taking over from Harvey Thomas.

The Goldsithney Traffic Plan was ongoing a drainage survey needed to be completed. Cllr Jajo commented that there was no sufficient soak away  and that concrete and tarmac make water.

01/24/13 Cllrs Reports: 

Cllr Linton –   1) was working on useful documents for a Net Zero /Carbon Neutral Policy for the Parish Council and would have a draft ready ahead of the next Parish Council meeting.

2) He wanted to make sure the correct home or mobile phone numbers were on the Councillors Council contact details. Home numbers available for Cllrs. Nicholas Griffiths & Jago.  Mobile phone numbers for all other councillors.

3) Residents in Perranuthnoe were growing in their frustration and there was a lot of resentment as nothing seems to be happening re traffic management actions.

Cllr Pascoe – Reported that there were road closures in Red Lanne but nothing seem to be happening.

Cllr Griffiths – 1) Goal post extension 4 new ones to be made he would speak to the fabricator to produce them. He would also get the correct nets to go with them.

2) He had recently come across the 1979 Home Defence Plan for the Parish of Perranuthnoe and the 1977 Penwith District Council Home Defence Plan. Cllr Jago stated that the village originally had 4 water supplies. The documents were  given to the Clerk.

Cllr Nicholas-  1) There had been an unmarked white van outside her house which she assumed belonged to the Wildanet  broadband installation company. The person went down the bridleway he had no ID  he was trying to mark out a plan for BT? Cllr Nicholas noted that notification for Wildanet to commence work was issued in November but Cornwall Councils Legal department authorised it on the 25th December which was Christmas Day.

2) She had received no response from Harvey Thomas at St Aubyn’s Estate re the footpath between Marazion & Goldsithney. Cllr. Nicholas asked Cllr. Martin to bring it up when he had his first meeting with Zoe Curnow who was now the new person in charge at St Aubyn’s Estate.



Projects, Issues & Updates

Transfer of Perranuthnoe Car Park & Toilets – Our Solicitor had spotted an error on  the transfer document it had the wrong councils name on it and had been sent back to Cornwall Council to be amended. A new one should be issued fairly quickly so the transfer would be signed at the next Parish Council meeting.

Councillor Training – Code of Conduct Training new date now Monday 26th February 



Correspondence, telephone calls etc. Emails received:

08/01/24 – Adam O’ Neil – Programme Development & Delivery Lead Cornwall Council update on installation of Goldsithney Traffic Management.

Still don’t have construction dates yet but will hopefully have them in February. A drainage survey is due to take place this week/next and the results of that are needed before dates are determined.

Cllr Nicholas asked why they were doing this and a reply from  Kate Dixon Project Lead 09/01/24

They are surveying the drainage to ensure that we can be sure that any changes we make deal with rainfall and runoff adequately and do not cause any issues to adjoining properties.

Cornwall Streetworks Team Intention of road closures throughout the Parish for the installation of new broadband connections by Wildanet.



Footpaths and Rights of Way

There was a partial closure on footpath 109/08/02 ( top part of the cemetery footpath that goes to Marazion) however the collapse is in a field which comes under Marazion Town Council it’s on their side of the footpath reference 105/12

01/24/17 Date of next meeting –

Monday 15th January 2023 at St Pirans Hall Goldsithney 7pm.

01/24/18 Advance Notice of items for Agenda

Carbon Neutral Policy

Budget Monitoring 3rd Quarter

01/24/19 Financial matters-

Although the Budget Monitoring for Q3 had been circulated prior to the meeting the clerk suggested that councillors should have longer to peruse and suggested that it goes on the agenda for approval at next month’s Parish Council meeting.

Cllr Linton had the following queries relating to finance

·         Terminology of ‘General Reserves’

·         Windows payment at St Pirans Hall and Website Payment

01/24/20 Receive & Approve Bank Reconciliation statements. These having previously been circulated. It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously  to approve the Bank Reconciliations  for December 2023  
01/24/21 Approval of Payments Schedule

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously  to approve the Payment Schedule for January  2024

  Crystal Clear Cleaning 18/11/23 – 15/12/23 £691.20  
  SWPSI Playground Inspection £40.00  
  JB Grass cutting St Pirans Hall  £180.00  
  Payroll Direct – Payroll services August 2023 – £39.83  
  HMRC – Income Tax & NI Contributions – £373.93  
  G. Angove – Clerks Salary  
  G Angove Reimbursement £23.34-  Postage £12.50 Sundries £10.84  
  BT – Direct debit monthly charges – £69.91

Alchemy Systems – Direct debit monthly Microsoft 365 online plan £96.12

01/23422 Confidential Matters – None  


Meeting closed at 8.30pm